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Cat Breeding

Early cat breeding season has shelters prepping

Times DailyTimes Daily - Mar 19, 2017
Early cat breeding season has shelters prepping. By Robert Palmer Staff Writer; Mar 19, 2017 Updated Mar 19, 2017; 0. cats 3. Buy Now. A cat looks from it's cage at the Colbert County Animal Control Association Shelter. [JIM HANNON/TIMESDAILY]. cats 6.  

Cat Names

Anything but Fluffy
Cedar County Republican (subscription) - Apr 1, 2017

Over the years we've gone through more cat names than I can remember — Peaches, Tiger, Blackie and so on. When Martha and I met she had a calico named Angel; our one and only house cat. When I was a boy, all our dogs had fitting names. Among the ...  

Siamese Cat

Take our tour to discover some of Austin's lesser-known murals

MyStatesman.comMyStatesman.com - Apr 19, 2017
We love the big Siamese cat that fluffs up the east side of the Corner Vet offices. Not a cat person? A sweet black Lab's got you covered on the south-facing wall. Good kitty. Good dog. 13. Date night (west side of Guadalupe Street between Second and ...  

Persian Cat

Persian Cat Lapel Pin We have Instagram cat friends. We're making fun lapel pins of them!
MENAFN.COM - Apr 16, 2017

(MENAFN Editorial) iCrowdNewswire - Apr 13, 2017 Persian Cat Lapel PinWe have Instagram cat friends. We're making fun lapel pins of them! About this project. A few years ago we started an Instagram for our smush faced cats Eggs and Pumpkin, and we ...  

Bengal Cat

Is a leopard stalking the streets of Walnut Creek?

The Mercury NewsThe Mercury News - Mar 29, 2017
A Bengal cat is examined by a jury member at the World Cat show in Athens A Bengal house cat is prized for its leopardlike spots. LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images. The Bengal, another leopardlike house cat, is more common but all of these would be ...  

British Shorthair

13 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

The Cheat SheetThe Cheat Sheet - Apr 4, 2017
The British shorthair was imported from Egypt, traveling with the Romans when they invaded Great Britain, according to The International Cat Association. Years later, crosses were made with the Persian cat, which led to some cats having a longhair gene.  

Himalayan Cat

'Claw' enforcement cat takes social media by storm

The ColoradoanThe Coloradoan - Apr 2, 2017
A Himalayan cat named "Officer Buttersworth" took social media by storm Saturday. Fort Collins Police Services debuted the furry feline, purported to be the first "claw" enforcement patrol cat in the country. The video showed the cat walking the halls ...  

Horse Breeding

Horse importation
Abante-Tonite - Apr 18, 2017

Karamihan sa kanila diyan ay ayaw ang racehorse importation noon pa dahil papatayin daw ang horse breeding industry. Kahit nabuksan na ang importation, marami na ang nangayaw mamili ng kabayo sa abroad dahil walang insentibo o suportang ...  

Horseback Riding

My experiences with horseback riding

Journal ExpressJournal Express - Apr 18, 2017
I'm riding a thoroughbred horse named Memory, with my wife on the back. The night is cool and we have spent the last hour or so riding. We decide to call it a night and head back to the stable. There are two entrances on the west side of the horse stable.  

Horse Training

Eventing horse training and riding: Are today's methods up to scratch?

HorsetalkHorsetalk - Apr 16, 2017
Is the training of eventing horses falling short of what is required in the most demanding and dangerous equestrian sport? And is the obsession with dressage and showjumping training working to the detriment of the punishing demands of the cross ...  


Montana State rodeo sets attendance records

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle (blog)The Bozeman Daily Chronicle (blog) - Apr 20, 2017
More than 8,100 people attended the four performances of the early-April rodeo according to MSU rodeo head coach Andy Bolich, who added it is the highest attendance in the nearly two decades that records have been kept for the annual spring event. ×.  

Freshwater Aquariums

A Rare Find

PetProductNews.comPetProductNews.com - Oct 24, 2016
Saltwater has its benefits, along with very beautiful and vibrant fish, but more people are realizing that they can get the same beauty within freshwater aquariums minus the tedious and costly maintenance. More and more families are also starting their ...  

Saltwater Aquariums

Saltwater sea life focus of new store

Rapid City JournalRapid City Journal - Mar 27, 2017
Refined Reef is the only store fully dedicated to saltwater aquariums in the 400 miles between Gillette, Wyo., and Mitchell, Meisner said. He noted that PetCo in Rapid City does offer a selection of tropical fish and coral, but not nearly as many ...  

Butterfly Watching

Don't miss these Baton Rouge area events (March 24-30)

The AdvocateThe Advocate - Mar 23, 2017
A evening of butterfly watching and gardening experiences. For members of Hilltop, CANPS and LMNGBR, $5 per program. $10 for nonmembers. (225) 767-6916. EXHIBITION OF THE ASSOCIATED WOMEN IN THE ARTS: Louisiana Old State Capital, 100 ...  


With beekeeping, community goes a long way – The Denver Post

The Denver PostThe Denver Post - Apr 21, 2017
Beekeepers at a vineyard apiary who have combined their honeybee colonies so they can share equipment and ease their workload near Langley, Wash.  

Bird Watching

Visitors flock to Delaware for bird watching tours April 27-30
Hockessin Community news - Apr 22, 2017

Visitors flock to Delaware for bird watching tours April 27-30. Saturday. Apr 22, 2017 at 10:55 AM. The 22nd annual Spring Delmarva Birding Weekend April 27-30 will attract about 200 tourists trying to learn more about birds while hiking, boating and ...  


Falconry birds aren't pets

High Country NewsHigh Country News - Apr 3, 2017
According to the North American Falconers Association, “Falconry can be defined as the taking of wild quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of a trained raptor.” I suppose one could define “pet” in such a way to include a falconry bird, but ...  


Soooooo. What's Up With All the Parrots in Pasadena?

LA MagazineLA Magazine - Apr 21, 2017
Mostly green with a flash of red on top, the parrots generally stick to older areas like Pasadena, which offers plenty of mature fruit trees and seeds. Though they number in the several thousands here, they're endangered in their native eastern Mexico ...  


How New York night owls catch their Zzz's

New York PostNew York Post - Apr 17, 2017
That's why so many night owls — from nurses to bouncers to janitors — have honed a range of tricks to get themselves decent nights of slumber. Here, five night-owl New Yorkers share their bedtime secrets, with an expert weighing in on their techniques.  


LaLiga File: Bench Buddies Rescue the Parakeets

Leo Baptistao and Hernan Perez saved the day for Espanyol, while Isco and Messi took it upon themselves to collect maximum points for their teams. by Gabrielle Amado. Player of the Round: Lionel Messi. How cliché...we know. But when you net a brace and ...  


Prehistoric Native Americans farmed macaws in 'feather factories'

Nature.comNature.com - Apr 10, 2017
They were status symbols and spiritual emblems — so precious, in fact, that macaws were kept in captivity and deliberately plucked of their plumage, new evidence suggests. Macaw skeletons from three prehistoric pueblos in New Mexico bear signs of ...  


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong at Brooklyn Bowl

jambands.comjambands.com - Apr 16, 2017
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong got their name from a Psych 101 class at the University of Maryland where Greg Ormont and Jeremy Schon met their freshman year. The boys were so taken by behaviorist B.F. Skinner's famous 1950 experiment that they decided ...  


Parrots are feathered friends that can live 20-plus years
Reading Eagle - Mar 28, 2017

Granted, I'm not saying that all pet birds are better than cats and dogs, but the types of birds typically categorized as conures are hands-down the best. Conures range in size from small to medium, and they include species like the nanday, jenday and ...  


