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Cat Breeding

Designer dog and cat breeding to be 'outlawed' in Scotland under new regulations

The ScotsmanThe Scotsman - Sep 10, 2018
The breeding of designer pets is to be effectively outlawed in Scotland under new licensing regulations. The Scottish Government plans to tighten the licensing of dog, cat and rabbit breeding activities in Scotland to stop people breeding these animals ...  

Cat Names

Cat Names Are the Most Effective When Said in Baby Talk, According to Science

Us WeeklyUs Weekly - Sep 7, 2018
Here, kitty, kitty. A veterinarian from Vancouver, British Columbia, claims that names said in baby talk are most effective for cats after conducting a trial with a feline to test the technique. Chrissy Teigen, Miley Cyrus and More Celebrities Who Own ...  

Siamese Cat

It's Cute, but This Cat Probably Wasn't Feeding Its Toy Kittens

New York TimesNew York Times - Aug 31, 2018
Sherlock is a seven-year-old purebred Siamese cat who lives with no other pets. He has done this collecting thing since he was a kitten, when he first received and became obsessed with these stuffed, orange toy cats. Hundreds of cat owners and fans ...  

Persian Cat

The Tom & Jerry Show

ITV NewsITV News - Sep 11, 2018
The Tom & Jerry Show. Series 3 - Episode 9. More antics from the world's favourite cartoon cat and mouse. Tom must keep a visiting Persian cat from realising the manor has mice... Yesterday 4.20pm; 10 mins; 27 days left ...  

Bengal Cat

Reward Offered for Return of Missing Bengal Cat

VOCMVOCM - Aug 15, 2018
A $300 reward is being offered for the safe return of a bengal cat that's been missing for close to a month from Paradise. Zeus, the three-year-old Bengal cat, was last seen on the evening of July 21 in the area of St. Thomas Line. His owner, who lives ...  

British Shorthair

Event briefs for Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018
Kenosha News - Sep 15, 2018

The show features a large variety of pedigree cats, including Siamese, Bengal, Maine Coon, British shorthair and Perisan as well as household pets and rescue cats. There will be 10 judging rings. Kindred Kitties will have cats up for adoption ...  

Himalayan Cat

Underwater Treadmill Helping Fat Feline Shed Pounds

whotv.comwhotv.com - Sep 11, 2018
URBANDALE, Iowa -- You can imagine the reactions Aimee Good, of Urbandale, receives when people learn her cat works out on an underwater treadmill. “They think it's a joke,” said Good. George, the Himalayan cat, is 12-years-old. He tips the scale at ...  

Horse Breeding

South Dakota's Reeves Quarter Horse breeding program leaves a legacy

Fence PostFence Post - Aug 27, 2018
The Reeves Quarter Horse breeding program began in 1935 when 60 Thoroughbred mares were given to Arthur Reeves. Eighty-three years later, the original bloodlines are being carried on by Arthur's grandchildren as both Arthur and one of his sons, Dean ...  

Horseback Riding

Barnes donates to Horseback Heroes

Valdosta Daily TimesValdosta Daily Times - Sep 10, 2018
... competitive potential in a safe, caring and challenging environment. The donation will be used to help Horseback Heroes touch more children and adults lives in the Lowndes County area through therapeutic horseback riding and other farm experiences.  

Horse Training

Horse Training Aid Lowers Rein Tension, Encourages Neck Flexion

TheHorse.comTheHorse.com - Sep 1, 2018
The horse training aid researchers tested–made up of a system of loops and a pulley–could help keep rein tension levels at near zero with the horse's nose at the vertical. By Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA | Sep 1, 2018 | Behavior & Handling, Horse Care, ...  


Chadron State rodeo to draw hundreds of contestants this weekend
Rapid City Journal - Sep 12, 2018

It's going to be a busy weekend in Chadron. Besides the dedication of Chadron State's new football complex, the Eagles' game Saturday afternoon against Fort Lewis and the CSC volleyball team's home debut in a pair of matches, the college's annual rodeo ...  

Freshwater Aquariums

High Waters

Attractions ManagementAttractions Management - Sep 12, 2018
To look at the entire history of one of Europe's largest freshwater aquariums, you have to go back 18 years to November 2000. At the time, city planers in Lausanne, Switzerland, was in the midst of planning to build its new Metro line. Attached to one ...  

Saltwater Aquariums

Brag About Your School: Coral Shores High School Springs Back After Irma

NBC 6 South FloridaNBC 6 South Florida - Sep 17, 2018
Students manage their own saltwater aquariums and they learn all about the imperiled coral reef habitat just offshore from their campus by going on dive trips with researchers. "They need to understand the environment they live in so that they ...  

Butterfly Watching

Butterfly watching peaks in early summer

Simcoe.comSimcoe.com - Aug 29, 2018
Summer is the best time to observe brightly-coloured butterflies of different sizes and shapes, fluttering over meadows and fields of wild flowers with all the colours of the rainbow. Each butterfly species has plant species where they like to feed, or ...  


Beekeeping a sweet hobby for Baltimore rabbi at Rosh Hashana

Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun - Sep 8, 2018
With the nation's honeybee population still in decline, as it has been for more than a dozen years, something of a resistance movement has come to life in the humblest of places: America's backyards. The number of Americans raising bees on their own ...  

Bird Watching

Maryland Bird-Watching After a Storm

Ocean City TodayOcean City Today - Sep 14, 2018
Birders, keep your eyes wide open after Hurricane Florence hits: After a major storm, you're more likely to see rare migrant birds where they wouldn't normally be spotted. When birds and bugs get caught in high winds, they seek out calmer places, which ...  


Falconry is more a part of your everyday life than you realize

The Riverdale PressThe Riverdale Press - Sep 2, 2018
One of my favorite books growing up was “The Golden Hawks of Ghenghis Khan,” written by Rita Ritchie. It is an adventure story about a young boy from the ancient trading city of Samarkand. The centerpiece of the book is falconry — using a trained bird ...  


Parrots Think They're So Smart. Now They're Bartering Tokens for Food

New York TimesNew York Times - Sep 11, 2018
Anastasia Krasheninnikova and colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany tested four species of parrots in an experiment that required trading tokens for food and recently reported their findings in the journal Scientific Reports.  


Owls Begin NE10 Action With Two Home Matches
Southern Connecticut State University Athletics - Sep 10, 2018

Tambini, who earned All-America honors, led the Owls in all scoring categories as he notched 14 goals, five assists and 33 points. Varonier played all 19 games in net for the Owls, recording a 0.96 GAA, an .817 save percentage and posted a 11-4-4 record.  


Parakeets' tale

The Daily StarThe Daily Star - Sep 6, 2018
The front porch of an old Zamindar house in Demajzni Bazar area of Bogra's Shajahanpur upazila boasts of being home to a centuries-old Mahogany tree. That Mahogany tree, for years, has been housing the ever popular rose-ringed parakeet. A common ...  


Two rare macaws on show at Bird Park

The Straits TimesThe Straits Times - Sep 16, 2018
Asked if there is any urgency for the two macaws in Singapore to be part of a breeding programme, Dr Lee said: "There is already a well-established breeding programme across three institutions in the world. So these two birds at the Bird Park will play ...  


Their Racing Pigeons Caught a Bullet Train. Then the Authorities Caught Up.

New York TimesNew York Times - Aug 29, 2018
BEIJING — If you ever try to cheat in a pigeon race, just remember this: Bullet trains travel much faster than homing pigeons. Two men who tried to rig a bird race in China — and claim $160,000 in prize money — have learned that lesson the hard way.  


As people evacuate before hurricane, zoo animals move inside
WSOC Charlotte - Sep 13, 2018

The zoo staff also planned to move 33 kennels housing birds inside, including vultures, sun conures, owls, parrots and an Andean condor. The staff members will stay in four separate buildings. "We're bringing out cots and air mattresses," Villa said ...  


