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Cat Breeding

WTH?! Michigan Rep. Introduced Bill to Allow Big Cat Breeding ...

One Green PlanetOne Green Planet - Apr 12, 2018
Big 'ol WTH to this! Breeding big cats in captivity could become LEGAL in Michigan under new legislation introduced in the House of Representatives this week.  

Cat Names

Seattle's top cat names: They're not 'Boots' or 'Whiskers,' but more human

seattlepi.comseattlepi.com - Apr 27, 2018
When you think of cat names, monikers such as Whiskers, Ginger and Midnight might come to mind, but Seattle Animal Shelter data show that the most popular names are more like people names. Licensing data allows us to rank Seattle cat names by ...  

Siamese Cat

New malls offer new opportunities for collectors

Florida WeeklyFlorida Weekly - May 16, 2018
I loved the variety of dishes and glassware, and it was a treat to meet the friendly staff, human and otherwise — while you're there, be sure to say hi to Paris the Siamese cat. His personality is as large as he is. Give him a scratch from me. Also ...  

Persian Cat

Meet Sky

Gazette LiveGazette Live - May 8, 2018
Meet Sky - the Blue Persian cat who ended up 160 miles from home. She's been living on Teesside for weeks - but somehow she got here from Leicestershire! Share. By. Dave RobsonAgenda writer and columnist for The Gazette. 08:00, 8 MAY 2018. News.  

Bengal Cat

Freddie Freeman's Cat Rolls Into The House After A 6-Day Bender

Busted Coverage (blog)Busted Coverage (blog) - May 23, 2018
The big drama on my IG timeline this week has surrounded Freddie Freeman's Bengal cat that went missing. Benji, who probably cost Freddie & wife Chelsea a few Benjamins, strolled back home on Tuesday after a six-day bender that had a happy ending ...  

British Shorthair

Flushed with success at backgammon, I find myself outsmarted by a challenged cat

New StatesmanNew Statesman - May 16, 2018
“The British shorthair is an intelligent cat,” says the website Pets4homes.co.uk, but my brother confidently claims that the remaining cat is about as smart as a rock, and not one of those rocks that gets the odd question on University Challenge, but ...  

Himalayan Cat

Frank's Faves: Movie house cats
Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette - Jan 18, 2018

Remember my telling you not quite a year ago about a somewhat rotund Himalayan cat my wife and I had acquired to help alleviate our rodent infestation, but whom I suspected would not be with us long? Guess who's still with us and proving her worth more ...  

Horse Breeding

Forget the Kentucky Derby Prize. The Big Return on Investment Is in Breeding.

OPB NewsNew York Times - May 4, 2018
If horse racing is the sport of kings, thoroughbreds are the kings of horse breeding. And the business of breeding a winning racehorse is as lucrative — and risky — as any investment. Other types of horses have the potential to be good investments, too.  

Horseback Riding

Ranch offers horseback riding lessons
Examiner Enterprise - May 22, 2018

Well, summer is upon us. School is closed for summer vacation. Looking for activities for the kids to do this summer? How about horseback riding? There is a great place just north of Dewey that has one of the best children's and adult horseback riding ...  

Horse Training

History: Modern Horse Training – Pt. 2

Canadian CattlemenCanadian Cattlemen - May 3, 2018
Modern Horse Training, Pt. 2. By Jack Sproule, Calgary, Alta. 'In the January issue I pointed out, showing the necessary equipment, how to catch a horse by this system. By now those interested will have had time to prepare the equipment. Before ...  


Bustin' it up at the Woodlake Rodeo

Visalia Times-DeltaVisalia Times-Delta - May 13, 2018
WOODLAKE – Just moments away from his Mutton Bustin' ride at the 2018 Woodlake Lions Club rodeo on Saturday, 5-year-old Jett Twisselman, said he was ready. "I want to do it," the boy said, decked out in a black cowboy hat, protective vest and dark ...  