Tropic Bay Water Gardens Plans Annual Koi Festival

Patch.comPatch.com - Apr 20, 2017
From Global Media Max: Tropic Bay Water Gardens, the largest aquatic garden center on the East Coast, will host the 15th annual Spring Spectacular Pond, Water Garden, and Koi Festival in Davidsonville on April 22 and 23, 2017. Admission is free.  

Guinea Pig

Move over, Easter Bunny: 7 cool things about guinea pigs

CBC.caCBC.ca - Apr 16, 2017
No offence, guinea pig lovers, but even CBC's People and Pets columnist didn't understand the attraction to the furry critters.  


NZ Tax Authority Issues 'Cute Hamster' Revenue Advice
Bloomberg BNA - Apr 4, 2017

The IRD advice includes gives examples including the case of Sarah, who “owns an especially cute hamster” that earned her NZ$10,000 ($6,994) in advertising revenue in just one month, before the Internet largely lost interest in clips of her pet ...  


UPDATE: Possible rabid ferret may have bitten two in Fulton County

Chambersburg Public OpinionChambersburg Public Opinion - Apr 18, 2017
The DOH is warning residents of a potentially rabid ferret that bit one individual and may have bitten two others.  


Kong is king of the court in Eagles' win over Geckos

The Guam Daily Post (press release) (registration)The Guam Daily Post (press release) (registration) - Apr 21, 2017
SUPER SWAT Harvest Christian Academy Eagles' Sean Evans attempts a kill shot during last night's Independent Interscholastic Athletic Association of Guam volleyball game against the George Washington High School Geckos in Mangilao April 20, 2017.  


Accounts of girl raised by monkeys in India questioned

Washington PostWashington Post - Apr 8, 2017
While the girl appears to have been abandoned near the forest in question, according to these new reports, these officials do not believe she had been living among monkeys. The original headline has been changed, and you can read about the new ...  


UKIP candidate says her 'hormones go crazy' for gorillas at the zoo which she finds 'very attractive'

Mirror.co.ukMirror.co.uk - Apr 23, 2017
A UKIP candidate has described how her "hormones go crazy" for gorillas at the zoo, which she finds "very attractive". Gisela Allen, who is bidding for a seat on Glasgow City Council, made the comment in a bizarre explanation of why gay people should ...  


Chimpanzees in Zoos Have No Musical Taste, Researchers Show

NewsweekNewsweek - Apr 11, 2017
The enjoyment of music could be a "uniquely human trait," a new study shows.  


Rescued chimpanzees and orangutans: This woman's lifework is ...

Christian Science MonitorChristian Science Monitor - Apr 13, 2017
Patti Ragan founded the Center for Great Apes near Wauchula, Fla., which has become a model for ape sanctuaries across the US.  


New tools to spy on raiding baboons in suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa

CosmosScience Daily - Mar 27, 2017
"Raiding baboons are a real challenge in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa," said Professor Justin O'Riain from the University of Cape Town, a co-author on the study published by the journal Animal Biotelemetry, who has been studying baboons in the ...  


3 mandrills move into Memphis Zoo | WREG.com

wreg.comwreg.com - Apr 17, 2017
You can now see mandrills at the zoo for the first time in 67 years.  


VIBE's 2017 Coachella Discovery Channel: Bonobos, The Broods, Oh Wonder & More

VibeVibe - Apr 16, 2017
Obviously artists like Sampha and Raury have been hot on our radars for sometime now, but artists like The Broods, Oh Wonder, Bonobos and more are fresh to our ears. Thanks to our good friends at Billboard, here are several recaps of artists that we ...  


Zoo euthanizes Arthur the siamang

The Garden City TelegramThe Garden City Telegram - Apr 14, 2017
Destruction of the rainforests where they live is the main cause of their predicament. Siamangs in the wild can be helped by the purchase of products that use sustainably produced palm oil, which does not contribute to destruction of the rainforests.  


Bat, rat and MACAQUE: Sliced and charred exotic animals are on sale at Indonesian food markets as activists try to ...

Daily MailDaily Mail - Apr 3, 2017
Black crested macaques - flame-roasted and whole, with pained grimaces etched on their faces - were on tables for sale alongside piles of sliced-open pythons, burnt bats and dogs. The macaques and some other animals at the market are protected by ...  

Colobus Monkeys

Among the wandering cattle herders in the Heart of Africa
National Geographic Voices (blog) - Apr 2, 2017

There were colobus monkeys calling before dawn again along the river this morning. In the early 1980s, when I did surveys in the north of the Central African Republic, I estimated the number of black-and-white colobus monkeys to be in the thousands ...  


Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute

Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release)Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release) - Apr 11, 2017
At 17 years old, Zikki was considered geriatric for her species; the median life expectancy for golden-headed lion tamarins is eight years in the wild. Animal care staff had been closely monitoring Zikki ever since she was diagnosed with chronic liver ...  


New child sex abuse lawsuit names Capuchins as defendants

Pacific News CenterPacific News Center - Apr 12, 2017
Earlier today, Attorney Michael Pfau announced his client, identified only as J.M. was seeking damages from the Archdiocese of Agana, and the Capuchins — to include the Province of St. Mary located in the Northeastern United States. Attorney Pfau and ...  


Police Raid Animal Dealer's Home — And Find Worst Surprise

The DodoThe Dodo - Apr 14, 2017
"Slow lorises are solitary, nocturnal primates, and so everything about the experience of being captured and stuffed into a small cage with other lorises must have been deeply traumatizing," Key said. "The very experience of being handled and moved ...  


Tiny tarsiers are our weird 'distant cousins'
Futurity: Research News - Oct 11, 2016

Tarsiers are our tiny, big-eyed, meat-eating distant cousins, according to scientists who recently sequenced and analyzed the tarsier genome. The findings, published in Nature Communications, place tarsiers on an important branch of the primate ...  


Pitch-aware marmosets provide new model for human hearing ...

Nature.comNature.com - Dec 15, 2016
The animals are giving scientists a glimpse into the pattern of neurons responsible for communication.  


How to live with alligators

Gainesville SunGainesville Sun - Apr 12, 2017
A group of large alligators sun themselves on the shore of La Chua Trail near Gainesville on March 20. [Rob C. Witzel / The Gainesville Sun file] ...  


Crocodiles in Orange County? CSUF student researcher shakes up fossil history

OCRegisterOCRegister - Apr 17, 2017
Michelle Barboza set out to study rocks and ended up with a paper on ancient crocodiles. This was odd since she was studying rocks in south Orange County. It's not an area anyone thinks of in the same thought bubble as crocodiles, let alone ...  


Paleo Profile: The Whale Caiman

Scientific American (blog)Scientific American (blog) - Apr 6, 2017
This weird caiman was first described in 1964 under the name Mourasuchus amazonensis. A handful of other species have been recognized since then, with the latest being Mourasuchus pattersoni named just this year by paleontologist Giovanne Cidade ...  


Gharial undergoes rare surgery
The Hindu - Mar 22, 2017

A rare surgery was performed on a gharial at the city zoo last weekend, thus making the animal, rendered nearly immobile by a genital prolapse, mobile again. It was on Thursday last that an animal keeper noticed that the male gharial, Madhu, was not ...  


Volunteers help annual 'march of the amphibians' cross road

The PhoenixThe Phoenix - Apr 4, 2017
After volunteering for two years, her predecessor moved away and White helped arrange a protocol for the volunteers that the township could live with, and she has been standing at the roadside in the spring rains, with an “amphibians crossing” sign and ...  