KOI Awards 2018 Winners Announced At London's Eventim Apollo

Live DesignLive Design - Sep 17, 2018
London, UK – The leading lights of the entertainment production industry descended on London's famous Eventim Apollo on Sunday night, where the winners of the 2018 Knight of Illumination Awards were announced. A record number of people attended the ...  

Guinea Pig

Arsenal: Reiss Nelson can be the guinea pig that proves the change

Pain In The ArsenalPain In The Arsenal - Sep 20, 2018
With Hoffenheim, he can develop his craft in a serious competition that will prepare him for the Premier League that is to come. He is a guinea pig that the mad scientists actually care about, which, if it breeds the results we are expecting, might ...  


Victoria firefighters save Boris the hamster

Victoria AdvocateVictoria Advocate - Sep 18, 2018
Luzdayanna, 8, and Samuel Gutierrez watched with wide eyes as smoked flowed from their apartment complex. "Our pet hamster's in there," said Samuel, 12, standing on the sidewalk. Minutes later, the siblings were reunited with Boris, the hamster. +5.  


Culpeper ferret rescue founder is devoted to helping 'my babies'

Fredericksburg.comFredericksburg.com - Sep 11, 2018
BRANDY STATION—Furry creatures with sweet faces and slinky bodies peer out from comfy enclosures overflowing with fuzzy blankets, soft towels, stuffed animals and miniature hammocks. The meticulously clean cages are stacked one and two high in a ...  


Pet Talk: Geckos make great, low maintenance pets

KBTXKBTX - Aug 27, 2018
Crested geckos are semi-arboreal, which means they spend most of their time in small trees. This means they need upright tanks, which take up less desk space than your average reptile. Adult crested geckos should have at least a 20 gallon tank or larger.  


Why leaf-eating Asian monkeys do not have a sweet tooth

Science DailyScience Daily - Sep 6, 2018
Asian colobine monkeys are unable to taste natural sugars, and in fact have a generally poor sense of taste. This is according to research led by Emiko Nishi of the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University in Japan. Nishi and her colleagues found ...  


Young children use the same gestures as chimpanzees and gorillas

The EcologistThe Ecologist - Sep 13, 2018
The study, published in Animal Cognition, showed that the children used 52 gestures to communicate, over 95 percent of which are shared with chimpanzees and gorillas. Scientists from the University of St Andrews, University of Neuchatel, University of ...  


Active participation in group-hunts earns wild chimpanzees meat access

Science DailyScience Daily - Sep 10, 2018
"Chimpanzee hunting success increased when more chimpanzees participated in the hunt or in joint prey searches prior to the start of a hunt," says Liran Samuni of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and first author of the study.  


Aping each other: how similar are humans and orangutans?

The GuardianThe Guardian - Aug 19, 2018
Bornean, Sumatran and Tapanuli orangutans are three of the eight living great ape species, alongside humans, eastern and western gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos. Humans and orangutans share 97% of their DNA, with their last common ancestor ...  


Baboons at Paignton Zoo have been filmed flossing their teeth with bristles and hairs

BBC NewsBBC News - Sep 8, 2018
Just how important is dental hygiene to monkeys? Well it seems our distant cousins take looking after their teeth a lot more seriously than you might think. A group of Baboons at Paignton Zoo in Devon have been filmed using their own hair and bristles ...  


Party with the primates
hngnews.com - Sep 2, 2018

The reception was hosted in the pavilion located in the same building housing the primates. For three hours, the guests had the chance to see the monkeys, chimpanzees, mandrills and other mammals. One of the most active animals was a spider monkey.  


Walmart takes a cue from Netflix in buying clothing brands like ours, Bonobos CEO says

CNBCCNBC - Sep 11, 2018
Just as Netflix has amped up investment in content creation, Walmart will continue investing in brands, said Andy Dunn, CEO and co-founder of Walmart-owned online clothier Bonobos. "If you want to win, you've got to own great brands," Dunn said Tuesday ...  


Reid Park Zoo announces future expansions

KGUNKGUN - Sep 10, 2018
Huge siamangs will swing overhead as their songs resonate around you. Next you'll find underwater views of playful otters, and a new reptile house – including the Komodo dragon – as well as large fruit bats. Kids will love exploring an exciting treetop ...  


Guangxi police seize 70 rare monkeys smuggled from Vietnam
Xinhua - Sep 7, 2018

NANNING, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- Anti-smuggling police in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have seized 70 crab-eating macaques, also known as long-tailed macaques, at the China-Vietnam border, local authorities said Thursday. According ...  

Colobus Monkeys

Cooperating In A Hunt Earns Chimpanzees A Fair Share

ForbesForbes - Sep 13, 2018
They also hunt in groups, often to catch prey such as western red colobus monkeys, but it's not known whether this is a truly cooperative act. In other words, does joint participation increase the chance of a successful hunt? And do individual ...  


Endangered monkeys born at Durrell

ITV NewsITV News - Sep 6, 2018
Two black lion tamarins have been born at Jersey Zoo this summer. They are the first of the species to be born outside of Brazil since 2011 and will be the first babies in Europe to be mother reared in at least 15 years. Keepers at the zoo say the pair ...  


Capuchins at Dublin homeless center say Pope Francis comes 'as a brother'

Crux: Covering all things CatholicCrux: Covering all things Catholic - Aug 21, 2018
DUBLIN - Just hours after landing in Ireland for the World Meeting of Families, the “pope of the poor” will pay a visit to Dublin's neediest population where he'll be welcomed into a very special family, one that holds special weight in his vision of ...  


Watch: 20 slow lorises get first taste of freedom in Indonesian rainforest

Independent.ieIndependent.ie - Sep 6, 2018
Nur Purba Priambada, International Animal Rescue medical supervisor in West Java, said: “[The lorises] have all undergone a long rehabilitation process involving quarantine, medical examinations, behavioural observations and environmental enrichment.  


James and Sue Patterson cuddle up with critters in new kids' book

Palm Beach Daily NewsPalm Beach Daily News - Aug 26, 2018
Tarsiers, blobfish and snowy owls — the creatures we've just described — are among more than 50 featured in Cuddly Critters for Little Geniuses. The book, scheduled for release Monday by JIMMY Patterson Books, an imprint of Little, Brown and Co., is ...  


Marmosets serve as an effective model for non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Science Daily - Sep 5, 2018

Small, New World monkeys called marmosets can mimic the sleep disturbances, changes in circadian rhythm, and cognitive impairment people with Parkinson's disease develop, according to a new study by scientists at Texas Biomedical Research Institute.  


Rain brings out alligators in Calhoun County

Victoria AdvocateVictoria Advocate - Sep 16, 2018
The rains from a dissipated tropical disturbance might have encouraged people to stay indoors Saturday, but alligators were making their way through flooded ditches. That's what Casey Jackson saw near her home off SH 185 Saturday afternoon outside Port ...  


Elephants, crocodiles and bird-watching in wild and scenic Sri Lanka

Manchester Evening NewsManchester Evening News - Sep 17, 2018
Among them, sitting 5ft from a protective wild Indian elephant with her young, drinking tea at a viewing point at 3,400ft Ella, watching pilgrims leave their offerings at Kandy's Temple of the Tooth or seeing crocodiles slide into the water just metres ...  


WATCH: Jaguar's underwater wrestling match with a caiman in Brazil

Earth Touch NewsEarth Touch News - Aug 15, 2018
This astonishing footage of a watery tussle between a jaguar and a caiman was captured recently by student Danielle Hunter and her brother Edward. The siblings, along with guide Eduardo Falcao and photographer Eduard Sangster, were cruising down the ...  


How Tinku gharial's nose got swollen

The HinduThe Hindu - Sep 12, 2018
Tinku gharial was sunbathing all alone on the sandy bank. He had recently turned 13; a teenager, and felt irritable and moody all the time. Nowadays, he preferred the company of his thoughts and hid from all his friends. As he lay sunbathing, he saw ...  