Freshwater Aquariums

Dubuque, Galena and nearby sites provide history lessons

telegraphherald.comtelegraphherald.com - May 12, 2018
It features the William Woodward Discovery Center, which houses five large freshwater aquariums, live animal exhibits, wet labs and hands-on activities. The adjacent Fred W. Woodward Riverboat Museum displays and celebrates the history of riverboats on ...  

Saltwater Aquariums

Coral in your saltwater fish tank could make you sick or kill you

THV11.com KTHVTHV11.com KTHV - Apr 30, 2018
Managers of the store said that owners of saltwater aquariums should handle this coral with special care because it can unleash a powerful neurotoxin when provoked. “Basically, all corals in the ocean are competing for space so they all want their ...  

Butterfly Watching

Los Alamos Mountaineers Talk: Explore Unusual Discovery Of Edgewood Cavern Tuesday Evening
Los Alamos Daily Post - May 20, 2018

PEEC operates the Los Alamos Nature Center at 2600 Canyon Road, holds regular programs and events, and hosts a number of interest groups from birding to hiking to butterfly watching. PEEC activities are open to everyone; however, members receive ...  


DIA approves selling LaVilla property for apartments, grocery, rooftop beekeeping

Jacksonville Daily RecordJacksonville Daily Record - May 23, 2018
A project for rooftop beekeeping, an urban grocery store and apartments could soon break ground after the Downtown Investment Authority approved selling a city-owned property in LaVilla to a private developer. The DIA voted unanimously Wednesday to ...  

Bird Watching

Maine starts ambitious bird watching project

WGMEWGME - May 16, 2018
PORTLAND (WGME) -- If you're interested in bird watching, the state needs your help for an ambitious project. For the first time in decades, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is collecting data on species that are breeding and spending ...  


KTLA 360 Video: Falconry at the OC Landfill

KTLAKTLA - May 14, 2018
Here's a job you probably never knew existed: Skilled falconers are often hired to bring hawks and falcons to sites where they are needed to ward off other birds. Here, falconry veteran Adam Chavez and others deploy their birds of prey to monitor an ...  


Forest Lake sanctuary is a lifeline for abandoned pet parrots

Minneapolis Star TribuneMinneapolis Star Tribune - May 19, 2018
The days of folks browsing the cages of pet stores and, on a whim, taking home a parrot are mostly gone. That's mainly because pet stores no longer sell the talkative birds. And Renee Quimby couldn't be happier about that. Not only are parrots social ...  


Lady Owls nab first win at home

Iosco County News HeraldIosco County News Herald - May 23, 2018
by Ben Murphy. OSCODA – The Oscoda girls soccer team hosted its annual home invitational on Saturday. The Lady Owls went 1-2 on the day, giving themselves third place. Oscoda opened the rain-soaked tournament with a 7-0 win over Saginaw Arts and ...  


Family of wild parakeets spotted in Barrow
NW Evening Mail - May 7, 2018

WILD parakeets have been nesting on Walney according to wildlife experts who have spotted the distinctive birds. South Walney Nature Reserve has reported a number of sightings of green parakeets on Walney and in Barrow. Staff at the reserve said they ...  


The Legal 'Pet-Poaching' Problem

The AtlanticThe Atlantic - May 15, 2018
Losin, who is trained as a biologist and has a Ph.D. in invasive species studies, said Miami's macaws are no different from their native cousins in Central America, Mexico, and South America, “except that they live in a concrete jungle instead of a ...  


Frank Ocean's Music Gets In-Depth Analysis in New Season of 'Dissect' Podcast

PigeonsAndPlanesPigeonsAndPlanes - May 14, 2018
The first two seasons of the award-winning music podcast Dissect focused on two landmark albums: Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly and Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Over the course of each season, host Cole Cuchna spends ...  