GCU vs. Arizona baseball recap: Wildcats take down Antelopes 7-3 ...

Arizona Desert SwarmArizona Desert Swarm - Apr 12, 2017
For the first time in 14 years, the Arizona Wildcats played the Grand Canyon Antelopes in Phoenix on Tuesday night, and will make the trip back down I-10 with a ...  


News of the Weird: Beef jerky bouquets and hungry, hungry arachnids

The WeekenderThe Weekender - Apr 19, 2017
News of the Weird: Beef jerky bouquets and hungry, hungry arachnids. Print This Page Send by Email. Sayitwithbeef.com offered bouquets of beef jerky instead of roses for Valentine's Day. Flickr images. University of Basel biologists reported the global ...  


OSU softball: Weeks, Noland and Cotton pace Beavers

Corvallis Gazette TimesCorvallis Gazette Times - Apr 22, 2017
Oregon State's Shelby Weeks, right, slides home past Stanford pitcher Kiana Pancino to score on a wild pitch in the first inning of the Beavers' 6-0 win on Friday. Sammi Noland. Buy Now. Anibal Ortiz, Mid-Valley Media. Oregon State's Sammi Noland makes ...  


Buffalo in the national TV spotlight twice in April

Buffalo NewsBuffalo News - Apr 13, 2017
At 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, award-winning chef and food writer Andrew Zimmern highlights Buffalo in the second episode that night of Travel Channel's “Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations.” According to a Travel Channel release, "Andrew indulges in the ...  


Chiefs bracing for Cheetahs backlash

Radio New ZealandRadio New Zealand - Apr 13, 2017
"The Cheetahs would have seen what the Stormers were able to do to us around the edges of the rucks and some of the yardage they were able to get there, so they'll see that as a glimmer of hope." The Chiefs have recalled Sam Cane, who missed last ...  


National Geographic Photo Ark Spotlight: Ocelot

National GeographicNational Geographic - Apr 10, 2017
An ocelot, Leopardus pardalis, at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. The photograph is one of thousands of portraits made by photographer Joel Sartore for the National Geographic Photo Ark, an ambitious project committed to documenting every ...  


Rough winter means fewer hunting tags for deer, pronghorn

Blue Mountain EagleBlue Mountain Eagle - Apr 19, 2017
The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife has announced 2017 emergency tag reductions for buck deer, antlerless deer and pronghorn primarily affecting hunting units in Baker, Union and northern Malheur counties. Just half of the usual buck and pronghorn ...  


Earth Optimism: Helping Wild Elephants Where They Roam

Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release)Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release) - Apr 14, 2017
The main question we are trying to answer is how elephants use the landscape. How frequently do they use certain parts of the landscape? How do they move across it? Do males roam far and wide, or are they restricted? Do certain areas—ones with roads ...  


With or against wind, Foxes power past OHS

MyWebTimes.comMyWebTimes.com - Apr 21, 2017
From that point onward, the Foxes were the constant aggressor ... even moreso when they got the wind at their backs in the second half of a 5-0 blanking of the host Lady Pirates here at King Field. Willie scored the initial goal of both halves, Alexis ...  


April the Giraffe gives birth: What to expect after the baby is born

WXIA-TVWFLA - Apr 15, 2017
Usually, zookeepers work with giraffes for years to prepare them for birth by getting them used to technology and devices used during the delivery process that keep the baby and the mother safe. Sometimes they use a restraint device (GRD), which keeps ...  


This Time, The Hub City Hippos Are Real

Baseball AmericaBaseball America - Apr 7, 2017
Last year, when the Jackson Generals announced on April 1 that they'd become the Hub City Hippos for every Friday home game that season, it was a joke. Enough people were on board with the idea last year, however, that the team decided this year to do ...  


Small, winged-insects threatening to destroy citrus trees in north ...

OCRegisterOCRegister - Apr 14, 2017
Adult and immature Asian Citrus Psyllid latch onto citrus tree leaves. The insects can infect leaves and stems with Huanglongbing, a citrus disease that kills trees ...  


North Melbourne Kangaroos' Mason Wood set for AFL return

The AgeThe Age - Apr 20, 2017
North Melbourne will return luckless forward Mason Wood to the AFL this Saturday against Fremantle, pending a final training run. The winless Kangaroos head ...  


Confederation Cup: Mbabane Swallows beat former winners AC Leopards

BBC SportBBC Sport - Apr 15, 2017
Swaziland's Mbabane Swallows pulled off a famous comeback against Congolese side AC Leopards on Saturday to reach the expanded group phase of this year's African Confederation Cup. Leopards, who won the trophy in 2012, went into the second leg of ...  


Rod Wood: All four new Detroit Lions uniforms should be worn in 2017

Detroit Free PressDetroit Free Press - Apr 15, 2017
A few leftover knick-knacks from the Detroit Lions' new uniform unveiling Thursday night: □Lions president Rod Wood said the team will wear at least three and hopefully all four of its new jerseys in games this fall. Color Rush jerseys are typically ...  


How Lizards Get Their Spots

Scientific AmericanScientific American - Apr 13, 2017
As adults, ocellated lizards (Timon lepidus) sport a convoluted pattern of black and green on their backs. Colour patterns aren't rare in animals, but the ocellated lizard develops its labyrinthine palette in an unusual way. Researchers found that some ...  


London Zoo meerkats given surprise Easter treat

Hampstead and Highgate ExpressHampstead and Highgate Express - Apr 13, 2017
She added: “We like to find fun ways for the animals to join in the festivities.” Meerkats with a variety of eggs at London Zoo. Picture: ZSL. Meerkats – which can be found in Botswana, Namibia, Angola and South Africa – live in groups known as “mobs ...  


Report: Carolina Panthers to Meet with Tanner Vallejo

Cat CraveCat Crave - Apr 17, 2017
While the Carolina Panthers have two of the best linebackers in the game with Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis, this is a position of need. The past two seasons Kuechly has battled concussions that has forced him to miss substantial time. Meanwhile, Davis ...  

Prairie Dogs

Court ruling will affect prospering Utah prairie dogs

Daily HeraldDaily Herald - Apr 13, 2017
In 2015 and 2016, DWR biologists moved more than 4,600 Utah prairie dogs from private land to public land in southwestern Utah. During that time, the number of Utah prairie dogs reached the highest numbers seen since range-wide surveys started in 1976.  


Pair of raccoons safely escape Pine Bluff demolition | KATV

KATVKATV - Apr 20, 2017
A Pine Bluff building came tumbling down Wednesday after it was deemed hazardous to life, and a pair of raccoons present for the demolition safely escaped ...  


How giant marine reptiles terrorized the ancient seas

Nature.comNature.com - Mar 29, 2017
Instead, when he was in graduate school, Fischer ended up sorting through a pile of bones belonging to ancient marine reptiles known as ichthyosaurs — a group that had been mostly ignored by modern palaeontologists. It was not exactly his dream job.  


Rhinos Announce Stadium Vendors for 2017 Season!

RHINOS SOCCER (press release)RHINOS SOCCER (press release) - Apr 14, 2017
The Rhinos home opener is on Saturday, April 22 when the defending USL Cup champion New York Red Bulls II visit Capelli Sport Stadium. Kickoff is set for 6:05 p.m. ET. Gates open 1 hour prior to each match, where fans can enjoy $2 Genesee happy hour ...  