John Hennigan wrestles mutant amphibians in chilling movie trailer for Strange Nature

Monsters and CriticsMonsters and Critics - Sep 18, 2018
Cannot load player config. Wrestling star John Hennigan takes on a very weird science in the coming film Strange Nature — which highlights the horrifying effects of man-made pollution on nature.  


SNOW IN AFRICA: Giraffes, elephants and antelopes covered in blanket of white

Express.co.ukExpress.co.uk - Sep 13, 2018
The safari animals - usually pictured in searing temperatures - were snapped braving the frost after thick flurries fell across a game reserve in the Sneeuberg Mountains on South Africa's Eastern Cape. Kitty Viljoen, who took the surprising images ...  


Spider season is here and it means male arachnids are looking for love

CHEKCHEK - Sep 14, 2018
It's spider season but that doesn't mean increased numbers of arachnids. Spider experts say we just notice them more heading into fall. They started their life cycle very small in the spring, but now mature males are out on the prowl — and looking for ...  


OSU football: Beavers' comeback falls short

Corvallis Gazette TimesCorvallis Gazette Times - Sep 16, 2018
RENO, Nev. — This one will hurt a while. Oregon State's valiant comeback attempt fell short when Jordan Choukair missed a 34-yard field goal wide left as time expired and the Beavers lost a 37-35 heart-breaker to Nevada on Saturday. The Beavers (1-2) ...  


Buffalo featured in the Wall Street Journal as best weekend getaway

WIVB.com - News 4WIVB.com - News 4 - Sep 16, 2018
Admittedly when Kaler was first offered a job in Buffalo 5 years ago he didn't exactly jump at the opportunity. But after some consideration, he's more than glad he did. He said, “People think they know what Buffalo is and that's been one of the fun ...  


Zoo cheetahs chase balls launched from "cheetahpult"

Boing Boing (blog)Boing Boing (blog) - Sep 13, 2018
Cheetahs in captivity still want to run and chase things, so the caretakers at Oregon Zoo made a custom-built a catapult that launches balls from one end of the cheetah habitat to the other. The cheetahs get a treat when they fetch a ball. Via the zoo:.  


Příběh Škody 1203: Od Škodovky přes TAZ po Ocelot aneb z Česka na Slovensko a zpět

Auto.czAuto.cz - Sep 17, 2018
Až do loňského roku stavěl ve své firmě Ocelot 1203 kusově na speciální objednávky pro zájemce od nás i ze zahraničí, nejen živnostníky, ale hlavně milovníky těchto vozů. Několik exemplářů dokonce znovu zmodernizoval, poslední chtěl přivést k životu ...  


Deer hunting season opens Saturday; good season forecast

CT PostCT Post - Sep 12, 2018
With deer hunting season set to begin Saturday, the outlook appears good for hunters. Not so much for the deer. “The outlook is good because mild winters and ...  


Elephants Have The Most Neurons. Why Aren't They The Smartest Animals?

ForbesForbes - Sep 12, 2018
That begs the question, if humans are outranked by animals such as elephants, why are we the self-proclaimed smartest creature on earth? How is it that an elephant with almost 3 times the number of neurons isn't laughing at our struggle with quantum ...  


These domesticated foxes came from a famous Russian experiment

Boing Boing (blog)Boing Boing (blog) - Sep 15, 2018
This week, we meet the very cute and very bizarre result of an almost 60-year-long experiment: they're foxes that have been specially bred for their dog-like friendliness toward people. We do a little behavior research of our own, and discover what ...  


'She's a little dramatic' — First of three giraffes to arrive in Lincoln on Tuesday

Lincoln Journal StarLincoln Journal Star - Sep 4, 2018
The city's first of three giraffes is scheduled to climb into a trailer Tuesday morning for the 400-mile trip from St. Paul to the Lincoln Children's Zoo. Her trailer time will be climate controlled and captured by camera, all of the data and images ...  


Hippos return to City Museum in St. Louis

STLtoday.comSTLtoday.com - Aug 29, 2018
Fiberglass hippos originally created by the City Museum founder Bob Cassilly in 1997 for display in Central Park at the Safari Playground in New York City were returned to the City Museum. Central Park is redoing the playground and had the hippos 3D ...  


This flying robot could reveal secrets of the aerial world of insects

Science NewsScience News - Sep 13, 2018
Scientists have wondered how these tiny pilots pull off such rapid twists and turns, but researchers haven't been able to test all their ideas by monitoring real insects or using tethered robots. Now, a free-flying, insect-inspired robot, described in ...  


Taumalolo hails Kangaroos' sacrifice
SBS - Sep 17, 2018

Tonga star Jason Taumalolo has hailed Kangaroos players for accepting arguably the biggest pay cut in rugby league history to stage their historic Test match next month. Australia will face the Mate Ma'a for the first time after Kangaroos players ...  


Lady Leopards split with Tonopah, Wendover (UT)

Elko Daily Free PressElko Daily Free Press - Sep 11, 2018
WELLS – The Wells volleyball team began its weekend with a bang but went out flat in the second match, unable to overcome a slow start. The Lady Leopards split their home-and-away matches, needing only four sets Friday in a victory over Tonopah but ...  


Detroit Lions at early crossroads after rough start, locker room strife

Detroit Free PressDetroit Free Press - Sep 15, 2018
It seems like we were just here. Not here, here, in Santa Clara, Calif, where the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers meet in a battle of 0-1 teams Sunday at Levi's Stadium. But here, at a crossroads in the Lions season. Ten months ago, the Lions had ...  


Leaping lizards! Iguana photobombs woman on vacation

Sun SentinelSun Sentinel - Sep 10, 2018
That's how a woman summed up her chance encounter with a green iguana that photobombed her while vacationing in Puerto Rico. Tammy Ricks recently posted the once-in-a-lifetime shot on Instagram of an immature reptile leaping across her path as she ...  


Mob of meerkats eager for their next meal

FOX 7 AustinFOX 7 Austin - Sep 12, 2018
Meerkats with the munchies are one of the cutest things to see.  


Panthers' poor defensive performance: 'Terrible' and 'lazy,' or just 'small things'?

Charlotte ObserverCharlotte Observer - Sep 17, 2018
Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera was disappointed in his defense on Sunday after a 31-24 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, in which his team gave up 442 yards — including 170 rushing. So much so, in fact, that after calling his team's rushing ...  

Prairie Dogs

A fun time at Prairie Invitational

Courier PressCourier Press - Sep 17, 2018
The meet is a bit different in that runners from different schools compete together on five teams called the Pacemakers, Voyageurs, Prairie Dogs, Lead Miners and Joggernauts. Many runners wore various colors of paint and designs on their faces and arms ...  


There's No Stopping Toronto's 'Uber-Raccoon'

NPRNPR - Sep 16, 2018
"This friend hadn't seen the family of raccoons that had been living in his yard." Dempsey tells NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro on Weekend Edition that she reached out to animal behaviorist and raccoon expert Suzanne MacDonald, who had been hearing the ...  


Oldest-known aquatic reptiles probably spent time on land ...

Science DailyScience Daily - Sep 19, 2018
A comprehensive analysis of Mesosaurus fossils shows that bones from adults share similarities with land-dwelling animals -- suggesting older Mesosaurus ...  


Disney World adds Up Close With Rhinos tour

Orlando Sentinel (blog)Orlando Sentinel (blog) - Sep 19, 2018
Up Close With Rhinos guided tour coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park beginning Nov. 1.  


Meet the Voracious Rodents Munching Through California's Wetlands

KCETKCET - Sep 20, 2018
California has its hands full with wildfires, toxic cultural schisms, and an unfriendly presidency. We didn't need an outbreak of large voracious rodents, munching their way through the wetlands and tunneling into flood-control levees. But they're here ...  


Rock Springs Ground Squirrels' future in doubt, look to build roster

Herald & ReviewHerald & Review - Sep 13, 2018
Twenty-six years later the Ground Squirrels are still going, although not quite as strongly. A shrinking rosters and conflicting work schedules have made it a challenge for the group to continue to field a team, and the future is in doubt, according to ...  


Tigers derailed by injuries in loss to Indians

MLB.comMLB.com - Sep 16, 2018
CLEVELAND -- Tigers starter Michael Fulmer knew something was wrong after throwing a handful of pitches on Saturday. Fulmer gave up home runs to the first two batters he faced -- lasting only five pitches -- as it seemed like whatever could go wrong ...  


Ocean funding will benefit right whales, sea turtles, salmon

Washington PostWashington Post - Sep 11, 2018
PORTLAND, Maine — The National Marine Fisheries Service is sending more than $6 million to nearly 30 marine conservation projects as part of its Species Recovery Grant Program. The grants are designed to help marine species that face threats in the ...  


Dozens of rare Hermann's tortoises stolen in Corsica

Phys.OrgPhys.Org - Sep 11, 2018
"These tortoises cannot be legally sold so can only be destined for trafficking," the park wrote. It also warned that wild turtle populations could be at risk if the Hermann's were stolen by anti-zoo activists who might be planning to release the ...  

Wild Cats

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - Sep 15, 2018

Wood threw scoring passes of 60 yards to Micah Seawood and Errington McRae in the first half to help the Wild- cats take a 14-6 halftime lead. One play after Jay Burns' 80-yard kickoff return to the Pine Bluff 1, Wood scored from one yard out to make ...  


Netflix's Hold the Dark throws Jeffrey Wright to the wolves

The VergeThe Verge - Sep 13, 2018
Welcome to Cheat Sheet, our brief breakdown-style reviews of festival films, VR previews, and other special event releases. This review comes from the Toronto International Film Festival. Director Jeremy Saulnier specializes in dragging his characters ...  


Are vulnerable lions eating endangered zebras?

Science DailyScience Daily - Aug 31, 2018
That's what a team of researchers led by WCS and WWF set out to discover -- whether the comeback of a top predator -- in this case lions in Laikipa County, Kenya -- were recovering at the expense of Grevy's zebras, which number only around 2,680 ...  


Public Notice: Priest Walks Into a Bar …

Austin ChronicleAustin Chronicle - Sep 13, 2018
Sad, sad news arrived Wednesday, as we prepared to go to press, that Micael Priest – dean of the Armadillo Art Squad that invented the iconography of cosmic cowboys, rock music posters, and weird Austin as we know it today – passed away Tuesday in his ...  

American Bison

Bison, wolves, wildlands take over Flint Hills Discovery Center

WIBWWIBW - Sep 14, 2018
“You can come in and learn the story of the American Bison from prehistory through settlement into today," said Stephen Birdenstine Curator of Education. "It's really the story of this magnificent animal - our national mammal.” The exhibit opens ...  


Rescued manatees arrive for stay in Homosassa

Citrus County ChronicleCitrus County Chronicle - Sep 13, 2018
Wednesday morning, four rehabilitated manatees from Sea World arrived at the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park for a stay of undetermined length − while they're now healthy, they can't be released into their home waters due to red tide.  


How this Huntersville tech company's team of 75% women is breaking down barriers

Charlotte Business JournalCharlotte Business Journal - Sep 7, 2018
Jackrabbit Technologies Inc. is not an ordinary technology company. There are no millennials in skinny jeans and thick-rimmed glasses. No beanbag chairs or ping-pong tables. But perhaps more striking is Jackrabbit's workforce, which is comprised of ...  


Watch this prickly porcupine start her day with a lovely morning stroll

expressandstar.comexpressandstar.com - Sep 13, 2018
Pet owners across the world will be familiar with taking their dog for a morning walk, but how many will have seen a porcupine strolling along as the sun rises? Chimba is an African crested porcupine at Minnesota Zoo. As one of the zoo's animal ...  


Krajewski Blows Away The Competition On Day 1 Of Eventing Dressage At WEG

The Chronicle of the Horse (press release) (blog)The Chronicle of the Horse (press release) (blog) - Sep 13, 2018
The German eventer laid down a 19.9 on Chipmunk FRH this afternoon to take a commanding lead in the Mars Incorporated World Eventing Championship with a lovely, fluid, relaxed test that became the third best World Championship dressage score, and ...  

Bull Frog

Mexican oregano for recipe available at La Cosecha in Pleasantville

Press of Atlantic CityPress of Atlantic City - Aug 22, 2018
Miriam L. Dear Miriam: This week, ShopRite has 33 percent off Australian Gold, Aveeno, Bull Frog, Coppertone, Kiss My Face, No Ad (probably the least expensive) and Ocean Potion. Rite Aid has Coopertone, Bain de Soleil, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic, ...  

American Crow

BIRD WATCH: Sightings in Greater Newburyport, coastal New Hampshire
The Daily News of Newburyport - Sep 8, 2018

Woodsom Farm, Amesbury: Northern Mockingbird, American Crow, Downy Woodpecker, Blue Jay, American Goldfinch, Sharp-Shinned Hawk, Mourning Dove, Northern Cardinal, Cedar Waxwing, Tree Swallow, American Robin, Red-tailed Hawk, European ...  


Naperville Fire Department responds to structure fire on 40 Block of Waxwing Ave., no reported injuries

Positively NapervillePositively Naperville - Sep 4, 2018
NAPERVILLE, Ill. — On September 3, 2018 at 12:04PM, Naperville's Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) received a 911 call reporting smoke coming from the roof in the 40 block of Waxwing Avenue. (South of 75th Street). A General Alarm assignment was ...  


Starlings go tweet

CosmosCosmos - Sep 9, 2018
Forget Big Brother – it turns out Big Scientist is watching you, but it's all in the name of ecological research. In a paper published in the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution, a team led by Adam Hart from the University of Gloucestershire in ...  


Woman 'jails' scrub-jays that killed two baby finches

The Mercury NewsThe Mercury News - Sep 10, 2018
DEAR JOAN: A lady I am acquainted with captured two scrub-jays that killed a couple of her baby finches. She now has them in an old chicken coop, calling it bird jail, and when I saw them, they seemed very much in distress. They were flying back and ...  


One foot in the grave for pheasants that favor a side

Phys.OrgPhys.Org - Sep 13, 2018
A new study, conducted by experts from the universities of Exeter and Lincoln, found that young pheasants show consistent individual preferences for stepping over a barrier using their left or right leg. From a group of pheasants released into the wild ...  


Free entry at Everglades National Park and Shark Valley on Sept. 22

Sun SentinelSun Sentinel - Sep 4, 2018
Anhinga Amble: Rangers give a terrific, free, 50-minute tour at 10:30 a.m. daily down the Anhinga Trail to see alligators, wading birds and other wildlife. Enter at the Homestead entrance and meet at Royal Palm Visitor Center benches. Also, just a few ...  


Birding: Roseate spoonbill makes unlikely stop in Dover-Foxcroft

Press HeraldPress Herald - Sep 16, 2018
The pink color of spoonbill feathers results from the movement of the carotenoids up the food chain – algae to shrimp to spoonbill. In North America, roseate spoonbills typically are found in coastal marshes in Florida and Texas. One would imagine that ...  


Correction to today's woodpecker column

Minneapolis Star TribuneMinneapolis Star Tribune - Aug 15, 2018
A correction is needed in my column that appeared today (Wednesday) in the Variety section of the Minneapolis StarTribune. The column discusses the Red-headed Woodpecker Recovery Project underway at Cedar Creek Science Reserve in East Bethel.  


Seahorses in Boothbay Harbor?

Wiscasset NewspaperWiscasset Newspaper - Sep 17, 2018
Lobsterman Mark Jones recently caught two seahorses when hauling his traps – one in Linekin Bay and the other near the Cuckolds. The range of this species is usually the Atlantic coast from South Carolina to Cape Cod. So, what were the chances of this ...  