Two Rodents Spotted at Regenstein Library
The Chicago Maroon - Apr 17, 2017

On Sunday, February 12, second-year and former Maroon news editor Hillel Steinmetz posted a photo he had taken of what he thought was a brown mouse or possibly a baby rat on the library's A-level to the Facebook page Overheard at UChicago. “I found ...  


Squirrels fall 6-2 to Reading

Richmond.comRichmond.com - Apr 22, 2017
The Squirrels have the most errors (19 in 15 games) in the Eastern League. Infielders have committed 12. … Richmond, which had 41 hits in its previous four games, had five against Reading. … Squirrels pitchers recorded 14 strikeouts but walked five ...  


Tigers minor-league report: Hicks on roll for Hens

The Detroit NewsThe Detroit News - Apr 16, 2017
John Hicks, C: Hicks will be forgiven for wondering exactly what he must do to get a big-league job. He batted .303 in 70 games at Toledo in 2016 after the Tigers got him on waivers from the Twins. Through the Mud Hens' first nine games of 2017, Hicks ...  


Bruce Museum reminds Greenwich to photograph their turtles for

Greenwich TimeGreenwich Time - Apr 16, 2017
“The most common turtles are the eastern painted turtle and the common snapping turtle,” said Walsh. “Those can be found in virtually every waterway from a little urban pond to the large rivers. In fact ...on the pond here in Greenwich, Binney Park ...  


Marines Relocate Desert Tortoises

Department of DefenseDepartment of Defense - Apr 14, 2017
During this two-week long translocation, approximately 1,100 desert tortoises will be located, assessed for health concerns or disease, and carefully translocated to their new homes. Animals deemed too small for translocation will be admitted to the ...  

Wild Cats

A Border Wall Would Be Bad News For Wild Cats

WSYM-TVWSYM-TV - Apr 13, 2017
The fence on the U.S.-Mexico border has disrupted the habitats of dozens of species. If President Donald Trump builds an impassable barrier along the entire border, it could get a lot worse — just ask the region's wild cats. The current border already ...  


Billerica 'Wolves' 2nd at Nationals
Lowell Sun - Apr 22, 2017

The Billerica Boys and Girls Club Sea Wolves swimming team took second place at the B&G Club National Championships. Of the 30 Billerica swimmers competing, 24 placed in either a relay or individual event or both. Team members were Alexander Genov ...  


Can anyone track down Lincoln's hard-hitting Zebras?

Auburn JournalAuburn Journal - Apr 18, 2017
The nitty-gritty part of the Pioneer Valley League baseball schedule gets underway Tuesday - weather permitting of course – and the big question that is being asked around PVL camps is this: Can anyone rundown Lincoln's galloping Zebras? With just over ...  


This Rare Pink Armadillo Literally Can't Survive As A Pet

The DodoThe Dodo - Apr 18, 2017
Also, the pink fairy armadillo's habitat is being increasingly converted to farmland. Because they burrow underground, the plowing of fields and the grazing of cattle can wreck the animals' hiding places. And some pesticides can wipe out many of the ...  

American Bison

Meet The Father-Son Duo Importing American Bison To Siberia To Save The Planet

Fast CompanyFast Company - Mar 21, 2017
In May, Russian scientists plan to load six American bison on heavy-duty trucks near the city of Perm, and then drive until the roads end in Siberia–a distance roughly twice the length of the drive from New York City to San Francisco. Their destination ...  


Authentic Florida: Manatees on the Crystal River

Florida TodayFlorida Today - Apr 13, 2017
Known as the “Manatee Capital of the World,” Citrus County is one of the few locations in Florida where you can legally swim with manatees. And local tour guides are specially trained to make the experience safe for both you and the endangered species.  


Jackrabbit Comes Home | Local News | starherald.com

Scottsbluff Star HeraldScottsbluff Star Herald - Apr 15, 2017
KIMBALL — It's been more than a year since Mike Daum set foot in his hometown.  


Don't mess with the prickly porcupine

StarjournalnowStarjournalnow - Apr 14, 2017
A full grown adult porcupine can reach 30 inches long and weigh 30 pounds. There are 27 varieties of porcupine located around the world. In Wisconsin, we only have one porcupine species—the North American porcupine. The North American porcupine is ...  


Don't laugh, it's a prize-winning Chipmunk - News

The LedgerThe Ledger - Apr 4, 2017
Danny Linkous is used to getting a chuckle when he tells people the name of his plane.The 65-year-old flew into the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In on Monday ...  

Bull Frog

Second chance: North sophomore earned spot in 3 state events

The RepublicThe Republic - Mar 21, 2017
The Columbus North sectional swim meet was over, and Sam Russell hadn't qualified for state in any of his events. But the Bull Frog sophomore knew he had a shot at call-backs in some of his four races. He kept checking sectional results from around the ...  

American Crow

The View from Puncheon Creek: Grandpa had a Crow

Salyersville IndependentSalyersville Independent - Apr 6, 2017
There are about 40 species of crow but the American crow is the one this story is about. Crows are extremely intelligent birds. They are well known for their problem-solving skills and ability to communicate with each other. Crows recognize individual ...  


Robin sightings in Surrey reach 20-year high as south east also sees huge rise in unusual birds

Get SurreyGet Surrey - Apr 9, 2017
Dr Daniel Hayhow, RSPB Conservation Scientist, said: "There was some speculation as to whether we could see a 'waxwing winter' and the results prove that to be the case. "Flocks of these striking looking birds arrived in the UK along the North Sea ...  


The Starlings: through a child's glass darkly

The AustralianThe Australian - Apr 14, 2017
Every so often a popular book comes along that's so compelling in its storyline, so vivid in its execution, so skilful at bringing to life its characters, that it makes you want to cheer. So it is with Vivienne Kelly's The Starlings, a racketing novel ...  


Busy city living makes some house finches more savvy than others
Science Daily - Apr 18, 2017

House finches that frequent North American cities and towns are better at solving new problems than their rural counterparts. They are able to solve new problems even when humans are around, says Meghan Cook of Arizona State University in the US, lead ...  


Pheasants turn Detroit's formerly blighted open spaces into natural habitat

WDIV DetroitWDIV Detroit - Apr 4, 2017
DETROIT - Most would see Detroit's blight problem as a negative - pheasants are finding the silver lining. While Detroit continues to clear blight around the city, open spaces are being created - and for these birds, a home.  


Best Bets: Goodbye to a poet, hello to dance

Tallahassee.comTallahassee.com - Apr 20, 2017
... tribute to the late poet-editor-educator-intellectual Van K. Brock (shown here) during a memorial reading from 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Blue Tavern, 1206 N. Monroe St. Brock, who taught at Florida State for 30 years and also founded the Anhinga ...  


Spoonbill Season Brings A Cure For Cabin Fever

Benton County EnterpriseBenton County Enterprise - Apr 15, 2017
One thing has not; according to an internet source, Warsaw is still billed as the Spoonbill Capital of the World. White Branch Marina (whitebranch@centurylink.net), closest marina to Warsaw, and on Lake Ozark, is still thus dubbed. But what does that ...  


Hitchhiking Woodpecker Gets Tour Of Chicago: VIDEO

Patch.comPatch.com - Apr 15, 2017
Chicago, IL - The bird caught a ride to work and it was captured on video.  


Male seahorses shoot out babies like they were bullets

CNETCNET - Apr 10, 2017
Giving birth is a big deal to humans, and to many other creatures as well. Just look at how many are tuning in hoping to watch April the giraffe deliver her calf.  