Sea Lions

Sea Lions Threaten Salmon Stocks

Sport FishingSport Fishing - Sep 18, 2018
In this case, the good deed put California sea lions under the protection of the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act in 1972. It worked wonders: The population of these jumbo pinnipeds skyrocketed to nearly 300,000 strong along our West Coast today.  


Ocean Watch: Jellyfish arrive on schedule; blue bottles less predictable

Honolulu Star-AdvertiserHonolulu Star-Advertiser - Sep 15, 2018
Due to the recent storm and tradewinds, PMOWs have been common in Hawaii's windward bays and on beaches. Read More · Please click here to log in to view this story. – or –. NEW SUBSCRIBERS - Choose a package that suits your reading preferences.  


Learn what plants grow in small spaces at Sip and Sow workshops at Sailfish Brewery

TCPalmTCPalm - Sep 13, 2018
FORT PIERCE — Don't have a lot of time to have a traditional garden? Why not join the UF/IFAS St. Lucie County Extension staff to learn what vegetables and herbs will grow in small spaces? You'll learn to make your own self-watering container, ideal ...  


Blackened Tuna and Parrotfish

FOX10 NewsFOX10 News - Sep 17, 2018
Chris and Carla from Chris & Carla's Catering were back in the Studio 10 kitchen. They whipped up blackened tuna steaks and fried parrotfish. Be sure to check out Chris & Carla's for all your catering needs. They say, their ribs are so tender, "you don ...  


Halibut Point's rocks draw many to Cape Ann park

The Boston GlobeThe Boston Globe - Sep 6, 2018
ROCKPORT — To many, the term “state park” conjures images of deep forests and winding hiking trails, of mountains with snow-capped peaks. Halibut Point State Park in Rockport offers a different perspective: breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean ...  


Mackerel on the chew at Urangan Pier

Fraser Coast ChronicleFraser Coast Chronicle - Sep 13, 2018
With local fishing experts reporting more than 100 mackerel caught on two days this week. Urangan Rod Hire's Colin Mathieson bagged this 95cm broad barred Mackerel on Wednesday after using live herring as bait to catch six mackerel ranging from ...  


Upstate's lovable toads: In good shape but in need of a little help

Rochester Democrat and ChronicleRochester Democrat and Chronicle - Aug 29, 2018
In the main, our toads are fine. And if you'd like to see that the hoppy little creatures stay that way, you can help. There's even a citizen-scientist app for that. For several decades there has been concern globally about declines in the population ...  


Rare Blind Salamanders Debut at Brookfield Zoo

Chicago Tonight | WTTWChicago Tonight | WTTW - Sep 10, 2018
Brookfield Zoo recently welcomed eight Texas blind salamanders, including the one pictured here. (Kelly Tone / Chicago Zoological Society). Take a close look inside Brookfield Zoo's aquatic exhibit and you'll find some of the zoo's newest, smallest and ...  

Tree Frog

Tree frog poison being used as an alternative medicine

ABC NewsABC News - Sep 6, 2018
There's a growing underground community in Australia that uses the substance, a psychoactive tree frog poison from the Amazon, as an alternative medicine. It's administered during a ceremony at gatherings known as "kambo circles", by applying the ...  

Leaf Frog

The masters of disguise: Can you see the snow leopard camouflaged on the cliff and other elusive animals in the best ...

Daily MailDaily Mail - Sep 7, 2018
Slim Shady: A Leaf Frog blends into the background. This crafty frog lives in sub-Saharan Africa and south-east Asia. Special resemblance sees creatures use a mixture of shape, colour, texture and behaviour to make them appear like something else in ...  

Dart Frog

Lethal Venom Next Venture for Treating Disease

Laboratory EquipmentLaboratory Equipment - Sep 10, 2018
Earth's biodiversity is home to 220,000 (15 percent) venomous species, ranging from snakes to spiders and lizards to fish, including the only known venomous frog—the poison dart frog. For centuries, snake venom had been used to prolong life in ...  

Coral Snake

On Heels Of Rattlesnake Biting Deputy Twice, Franklin County Residents Urged To Be Careful

WFSUWFSU - Sep 13, 2018
“And, that would be your cottonmouth, your diamondback rattlesnake, your pygmy rattlesnake, and your coral snake,” he added. While investigating a suspicious vehicle at an area airport last weekend, Franklin County Sheriff's deputy Travis Osburn got ...  


High temps mean rattlesnakes still active, expert warns

CBS Los AngelesPress-Enterprise - Sep 14, 2018
“Some people may consider that we are in the end of snake season,” said Kim McWhorter, a reptile expert with Animal Services. “Not so. We're still dealing with high temps and many rattlesnakes may be producing litters at this stage of summer,” she said ...  


Get to know Okzharp & Manthe Ribane, the cosmic, politicised r'n'b duo

MixmagMixmag - Aug 30, 2018
Gordon is also SA-born, and while he's lived in London for many years he's made regular trips back since his career began just over a decade ago: indeed, one of LV's breakthrough tracks was 2010's UK funky-inflected 'Boomslang' with Durban-born MC ...  


Himachal lacks strategy to handle snakebite cases

The StatesmanThe Statesman - Sep 19, 2018
The warmers districts of the state, including Kangra, Solan, Una, Bilaspur, Mandi and Hamirpur, report high incidence of snakebites every year as they house deadly snakes, including Black Cobra, Russell's viper, Himalayan pitviper, Common krait. The ...  

Sea Snake

The weird, wonderful and worrying world of sea snakes

ABC NewsABC News - Aug 22, 2018
Close your eyes and take the plunge. Imagine, diving into the ocean and coming face to face with the beady eyes and flicking tongue of a sea snake. That's just another day at work for PhD student Blanche D'Anastasi from James Cook University. "I must ...  

Rat Snake

5-ft long rat snake rescued from NCERT campus in Delhi: Wildlife SOS
Times of India - Sep 12, 2018

NEW DELHI: A five-foot-long rat snake was rescued from the campus of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) here, a wildlife conservation NGO said Wednesday. The Indian Rat Snake, commonly known as 'Dhaman', is a ...  

King Cobra

3 metre king cobra caught in Thalang

The ThaigerThe Thaiger - Sep 12, 2018
A three metre king cobra has been caught by rescue worker in Thalang. Kusoldharm rescue workers stationed at Mueang Mai in Thalang were notified by local residents that the king cobra was found opposite the PTT gas station on Thepkasattri Road.  

Corn Snake

Appeal after 5ft corn snake goes missing from house

STV NewsSTV News - Sep 13, 2018
Police are looking for a missing snake in South Lanarkshire. The corn snake, similar to the one pictured above, went missing this week from a house in Woodend Road, Rutherglen. It has been described as 5ft long with orange and yellow patterning.  

Black Mamba

LOOK: KZN man finds 2m long black mamba wrapped around burglar bar

Independent OnlineIndependent Online - Sep 5, 2018
Durban - A Parkgate homeowner got the shock of their life when they came across a deadly two-metre-long black mamba on Tuesday. Members of the private security company, Reaction Unit SA (Rusa) were called out to the home on Wimbledon Grove ...  


Snake Found In Arkansas Elementary School Classroom, Bites Principal

The InquisitrThe Inquisitr - Aug 26, 2018
Rohr was able to identify the creature as a speckled kingsnake, which is nonvenomous. This particular snake, formally known as Lampropeltis holbrooki and also called the salt-and-pepper snake, is shiny and black with small, yellow spots, according to ...  

Python Snake

Butter the lost python snake to be reunited with family tonight and you are invited

LancasterOnlineLancasterOnline - Sep 11, 2018
Butter, the escaped python that showed up a Sheetz parking lot in New Holland nearly two weeks ago, will be united with its owner tonight and the public is invited. Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary will hold a “python party” from 5-8 p.m. at That ...  

Boa Constrictor

Critter News: Boa constrictor found in apartment, wild bear walks into hotel, and lost dog found in the Rocky Mountains?

CW39CW39 - Sep 14, 2018
MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Calling all couch potatoes! You'll never guess what a Milwaukee woman found slithering under her footstool— a 7-foot-long boa constrictor! Yeah, not exactly what you have in mind when looking for some sofa snacks! "We got a phone ...  

Gopher Snake

Screech owl doesn't like gopher snakes

Mail TribuneMail Tribune - Aug 26, 2018
I followed her stare and discovered a three-foot-long gopher snake moving among the items stored there. The owl was having none of this. Gopher snakes are harmless to humans, but mice have a different perspective. Gopher snakes are constrictors that ...  

Indigo Snake

Beware, a decapitated snake can still bite and other things to know to stay safe

Dallas NewsDallas News - Sep 14, 2018
"Just because you get antivenom doesn't mean you're going to come out of there without any type of damage." Not all large snakes are venomous. The Texas indigo snake — such as the long one that recently paid a Texas family a visit — actually eats ...  

Garter Snake

Wild In Amarillo: The Checkered Garter Snake

MyHighPlainsMyHighPlains - Aug 31, 2018
The Checkered Garter Snake is a non-venomous snake found in Panhandle and West Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. When it bites, it generally leaves a superficial bite mark, nothing that will inflict damage. When threatened it will musk on its potential ...  

Water Snake

Fungus continues to plague Lake Erie water snakes

Toledo BladeToledo Blade - Sep 4, 2018
PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio — Although the nonvenomous Lake Erie water snake continues to be one of the Great Lakes region's best comeback stories, a fungus in nature that can kill those and other snakes has scientists worried about their future. Of 240 Lake ...  

Blue Whale

Blue Whale Token (BWX) Market Capitalization Reaches $0.00
Fairfield Current - Sep 10, 2018

Blue Whale Token (CURRENCY:BWX) traded down 5.1% against the dollar during the one day period ending at 19:00 PM E.T. on September 10th. Blue Whale Token has a total market capitalization of $0.00 and approximately $17,314.00 worth of Blue ...  

Humpback Whale

Humpback Whales Stun Onlookers With Incredible Triple Breach

HuffPostHuffPost - Sep 16, 2018
Whale watchers off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, were treated to a rare sight last month when three humpback whales performed an incredible triple breach. On Aug. 17, Edmond Giroux, a passenger with Ocean Explorations Zodiac Whale Cruises, took a ...  

Killer Whale

NOAA calls off active search for sick endangered killer whale J50

CTV Vancouver IslandCTV Vancouver Island - Sep 17, 2018
VANCOUVER - The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has called off the active search for a sick killer whale that garnered international attention. The southern resident killer whale known as J50 hasn't been seen for several days and ...  

Beaked Whale

Scientists get break finding elusive beaked whales

Cape Cod TimesCape Cod Times - Sep 9, 2018
Only a dozen sightings of True's beaked whale had occurred since 1913 when Smithsonian Institution curator Frederick True first identified and named the species from an animal stranded on a North Carolina beach. But the dedicated study in July 200 ...  

Right Whale

Funding To Allow Maine To Assess Fishing Impacts On Right Whale

Maine PublicMaine Public - Sep 11, 2018
PORTLAND, Maine - The National Marine Fisheries Service is sending more than $6 million to nearly 30 marine conservation projects as part of its Species Recovery Grant Program. The grants are designed to help marine species that face threats in the wild.  

Minke Whale

Pedestrians move rock to rescue grounded minke whale in Gloucester

The Boston GlobeThe Boston Globe - Sep 7, 2018
A group of pedestrians sprang into action Wednesday to save a struggling, grounded minke whale in Gloucester, officials said. The juvenile whale, which was about 10 feet long, was stranded in front of a rock just feet from land in Smith Cove, an inlet ...  

Sperm Whale

Bowhead Whale

Naujaat celebrates bowhead whale harvest

CBC.caCBC.ca - Aug 28, 2018
Iqaluit celebrated the harvesting of a bowhead whale earlier this month. It was only the city's second catch of a bowhead in a century. The whale hunt is a traditional part of Inuit culture, and a successful hunt can feed hundreds. Naujaat, on the ...  

Grey Whale

Amazing Moment Giant Grey Whale Plays With Boat And Its Passengers

LADbibleLADbible - Sep 10, 2018
Whales are pretty spectacular creatures, but usually best kept at something of a length. After all, they're the largest animals on Earth and generally unconcerned about humans, so they can unwittingly throw their weight around. For this grey whale ...  

Beluga Whale

Last year's Anchorage-area beluga whale count inspired a small army of citizen scientists. You can join them Saturday.

Anchorage Daily NewsAnchorage Daily News - Sep 14, 2018
"It's not just on one day — (last year) spawned a whole bunch of people doing monitoring for us," said Verena Gill, the Cook Inlet beluga whale recovery coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's fisheries division. "We're ...  

Whale Shark

Inside the Chaotic World of Whale Shark Tourism

National GeographicNational Geographic - Aug 30, 2018
Since it began in 2011, Oslob's whale shark-watching operation has become the largest such venture in the world. But the operation is controversial, because whale sharks don't naturally gather here, unlike other such sites in the country. The Oslob ...  

Great White Shark

Great white shark lair found in Pacific Ocean

CNNCNN - Sep 20, 2018
Great white shark lair found in Pacific Ocean. Scientists tracked great white shark migration to a remote area of the Pacific Ocean they're calling the "White Shark Café." Source: CNN · CNN Original Series on CNNgo. Watch Full episode on. United Shades ...  

Tiger Shark

Photographing the Eye of the Tiger (Shark)

PetaPixel (blog)PetaPixel (blog) - Sep 10, 2018
How would you feel if you were standing at the stern of the boat as twenty 10-foot lemon sharks circle at the surface in front of you and in the depths below an ...  

Gray Seal

Seal die-off yet to reach Cape shores
Cape Cod Times - Sep 4, 2018

Chatham's Monomoy Island is home to the largest gray seal colony on the East Coast of the U.S. with an estimated 50,000 individuals. NOAA last week declared an unusual mortality event for the seal die-off. The declaration is made under the Marine ...  

Fur Seal

Australian fur seal pup population is shrinking

Science DailyScience Daily - Sep 5, 2018
A census of annual pup production by Australian fur seal populations revealed the first reduction since species-wide protection was implemented in 1975, according to a study published September 5 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Rebecca ...  

Harbor Seal

Harbor seal pup with bite marks found in Dana Point parking lot

OCRegisterOCRegister - Sep 17, 2018
A harbor seal pup named “Triscuit” was found with bite marks and is being cared for at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) in Laguna Beach on Monday, September 17, 2018. “Triscuit” was rescued by PMMC after being found in a parking lot in Dana ...  

Elephant Seal

Cuteness signed, sealed and delivered with first elephant seal pup of the season on Macquarie Island

The MercuryThe Mercury - Sep 12, 2018
THERE is a new cute arrival on Macquarie Island with the birth of the first southern elephant seal pup for the season. Ranger Chris Howard snapped an image of the pup and its mother on the beach, not long after the birth. Every new arrival is exciting ...  

Polar Bear

35-foot polar bear statue stands guard at San Francisco's Ferry Building

KGO-TVKGO-TV - Sep 13, 2018
A 35-foot-tall polar bear now stands guard at the front of San Francisco's Ferry Building. RELATED: California to be the epicenter of climate action movement. It's for this week's Global Climate Action Summit. The sculpture is made from car hoods ...  

Brown Bear

Brown bear saliva found to contain chemical that kills Staphylococcus aureus

Phys.OrgPhys.Org - Sep 4, 2018
The Siberian brown bear lives in Mongolia, northern parts of China, and in Siberia. While mostly vegetarian, they will on occasion kill and eat caribou, elk and fish—giving them a varied diet that has a profound impact on their microbiome. The ...  