Sea Lions

Sea lions exposed to toxic algae washing onto local beaches

KEYTKEYT - Apr 22, 2017
Dover suspects sea lions, other marine mammals, and wildlife are getting poisoned after eating fish that fed on algae contaminated by domoic acid. The poison travels up the food chain and can affect humans depending on how much fish they consume.  


Matt Damon's daughter Stella, 6, stung by jellyfish | Daily Mail Online

Daily MailDaily Mail - Apr 12, 2017
Matt Damon, 46, slipped into Jason Bourne mode on Tuesday after his youngest daughter Stella was stung by a jelly fish at a beach in Byron Bay, where they ...  


Reunion at Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club, celebrates 50 years since the start of the NSW Sailfish class

dailytelegraph.com.audailytelegraph.com.au - Apr 14, 2017
Nepean Sailfish Sailing Club on the Penrith Press front page of November 3, 1971. Chris Cleary on the Nepean River today with his Australian Sailfish boat Janus. The 62-year-old would later go on to become one of the founding members of the Nepean ...  


These parrotfish care about competition, not predators
Futurity: Research News - Apr 18, 2017

Prey species are usually fearful of predators—and change their behavior accordingly—but not so with the bullethead parrotfish. According to new research, Chlorurus spilurus, known as the bullethead or daisy parrotfish, barely reacts to the presence ...  


Quick work by Makah tribal members saves tons of halibut from wreck
Peninsula Daily News - Apr 21, 2017

NEAH BAY — Thirteen tons of newly caught halibut worth more than $200,000 were successfully retrieved by Makah tribal members Monday from a stranded refrigerated tractor-trailer on state Highway 112, a Cape Flattery Fishermen's Co-op supervisor said ...  


It's on as Spanish mackerel, dolphin show up for the spring

Myrtle Beach Sun NewsMyrtle Beach Sun News - Apr 14, 2017
As April arrived, Capt. Jeff Maples had a hunch it was time for the initial springtime push of Spanish mackerel into area near-shore waters. But the weather just wasn't cooperating, with relentless windy, even cool, conditions in late March and early ...  


Help needed to find frogs and toads

KAREKARE - Apr 19, 2017
MINNEAPOLIS - Since 1996, volunteers have been helping count frogs and toads across Minnesota. This spring is the time to sign up. "Right now we have 250 routes," said Janine Kohn or the Minnesota DNR. "Two hundred are filled, but we have space for ...  


Grandfather Mountain presents Adult Field Courses…Topics include birds, salamanders, wildlife drawing, history and ...

Caldwell JournalCaldwell Journal - Apr 20, 2017
Grandfather Mountain is introducing a series of Adult Field Courses in 2017, offering day-long sessions on various topics, including birds, salamanders, history, wildlife drawing and geology. “These courses allow participants to examine specific aspects ...  

Tree Frog

This Amazonian tree frog's poison has become part of the latest ...
ABC News - Mar 29, 2017

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon lives a giant tree frog that is in high demand for its natural toxins, which people are using to poison themselves in a ceremony that ...  

Leaf Frog

Belfast Zoo opens new reptile and amphibian house

Belfast TelegraphBelfast Telegraph - Apr 13, 2017
... its newly renovated and extended reptile and amphibian house, which will home more than 15 new species. Visitors to the north Belfast site can now see various critically endangered frogs such as the golden mantella, mossy frogs and the lemur leaf frog.  

Dart Frog

60th Hawai'i Science and Engineering Fair: The State's Best and Brightest

HawaiipublicradioHawaiipublicradio - Apr 13, 2017
Kamehameha Schools sophomore, Aslan Cook, focused on the anti-cancer properties of Poison Dart Frog skin secretions. “Alkaloids are nitrogenous organic substances used to treat cancer, generally from plants. But, my frogs have alkaloids in their skin ...  

Coral Snake

How to Tick Off Texas Readers: Accidentally Confuse a Coral Snake for a Milk Snake
Houstonia Magazine - Apr 14, 2017

“The snake pictured on page 45 in the February 2017 issue would not be a coral snake,” wrote reader Margaret Coleman of the Heights. Ms. Coleman was referring to “Wild Wild Life,” a short article on Buffalo Bayou's animal dangers, one that offered what ...  


Rattlesnake season begins with a vengeance in Southern California ...

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times - Apr 19, 2017
Rattlesnake season is arriving California. On Tuesday, a 66-year-old man was flown to a trauma center after being bit on both of his index fingers outside his ...  


Bite from the past: new study on boomslang venom provides insights into the death of renowned herpetologist Karl ...

Discover Magazine (blog)Discover Magazine (blog) - Jan 30, 2017
The animal appeared to be a boomslang (Dispholidus typhus), a kind of rear-fanged African snake, but there was something a bit odd about its scales, so Schmidt and his colleagues discussed the matter as they examined the serpent. It didn't take long ...  


The 'Explosive' Bombardier Beetle Got Robbed by a Dingo for the Title of Most Interesting Genome

GizmodoGizmodo - Apr 15, 2017
First of all, the temple pitviper is found in the Snake Temple of Penang, Malaysia which is a fascinating place itself. Its venom contains four toxins that aren't present in other snake species' venom. Male and female snakes aren't usually very ...  

Sea Snake

Hungry Lawyer: Sampling snake and sausage at the venerable Ser Wong Fun in Central

CoconutsCoconuts - Apr 12, 2017
Recently, however, I found myself in a bit of role reversal by eating a fellow member of the snake family in Central, and sampling specialty sea snake soup on the sacred island of Kudaka in Okinawa. (Sea snake, unsurprisingly, tastes like regular snake ...  

Rat Snake

Surprise! Black rat snake in the bathroom

FOX 46 CharlotteFOX 46 Charlotte - Apr 15, 2017
INDIAN TRAIL, NC (FOX 46) - An Indian Trail woman was left screaming after discovering a snake in her bathroom Friday afternoon. The snake slithered over to her bedroom while she called for help. FOX 46 Charlotte found out what you need to do if you ...  

King Cobra

Telangana Girl Opened Fridge. A King Cobra Inside

NDTVNDTV - Apr 13, 2017
With temperatures climbing 40 to 42 degrees in several parts of Telangana, it is so hot you would want to coil up inside the refrigerator to cool off. That is ...  

Corn Snake

The Kingsnake of Queens: Inside the Investigation That Brought Down a New York Reptile Trafficker

The New YorkerThe New Yorker - Apr 18, 2017
He cited the example of the corn snake, a handsome constrictor that feeds mostly on rodents. “Florida can supply us with corn snakes for the next billion years,” Barringer said, but since New Jersey has “a real hard-on” for its native wildlife, “having ...  

Black Mamba

The last dance of the Black Mamba

ESPNESPN - Apr 12, 2017
And Bryant realized in those first few minutes that however he'd imagined that night, it would be far crazier. The Black Mamba, known for his intense solemnity, was starring in a raucous party. Fans roared every time the ball touched his hands, urging ...  


The Kingsnake of Queens: Inside the Investigation That Brought Down a New York Reptile Trafficker

The New YorkerThe New Yorker - Apr 18, 2017
But word had already spread through the tight-knit kingsnake community. “Everyone who saw that post was, like, Whoa, red flag,” Special Agent Paul Montuori, of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, told me recently. “They sort of called him out.” At ...  

Python Snake

Man Cut Out Of Massive Python (Video)

America NowAmerica Now - Mar 30, 2017
Akbar Salubiro vanished from his home in Indonesia after going to harvest palm oil in the village of Sulawesi. The search for Salubiro came to an end after residents found a huge python snake near the man's home and saw the outlines of his boots in the ...  