Black Bear

Black bear found in Lone Tree front yard hanging out in a tree

The Denver PostThe Denver Post - Sep 12, 2018
A family in Lone Tree woke up Wednesday morning to a large and furry new neighbor. A male black bear — weighing roughly 175 pounds — was spotted hanging out in a tree in the 7500 block of Indian Wells Place, right in the front yard. Our wildlife ...  

Panda Bear

Animal Collective's Panda Bear Announces Debut Australian ...

Music FeedsMusic Feeds - Aug 28, 2018
Animal Collective member Panda Bear (real name Noah Lennox) has announced his first-ever Australian headline tour, around his upcoming appearance at ...  

Koala Bear

How unBEARable! Eva Longoria covers herself up with her baby's sling after being peed on by a koala during trip to ...

Daily MailDaily Mail - Sep 17, 2018
She's been playing tourist while taking a break from filming her new movie, Dora The Explorer, on Australia's Gold Coast. And Eva Longoria took a trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with her baby boy Enrique Santiago on Sunday. The 43-year-old ...  

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bears get a stay as judge again delays start of hunting season

“There is simply no need to rush into a grizzly bear hunt, with potentially devastating consequences for this iconic species, when the merits of that hunt are being reviewed in federal court.” The temporary restraining order Christensen initially ...  


Meet The Chinchillas: Allison & Andy

12news.com KPNX12news.com KPNX - Aug 22, 2018
Meet The Chinchillas: Allison & Andy. Did you know chinchillas are the softest animal on the planet. You can meet Allison and Andy at the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium. Published: 1:28 PM PST August 22, 2018. Updated: 8:28 AM PST August 22, 2018 ...  


Football: Patriots top Otters 27-14

The Lake Country EchoThe Lake Country Echo - Sep 10, 2018
... in the Patriots' 27-14 victory over Fergus Fall Friday, Sept. 7. Despite being down for most of the first half, the Pequot Lakes football team persevered thanks to stifling defense and several takeaways to beat the Fergus Falls Otters 27-14 on ...  


An unlikely place for camels

Cody EnterpriseCody Enterprise - Sep 12, 2018
The typical scenery encompasses Jan Sapp's Arrowhead Alpacas farm; barns, livestock grounds, pastures. But one sight in particular catches the eye as far from ordinary, a sight that one might expect to see in the Middle East rather than Powell. Sapp is ...  


News Scan for Aug 14, 2018
CIDRAP - Aug 14, 2018

Among primary cases, 54.9% had contact with dromedaries, while only 1.1 % of secondary or unclassified cases reported camel contact. Primary cases described both direct and indirect contact with camels: 164 (47.1%) reported physical contact with the ...  


Gazelles Earn Split With O'Gorman

Yankton Daily PressYankton Daily Press - Sep 11, 2018
The Yankton Gazelles earned a doubleheader split with Sioux Falls O'Gorman in girls' softball action on Monday at Yankton's Sertoma Park. O'Gorman used a five-run fourth inning to claim the opener 7-5. Hannah Thompson went 2-3 with a triple and a ...  


Goats airlifted out of park into other Washington forests

Seattle TimesMinneapolis Star Tribune - Sep 13, 2018
SEATTLE — Helicopters and trucks are relocating hundreds of mountain goats from Olympic National Park in an effort officials said will protect natural resources, reduce visitor safety issues and boost native goat populations elsewhere in Washington state.  


Eureka man, rescue work to rehome 700 guinea pigs
Eureka Times Standard - Sep 10, 2018

One home, 700-plus guinea pigs. A Eureka home is the site of what is being claimed as the largest guinea pig rescue in the United States, according to Eureka Police Department Animal Control Officer Celeste Villarreal and the Los Angeles Guinea Pig ...  


Deer freed from railings in middle of Norfolk housing estate

Diss MercuryDiss Mercury - Sep 18, 2018
The RSPCA were alerted after a wild muntjac deer was reported to have become entrapped on Hawthorn Close in Diss at 8.45am today. A fire crew from Harleston were called in to help free the animal by using hydraulic rescue equipment to prise open the ...  


Helping endangered lemurs hang on

Washington PostWashington Post - Sep 4, 2018
Learn a little about lemurs, and you'll find a lot to love. Today 111 species and subspecies live wild in their native home of Madagascar, a lush island off the eastern coast of Africa. But there's bad news: Lemurs, experts say, are among the most ...  


Baby Giant Anteater Born at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo

i95rock.comi95rock.com - Sep 13, 2018
Anteaters have non-retractable curved claws on their front feet which means they walk on their knuckles. Anteaters have very sticky saliva and their tongues have little hooks that hold their prey on their tongues so they can swallow them. Their sense ...  


Tapir's jaw an "incredibly rare" find

Valdez StarValdez Star - Aug 30, 2018
Related to rhinos, horses and zebras, tapirs live today in Central and South America, as well as the swamps of Malaysia and Sumatra. They are the size of a state fair hog and look like pigs with trunks. Their noses and upper lips extend to allow tapirs ...  


Endangered okapi calf born at ZooTampa

Bay News 9Bay News 9 - Sep 13, 2018
TAMPA, Fla. -- ZooTampa at Lowry Park recently welcomed the birth of an endangered okapi calf. Okapi (pronounced oh-COP-ee) are the only living relative of the giraffe and are found in the remote forests of central Africa. The calf's parents are Betty ...  


Two servals, Levi and Keeno, arrive at Zoodoo Zoo in Tasmania

The MercuryThe Mercury - Aug 26, 2018
Two male servals, Levi and Keeno, arrived in Hobart on Thursday evening. Zoodoo owner Trevor Cuttriss said the hand-reared pair, which are both less than a year old, were very friendly and adjusting well to their new surroundings. “One is a little bit ...  


The vultures in my Merced neighborhood
Merced Sun-Star (blog) - Sep 15, 2018

There are few things in this world as graceful as a bird in flight and, among birds in flight, vultures might be the most graceful of all. While clumsy on the ground, vultures aloft are able to ride thermals for as long as six hours, rocking back and ...  


Penguin teams leading the way

The AdvocateThe Advocate - Sep 17, 2018
After three rounds Penguin are the only undefeated team in the NWBU under 22 women's roster. The Lady Blues have dominated their opposition so far and look likely to defend their title. It is an even race between the next four teams, with Devonport, ...  


New Orleans Pelicans ready to boast updated version of #DoItBig

The Bird WritesThe Bird Writes - Sep 11, 2018
#DoItBig was a subversive and ideal slogan born before the start of the 2017-18 season because the Pelicans were primed to showcase the fully realized pairing of arguably the two best frontcourt players in the whole league. Anthony Davis and DeMarcus ...  


What Do Flamingos Do at Night?

Atlas ObscuraAtlas Obscura - Sep 12, 2018
So it would make sense if, settled into bed one evening, you were suddenly seized with a white-hot nighttime question: What are the flamingos up to? As birds go, flamingos don't seem all that mysterious. They're brightly colored and quite recognizable.  

Bearded Dragon

More than a pet: Bearded dragon a living lesson for French Academy students

Herald & ReviewHerald & Review - Sep 17, 2018
DECATUR — The most popular student in Carissa Craven's fifth-grade class at French Academy is a bearded dragon named Toothless Jordan. Craven obtained the lizard, his habitat and enough food to get him started through a Pets in the Classroom grant ...  


Sniffing out sharks

Science DailyScience Daily - Sep 17, 2018
"One of the goals of this research is for a lifeguard to be able to walk down to the shore, scoop up some water, shake it and see if white sharks are around," said Kevin Lafferty, a USGS ecologist and researcher with UCSB's Marine Science Institute (MSI).  


Dolphins WR DeVante Parker looks strong as 2018 debut nears

Palm Beach PostPalm Beach Post - Sep 14, 2018
Regardless of whether wide receiver DeVante Parker is living up to his draft status, his return for the Dolphins this weekend will be a boost to the offense. Injuries have been a frustration with Parker over his first three seasons, missing three games ...  


How to treat ringworms from home

Daily Monitor (press release) (blog)Daily Monitor (press release) (blog) - Sep 10, 2018
Ringworm is a common fungal infection affecting both children and adults. If the infection is on your skin, or in the case of athlete's foot or jock itch, the doctor can suggest an antifungal cream or lotion. In addition to the cream, if you have ...  


China Has More Tech Unicorns Than Silicon Valley: Frank Holmes
SmallCapPower (press release) - Sep 14, 2018

... Galileo Global Equity Advisors Portfolio Manager Samuel Pelaez talk about the introduction of common law into China's business practices, its thriving technology sector with more and more billion-dollar tech unicorns, and why many entrepreneurs in ...  

Wolf Spider

You may see big house spiders this month but experts say there will be fewer

Toronto StarToronto Star - Sep 10, 2018
But many British Columbians commonly mistake the giant house spider for a wolf spider, he noted. Unlike house spiders who tend to come out at night, wolf spiders are out in the daytime often along open garden areas. They tend to be more prevalent in ...  

Widow Spider

A woman found a black widow in her bag of grapes, but it's more common than you think

News & ObserverNews & Observer - Aug 27, 2018
A 55-year-old Clayton woman said she found a black widow spider inside a package of seedless grapes, and her grandchildren almost touched the venomous arachnid. Patti Kanter said she bought a 3-pound package of Welch's Seedless Grapes at BJ's ...  


Vets find moments of peace with butterflies

WGN-TVWGN-TV - Sep 12, 2018
This is the time of year monarch butterflies begin their annual migration from Illinois to Mexico. On Wednesday, a dozen of those monarchs were brought into Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital to interact with a group of older veterans. While it sounds like ...  


Pigs, cows, friends take over fairgrounds

Moscow-Pullman Daily NewsMoscow-Pullman Daily News - Sep 13, 2018
Knott said while most cows are gentle, it is important the children are the ones raising their animals so the steer is comfortable with them and knows its limitations. Troy High School Senior Jordyne Fredrickson, a family friend of the Knotts, said ...  


Doves Farm investing in dedicated free-from cereal plant

BakeryAndSnacks.comBakeryAndSnacks.com - Sep 14, 2018
Doves Farm, which also produces a gluten-free range call FREEE by Doves Farm, said it has seen significant growth in the gluten-free cereal category over the past decade, driven by consumers – both celiacs and those wanting to avoid gluten – seeking ...  


How to kills fleas in 6987345 steps
The Daily News Online - Sep 11, 2018

“To the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.” From Moby Dick. Call me frustrated. It began innocently enough with a scratch. “Can you check the dogs for fleas? Jenna found one on her ...  


Why dragonflies are so abundant on PEI this summer

CBC.caCBC.ca - Sep 10, 2018
If you think you've been seeing a lot of dragonflies on P.E.I. you are not alone. Dragonflies seem to be everywhere on the Island this summer, all with shimmering wings and some flashing colours of red, blue and green. There are 35 species of dragonfly ...  


Grasshopper Invasion | Why grasshoppers are popping up through Arkansas

THV11.com KTHVTHV11.com KTHV - Sep 18, 2018
Bright green grasshoppers are popping up all over Arkansas, leaving many wondering why these little guys have come up in a swarm. University of Arkansas Extension entomologist Gus Lorenz has some answers. "Grasshoppers have had all season to build ...  


Millipedes and centipedes are often mistaken for worms

Newnan Times-HeraldNewnan Times-Herald - Aug 26, 2018
These callers are actually referring to millipedes or centipedes. Millipedes are often called “thousand-legged worms.” Their counterpart, the centipede, is often known as the “hundred-legged worm.” Neither the millipede nor the centipede carries ...  


Millipedes and centipedes are often mistaken for worms

Newnan Times-HeraldNewnan Times-Herald - Aug 26, 2018
Millipedes are often called “thousand-legged worms.” Their counterpart, the centipede, is often known as the “hundred-legged worm.” Neither the millipede nor the centipede carries diseases that affect people, animals or plants. They are most active at ...  


Leaping lizards! Iguana photobombs woman on vacation

Sun SentinelSun Sentinel - Sep 10, 2018
(The iguana was later seen sipping a pina colada at the nearby Caribe Hilton.) “I was shocked because I had no idea that iguanas could jump like that,” Ricks told Lonely Planet, a travel website. Here in South Florida, residents can relate since we are ...  


What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?

Science FridayScience Friday - Sep 14, 2018
The prevailing theory says a meteorite led to the demise of the dinos. But Gerta Keller, a longtime geologist and paleontologist, isn't buying it, and says volcanoes were the real culprit. The latest episode of Undiscovered tells her story, and asks ...  


It takes a village to build a dinosaur

Great Falls TribuneGreat Falls Tribune - Sep 4, 2018
SHELBY — Every visit to the "big city" of Great Falls, Justin Aikins' children clamor to fill up with "dinosaur gas" at the Sinclair gas station because that means they can play with the green brontosaurus. Since Aikins works for Simons Petroleum, a ...  

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Geology: We know T. rex was fierce, but how strong was its bite?
The Columbus Dispatch - Sep 2, 2018

Tyrannosaurus rex, the large bipedal carnivorous dinosaur that lived in western North America 66 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous Period, has probably been studied biomechanically more than any other prehistoric animal. Recent studies of ...  

T Rex

Geology: We know T. rex was fierce, but how strong was its bite?
The Columbus Dispatch - Sep 2, 2018

This is a great time to be a paleontologist, especially one studying dinosaurs. Not only are new species being discovered on an almost weekly basis, but more sophisticated imaging methods are allowing us to extract more information from those fossils, ...  


In two new collections, poets write with insight about birds and baseball

Albuquerque JournalAlbuquerque Journal - Sep 16, 2018
The poetry is the book's dominant creative element, and Ruth's poem “Archaeopteryx,” ponders the oldest known fossil bird and its evolutionary links to present-day aviary relatives. The poem opens, “We praise you, amazing Archaeopteryx for this ...  


Ariana Richards on Jurassic Park, Her Art, and the Jeff Goldblum Craze

The Mary SueThe Mary Sue - Sep 12, 2018
“It's a veggiesaurus, Lex!” Much like her young character in Jurassic Park, Ariana Richards is also a vegetarian, though she hasn't met a Brontosaurus (oops, we meet Brachiosaurus) in a while. To celebrate Jurassic Park's 25th anniversary and the film ...  


Dino-swine outshines rival designs

Lima OhioLima Ohio - Aug 22, 2018
The Schwartzes from Spencerville are quickly making a name for themselves as pig wardrobe specialists. Quincy and his pig triceratops took first place this year, but his brother Griffin had took the gold last year because of his pig's lion costume. As ...  


Richmond Dig unearths an Ichthyosaur

North Queensland RegisterNorth Queensland Register - Aug 28, 2018
The outback town of Richmond held its annual Big Dig in July and unearthed an Ichthyosaur. Thirteen participants exchanged their time to gain experience by excavating something that was pretty big, in more than one way, along with two Kronosaurus ...  


'Jurassic World: Evolution' Confirmed Dinosaurs List: Chungkingosaurus, Corythosaurus and More
Newsweek - May 8, 2018

A new gameplay video for Jurassic World: Evolution has just been released by IGN, showing off some new features. In the video, we see what a modern version of Zoo Tycoon looks like. You build facilities to research your dinosaurs, power stations to ...  


Dinazor Değil Dinozorların Milyonlarca Yıl Öncesine Dayanan Oldukça Şaşıracağınız Hikâyeleri

OnedioOnedio - Sep 11, 2018
Görseldeki dinozorlar etobur Velociraptor ve otçul Protoceratops idi. Velociraptor, Protoceratops'a denk gelince, onu yemeyi denemiş olabilir. Alternatif bir senaryo ise, her iki dinozor da, Protoceratops'un boyun yaralanmasından ölmesi nedeniyle bu ...  

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