Boa Constrictor

Six foot boa constrictor snake found in Scarborough

The Northern Echo (registration)The Northern Echo (registration) - Apr 8, 2017
POLICE have caught a six foot boa constrictor snake on the outskirts of a popular seaside town. The Northern Echo understands that the creature, which is usually found in the wild in North, Central and South America, was caught in Forge Valley ...  

Gopher Snake

It's rattlesnake season in Lake County

Record BeeRecord Bee - Mar 29, 2017
A few years ago while deer hunting I actually stepped on a large gopher snake and when it whipped around my ankle I thought it was a rattler. You could hear me yell for several miles. A rattlesnake is a heavy-bodied, blunt-tailed snake with one or more ...  

Indigo Snake

Road Trip: Scrub jays, indigo snakes and the Brooklyn Bridge

Creative Loafing TampaCreative Loafing Tampa - Apr 6, 2017
As we hike towards the bench — and it's a narrow path through sand, which means you're using some leg muscle here — I keep my eyes on the ground, ever hopeful of finding an indigo snake. Unlike the scrub jay, though, there's no way to lure snakes, so ...  

Garter Snake

Water Snake

Moonless sky is good time to view Hydra the Water Snake
Arizona Daily Star - Apr 12, 2017

This weekend the moon will not be in the early evening sky, making it a good time to look for Hydra the Water Snake. Hydra is fairly faint but can be seen in the light pollution of Tucson, and it looks like its namesake. At 9 p.m., Hydra stretches ...  

Blue Whale

Watchers have a whale of a time with rare blue sighting

The West AustralianThe West Australian - Apr 17, 2017
Keen Albany whale watchers will have their eyes glued to the Southern Ocean over the next few days as they wait for the arrival of an expected blue whale on its annual migration from feeding grounds near Antarctica to warmer breeding waters in the ...  

Humpback Whale

Watch this amazing humpback whale breaching in Falmouth Bay ...

Cornwall LiveCornwall Live - Apr 12, 2017
This is the incredibly moment when Doris the humpback whale delighted wildlife lovers with her frolics in Falmouth Bay. Passengers onboard one of Keith ...  

Killer Whale

It's an orca! Last killer whale is born at a SeaWorld park

Hamilton Journal NewsHamilton Journal News - Apr 22, 2017
In this image provided by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment orca Takara helps guide her newborn to the water's surface at SeaWorld San Antonio, Wednesday, April 19, 2017, in San Antonio. The company based in Orlando, Fla., announced the birth ...  

Beaked Whale

Sea creature: Scientists film True's beaked whale after decades ...

Daily StarDaily Star - Mar 22, 2017
A RARE sea creature has finally been caught on film by scientists after decades of searching.  

Right Whale

Whale Watcher Cruises Opens Season With A Right Whale Showcase!

CapeCod.com NewsCapeCod.com News - Apr 20, 2017
The North Atlantic Right Whales were so visibly abundant at one point during the first of the season voyage of the Whale Watcher Cruise that even the ship's ...  

Minke Whale

Norway kicks off minke whale hunt
Perth Now - Apr 1, 2017

Norway kicks off minke whale hunt. Associated Press. in 12 hours. Norway has kicked off its annual six-month whale hunt season with a quota of 999 minke whales, up from 880 animals in 2016. However, shares are never taken in whole because demand is ...  

Sperm Whale

Bowhead Whale

Bowhead whale spotted off Vlissingen coast; first ever spotted in Netherlands waters

NL TimesNL Times - Apr 11, 2017
A bowhead whale was spotted swimming off the coast of Vlissingen, the first ever confirmed sighting of such an animal in Dutch waters, according to SOS Dolfijn. The whale was first spotted on Monday night, swimming close enough to the beach that it was ...  

Grey Whale

Review: Grey Whale impresses with sushi selection

Lincoln Journal StarLincoln Journal Star - Apr 13, 2017
... on April 7 in the Grand Manse, right across the street from my office at 129 N. 10th St. Grand Manse tends to limit signage -- Hurts Donuts uses a banner and painted stairs to bring attention to its location -- so Grey Whale is not easily visible ...  

Beluga Whale

Underwater pipeline has been leaking gas into a beluga whale ...

ThinkProgressThinkProgress - Apr 13, 2017
Alaska's Cook Inlet has long been known for its stunning mountain views and the endangered beluga whales that inhabit the watershed. But a series of oil and ...  

Whale Shark

Huge whale shark glides casually past divers in 'The Trench' off ...

AOLAOL - Apr 14, 2017
Divers encounter one of the biggest sea creatures to lurk beneath the ocean's surface off the coast Florida.  

Great White Shark

Cause of death found for great white shark stranded on Santa Cruz beach

SFGateSFGate - Apr 11, 2017
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — A necropsy was completed Monday on a great white shark that startled swam onto shore and startled surfers and residents in the Pleasure Point neighborhood of Santa Cruz. The shark beached itself and was turning up-side-down in ...  

Tiger Shark

9-foot tiger shark spending spring in our coastal waters

WJXT JacksonvilleWJXT Jacksonville - Apr 17, 2017
A tiger shark named Weimar has spent the past six weeks off the coast of Georgia and northeast Florida, coming closest to shore near Fernandina Beach last ...  

Gray Seal

Cape gray seal population estimated at up to 50K

Cape Cod Times (subscription)Cape Cod Times (subscription) - Apr 7, 2017
A female gray seal heads back into the water off Chatham in 2013 after being fitted with an electronic cellphone tag. Tracking has supported a new estimate of betweeen 30,000 and 50,000 gray seals around Cape Cod. [Steve Heaslip/Cape Cod Times file].  

Fur Seal

Biology Versus Bones: the Case of the Cape Flattery Fur Seal

Hakai MagazineHakai Magazine - Apr 3, 2017
Access to vast and potentially lucrative ancestral fishing grounds is riding on the mystery of the Cape Flattery fur seal. The ancestors of the modern-day Quileute and Quinault peoples of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula hunted northern fur seals ...  

Harbor Seal

Phil, the wayward seal, rescued from mud 12 miles inland

Delmarva Daily TimesDelmarva Daily Times - Apr 12, 2017
Phil, a 120-pound harbor seal, was rescued after becoming stranded in a bog in inland Delaware.  

Elephant Seal

How I recruit elephant seals to be oceanographers tracking climate change

The GuardianThe Guardian - Mar 23, 2017
One question I'm asked a lot about my job is: how do you “vet” a one-tonne elephant seal? Well firstly, it makes the 300kg seals seem really titchy and easy. But why, you ask? Why have I travelled to Antarctica to immobilise elephant seals that can ...  

Polar Bear

Polar bear 'dies of a broken heart' after being separated from 'best friend' by SeaWorld

AOLAOL - Apr 20, 2017
A female polar bear "died from a broken heart" at SeaWorld San Diego on Tuesday, just months after her best friend of 20 years was transferred to another zoo, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Szenja, a 21-year-old polar ...  

Brown Bear

Great Plains Zoo Breaks Ground on $2.4m Brown Bear Canyon Exhibit Renovation

BlooloopBlooloop - Apr 13, 2017
Up-close viewing opportunities – including a training demonstration window so that visitors can observe the behavioral training that Zookeepers do every day with their animals. Additional animal holding to ensure the Zoo meets modern standards for Bear ...  

Black Bear

Black bear spotted in Middlesex County

NJ.comNJ.com - Apr 20, 2017
SOUTH BRUNSWICK -- A black bear was caught on video early Wednesday morning rummaging through garbage cans in the township, according to police who are reminding residents what to do if they see the animals.  

Panda Bear

Gunman in panda bear ski mask robs Colorado Springs store

The Denver PostThe Denver Post - Apr 3, 2017
COLORADO SPRINGS — Authorities are searching for a man who entered a Colorado Springs convenience store wearing a panda bear ski mask and robbed the clerk at gunpoint. KKTV-TV reports the suspect fled after leaving the 7-Eleven with $200 ...  

Koala Bear

The Koala Bear Is The Latest Addition To “Barnum's Animals”

South Florida ReporterSouth Florida Reporter - Apr 18, 2017
The most recent addition to the Barnum's animal crackers is the koala bear. It was added to the animal line-up in 2002 beating out the penguin, cobra and walrus; Over the years, the only ones that have survived the entire lifetime of the product are ...  

Grizzly Bear

Tony Allen and Zach Randolph's Greatest Hits

Grizzly Bear BluesGrizzly Bear Blues - Apr 15, 2017
For some of their free agents, that will be all they have left with the Grizzlies. This is a fact of life in a sport with free agency and salary caps. Two potential free agents are particularly notable for Grizzlies fans and the city of Memphis: Zach ...  


Silver Standard Receives Extension on the Chinchillas Project Option Agreement

Proactive Investors USA & CanadaPR Newswire (press release) - Mar 30, 2017
VANCOUVER, March 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - Silver Standard Resources Inc. (NASDAQ: SSRI) (TSX: SSO) ("Silver Standard") announces that Golden Arrow Resources Corporation (TSX-V: GRG) ("Golden Arrow") and Silver Standard have agreed to extend ...  


Otters rally to win Game 6, can clinch series Sunday

GoErie.comGoErie.com - Apr 16, 2017
The Otters, sparked by backup goaltender Joseph Murdaca's clutch relief effort, rebounded from a rough second period with three third-period goals to secure a 6-3 win against London in a pivotal Game 5 in front of 6,068 fans at Erie Insurance Arena.  


Camels, Bluebirds win county championships

Cincinnati.comCincinnati.com - Apr 21, 2017
The Camels won five events, including two relays. Cooper Ackerson won the high jump and the triple jump. Brossart won two events. Highlands finished third with four event titles. Newport Central Catholic finished fifth with three titles. Bellevue was ...  


Beauty in the beasts: In Saudi Arabia's 'Miss Camel' pageant, dromedaries compete for $31 million in prizes

Washington PostWashington Post - Apr 3, 2017
The tall, elegant competitors in the beauty pageant have drawn thousands of spectators from around the world, all gathered to gaze at their “untouched natural beauty.” The models — hailing from various Gulf countries — convened in Saudi Arabia to vie ...  


Track: Gazelles Show Depth In Home Meet

Yankton Daily PressYankton Daily Press - Apr 19, 2017
The Gazelles, who already had five girls qualified for the state track meet in the event, qualified another on Tuesday as freshman Paige Hoesing eclipsed the provisional qualifying mark with a leap of 16-feet-6. Lindsey Hale finished second in the ...  


After Yearlong Delay, Yard Goats To Finally Play In Hartford

Hartford CourantHartford Courant - Apr 13, 2017
After two years of construction, two canceled opening days, $10 million in cost overruns, an ongoing lawsuit against the city and an entire season played on the road, the Hartford Yard Goats will play their first game in Hartford tonight. The players ...  


Gang of guinea pigs prove they're fuzzy action heroes

Daily MailDaily Mail - Apr 12, 2017
Guinea pigs are better known for their appetite that their athleticism which is probably why watching them jump in slow motion is as funny as it is satisfying. Katherine said: 'We have five right now, four females and one neutered male called: Ella ...  


Muntjac deer population in Chiba Pref. surges by 50 times over 14 years

The MainichiThe Mainichi - Apr 13, 2017
The Chiba Prefectural Government reported that the estimated number of muntjac deer grew from roughly 1,000 in 2002 to 49,500 in 2016, ballooning by 50 times over 14 years. As a result, the deer are appearing in neighborhoods and on golf courses and ...  


Indianapolis Zoo announces birth of twin lemurs

Indianapolis StarIndianapolis Star - Apr 15, 2017
The Indianapolis Zoo announced the arrival of the two newest additions to its brood after one of its ring-tailed lemurs gave birth to twins earlier this month.  


Cougars head west for series with Anteaters

The Daily CougarThe Daily Cougar - Mar 26, 2017
If the Cougars (15-5) are to right the course against the Anteaters (11-6), they will need to rely on their dominant pitching staff. Currently ranked No. 4 in the NCAA with a 2.08 ERA, the trio of junior Seth Romero, sophomore Mitch Ullom and senior ...  


Explore the Brazilian Pantanal in 5 ecotourism adventures

plus55 (blog)plus55 (blog) - Apr 20, 2017
Tapirs, hyacinth macaws, capybaras, giant otters and armadillos also grace the plain. The spotted jaguar, however, often steals the whole show away. That is if the beautiful beast cares to reveal itself. Environmental enthusiasts and tourists can ...  


Le Phare : «Accord du 31 décembre2016 : Félix Tshisekedi donne un sévère avertissement à Kabila»

Radio OkapiRadio Okapi - Apr 18, 2017
Felix Tshisekedi président du Rassemblement-aile Limete, accueilli par les membres de son parti, l'UDPS à Kinshasa, le 17/04/2017 lors de son retour au pays par l'aéroport international de N'djili, en provenance d'Addis-Abeba. Radio Okapi/Ph. John ...  



Saving Europe's vultures

Deutsche WelleDeutsche Welle - Apr 10, 2017
In many parts of Europe, black vultures have died out. Yet on the Spanish island of Mallorca the birds of prey have survived - largely due to shepherds. But even there life is getting difficult for the vultures.  


Penguin Brothers selling ice cream sandwiches at new Provo retail ...

Daily HeraldDaily Herald - Apr 17, 2017
You don't have to chase the pink Penguin Brothers food truck any longer for your ice cream sandwich fix. They've settled in a Provo retail location.  


10 New Orleans Pelicans Questions with Rick Stone, Site Editor and Expert of Pelican Debrief

Pelican DebriefPelican Debrief - Apr 22, 2017
10 New Orleans Pelicans Questions with Rick Stone, Site Editor and Expert of Pelican DebriefThe Pelicans' season may have ended, but the excitement levels for the upcoming offseason have not even reached the apex at PelicanDebrief.com! Join myself ...  


Flamingos bring Mumbai together

The HinduThe Hindu - Apr 22, 2017
Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Dalal said, “Kids show a lot of interest in [Flamingos]. I told them about the beauty of the birds through my book.” Bird experts also attended the festival and educated the visitors about the life cycle and migration ...  

Bearded Dragon

Avondale PD welcomes bearded dragon as newest cop on the beat

AZFamilyAZFamily - Apr 14, 2017
Avondale first introduced Iroh as its drug-sniffing bearded dragon last April. (Source: Avondale Police Department via Facebook). AVONDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -. What has four legs, a very cool tail, a good-looking beard and spectacular climbing skills?  


Sharks notes: McDavid on Meier; Tierney on Draisaitl's shot and snow in April

The Mercury NewsThe Mercury News - Apr 14, 2017
EDMONTON, Alberta — All eyes have been on Edmonton captain Connor McDavid since the start the Oilers' playoff series with the Sharks. But forward Timo Meier, drafted just a few spots behind McDavid by the Sharks in 2015, is also getting a bit of ...  


Dolphins shouldn't shy away from drafting guard in first round, experts say

Sun SentinelSun Sentinel - Apr 22, 2017
Miami Dolphins legend Larry Little, a Hall of Fame guard, is admittedly biased on the subject of drafting a guard in the first round. But he seems to have sound reasoning. “I know there's a lot of emphasis put on left tackle nowadays,” he said before ...  


12 Herbal Remedies To Treat Ringworms

BoldSkyBoldSky - Aug 24, 2016
Ringworm is a very popular infectious skin disease which is mainly caused by "Trichophytonrubrum" fungus. This fungus grows in hot and humid areas and may infect a number of regions of your skin starting from your scalp to your feet. The most common ...  


Unicorns a dying breed in the technology world

Irish TimesIrish Times - Apr 13, 2017
Unicorns, rare enough in the real world, now seem to be a dying breed. Tech unicorns, that is – venture-backed companies valued at more than $1 billion.  

Wolf Spider

Tarantula wolf spiders use their lateral eyes to calculate distance

Phys.OrgPhys.Org - Apr 21, 2017
The tarantula wolf spider species Lycosa tarantula ambushes its prey and lives in burrows around 20 cm deep topped by a structure, a kind of turret that the tarantula build from twigs, leaves and small stones, fastened with spider's silk. From the ...  

Widow Spider

False widow spider spotted in Yeovil greenhouse sparks warning to public

Somerset LiveSomerset Live - Apr 19, 2017
A false widow spider has been spotted in Yeovil, sparking a warning for the public to be on the lookout for them. The venomous spider was seen in a greenhouse in the town by Pedro Webb, who lives in Devon, after removing some sheeting. Mr Webb was ...  


Downtown church uses butterflies to teach kids about Resurrection

The Columbus DispatchThe Columbus Dispatch - Apr 16, 2017
Butterflies in chrysalises are kept in a container at First Congregational Church. The Downtown church uses butterflies to show children the concept of the Resurrection and culminates in the release of the butterflies today. [Barbara J. Perenic/Dispatch].  


What's the deal with this beaver herding a bunch of cows?

Popular SciencePopular Science - Apr 19, 2017
This beaver, upon learning that cows don't eat beavers, was probably grateful for the company, says Slobodchikoff. "Once the beaver realized that the cows were not going to do any harm, it probably was comfortable having a whole herd of cows available ...  


Jack Black's A Cappella Version Of Prince's 'When Doves Cry' Is ...

NPRNPR - Mar 31, 2017
The actor busted out the cover during a Tenacious D concert.  


Artists & Fleas Brings Williamsburg to Soho With a New Market
Bedford + Bowery - Apr 20, 2017

After a decade and a half as a staple of the Williamsburg flea market scene, Artists & Fleas is opening its fourth location, smack dab in the middle of Soho, on the ...  


Joy of dragonflies (and damselflies) is in the hunt

SFGateSFGate - Apr 9, 2017
What I'm really looking for on the southern tip of Clear Lake are dragons and damsels of a different sort: dragonflies and damselflies. Stalking dragonflies is a hobby some call “oding,” from the name of their taxonomic order, Odonata. Sometimes ...  


Seattle Mariners selling out of toasted grasshoppers at concession ...

ESPNESPN - Apr 14, 2017
The Seattle Mariners are imposing a per-game order limit on toasted grasshoppers after the club sold 901 orders the first three games of the season.  


Monstrous spiders and centipedes that prey on large animals

BBC NewsBBC News - Jan 19, 2017
Most centipedes are predators, but Scolopendra centipedes are particularly ferocious. They can be over 30cm long, and have a set of powerful fangs: these are technically called ''forcipules'', because instead of true fangs they are actually modified ...  


Masses of millipedes invade homes and businesses across southern Australia

ABC OnlineABC Online - Mar 22, 2017
'Why are all these millipedes showing up in my house?' is a question South Australian pest controller Michael Cutting has been hearing a lot in recent months. Hordes of Portuguese millipedes are on the march across southern Australia, popping up in ...  


In South Florida, green iguanas spread into suburban scourge

Miami HeraldMiami Herald - Apr 17, 2017
Wood primarily hunts alligators and tans their skins for luxury leather goods, but he's received so many calls from homeowners seeking help with iguanas in the last several years that he created a pest control business called Iguana Catchers. He wants ...  


Love of dinosaurs leads to life among bones

Norman TranscriptNorman Transcript - Apr 16, 2017
One of Norman's oldest residents is known only by the bones hanging on the wall at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. Cotylorhynchus, or “Cup Nose” as he's know to his non-Latin speaking friends, was a plant eater with a “ridiculously ...  


A posture technique called the 'Kindly Brontosaurus' can get you whatever you want

Business InsiderBusiness Insider - Mar 25, 2017
In her helpful Slate piece on how to avoid and mitigate flight delays, Amy Webb stresses that the savvy air traveler must invest energy in grooming the airport staff. “Stand next to the gate agent, even if they ask you to sit down,” she writes. “Be ...  

Tyrannosaurus Rex

This Is Our Best Look Yet at a Tyrannosaur's Face

The GuardianNational Geographic - Mar 30, 2017
If the same was indeed true for D. horneri, this dinosaur and its large meat-eating relatives, including Tyrannosaurus rex, may have had some distinctly crocodile-like behaviors. For instance, tyrannosaurs' sensitive faces might have helped them with ...  

T Rex

Mom Wears T-Rex Costume to Walk Her Sons, 7 and 8, to School ...

Inside EditionInside Edition - Apr 18, 2017
The mom of two said she bought the costume as an attempt to show her sons the importance of having fun without worrying about what others think.  


There's a lot to the bird-dinosaur connnection

Brantford ExpositorBrantford Expositor - Mar 30, 2017
Paleontologists called this creature archaeopteryx. Like most scientific words that have a strange order of vowels and consonants, this word is of Greek origin. When it comes to naming things, particularly biological specimens, scientists often resort ...  


Dinosaurs retire from Ohio amusement park to Madison County business

The Columbus DispatchThe Columbus Dispatch - Apr 14, 2017
This brachiosaurus is one of several life-size dinosaur models that inhabit the property of Green and Sons Farm & Lawn Equipment along Interstate 71 in Madison County. For decades, they towered over visitors to the Prehistoric Forest and Mystery Hill ...  


If you want to outrun a triceratops, you better be Usain Bolt

Washington PostWashington Post - Mar 31, 2017
The interesting March 21 Health & Science article “Once a king, triceratops will soon be lunch” reminded me of my attempts to get the Smithsonian Institution to correct an error I spotted; perhaps Smithsonian scientists are too busy getting the new ...  


Beer and science converge in Ichthyosaur expedition

Northern Nevada Business WeeklyNorthern Nevada Business Weekly - Apr 10, 2017
Great Basin Brewing Co., headquartered in Sparks, Nev. and the University of Bonn in Germany have teamed up in a rare partnership in the name of the Ichthyosaur. While sometimes confused with dinosaurs, Ichthyosaurs were true reptiles of a different ...  


Rare dinosaur fossil found in US gets CT scan to build 3D model

FOX21News.comFOX21News.com - Mar 18, 2016
Experts say this is the first confirmed good specimen of a corythosaurus skull from the U.S., making it a rare find. “Before now, they speculated primarily that they should have been found south of what is now the Canadian border, but until this ...  


There's No Proof Male and Female Dinosaurs Looked Different

InverseInverse - Mar 31, 2017
The most obvious example is Protoceratops andrewsi, a horned dinosaur. Previous research on dinosaur fossils had identified some noteworthy differences between dinosaur fossils, ascribing these differences to the individuals' biological sexes; ...  

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