Quand 20 petites perruches se font la guerre dans une animalerie (vidéo)

Tribunal Du NetTribunal Du Net - Apr 30, 2018
Cette scène insolite nous arrive d'une animalerie. On peut voir environ 20 petites perruches se livrer à une guerre sans merci. Bon, façon de parler. D'ailleurs, ce sont plus exactement des Conures de deux espèces différentes. À gauche, les Conures ...  


TCTA offers koi for sale to raise money for program

Tuscaloosa NewsTuscaloosa News - May 12, 2018
As part of the next phase of its program, students involved in the Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy aquaculture program will be selling koi fish next week. Starting Monday and ending May 19, a total of 250 koi fish will be sold at TCTA, 2800 ...  

Guinea Pig

Guinea pig rescuers become fast friends 'in a ravine on the side of the freeway' in Fountain Valley

OCRegisterOCRegister - May 21, 2018
Amanda Salerno moved to Southern California from Oklahoma a only few weeks ago. And she's already cultivated a clique of good buddies. “I never imagined I'd make friends in a ravine on the side of a freeway, but here we all are,” said Salerno, 27, ...  


The hamster-based celeb game which is delighting and frustrating Twitter

Independent.ieIndependent.ie - May 14, 2018
The game may be a bit of fun, but it's also helping the man behind the Hamster in other ways. “I'm in a race to 1,500 followers with a friend of mine and I was trailing prior to this, now I'm winning,” he said. He's almost at the target with at least 1 ...  


Someone mails live ferret through mail

KNUJKNUJ - May 21, 2018
Police and postal inspectors say they know who mailed a live ferret to Denver. The ferret was found at a mail sorting facility after it had eaten its way out of the box it was mailed in. The ferret was shipped from Morgan, Colorado. It was scared and ...  


Native geckos with GPS backpacks and fluoro tattoos thriving against the odds on Queensland cattle station

ABC OnlineABC Online - May 20, 2018
Places where spiky pandanus palms loom over thick grasses, and a lagoon, where grassy banks lined with river gums play host to a cacophony of frogs and insects in the evening. Here, kookaburras, kangaroos and geckos cross paths with cattle, and ...  


The top 10 Arctic Monkeys music videos

NME.com (blog)NME.com (blog) - May 15, 2018
Not content with stealing the musical spotlight from anyone who dares tread near them, Arctic Monkeys are a dab hand behind the camera too. The launch of new Monkeys video has become a cultural event all of its own – hardly surprising, given the ...  


How to save the gorillas? Recycle your phone

Cincinnati.comCincinnati.com - May 18, 2018
Everyone has one. Everyone needs a new one. And everyone can recycle their used cell phones and do the gorillas of the world a huge favor in the bargain. Seems that cell phones contain lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, all things bad for the ...  


Savanna chimpanzees suffer from heat stress

Science DailyScience Daily - May 15, 2018
The researchers found that chimpanzee creatinine (a muscle by-product which indicates hydration status) and cortisol (a hormone involved in stress response) levels, indicated that the chimpanzees were likely dehydrated and suffered from ...  


Dolphins, elephants, tigers and orangutans all suffer for tourist ...

The IndependentThe Independent - May 22, 2018
Dolphins at a tourist attraction in Bali had their teeth removed or filed down to ensure tourists were not harmed, leaving the creatures “traumatised”, investigators ...  


Ingenious baboons escape Texas biomedical lab for brief taste of freedom

Washington PostWashington Post - Apr 17, 2018
An “animal perimeter breach” is how the Texas Biomedical Research Institute described the events of Monday in a statement. But the exploits of four baboons Saturday were nothing short of a daring escape to freedom. Three of the baboons leaped over the ...  


Get a fuzzy feeling this Mother's Day with these Dallas-Fort Worth animal moms

Dallas NewsDallas News - May 13, 2018
He was the first mandrill baby at the zoo in 24 years. Mandrills reach full maturity at about 9 years old, and Obi probably will remain close to his mother until he is 5 or 6, according to the zoo. Obi and mother Saffron at the Dallas Zoo. When he was ...  


Ape 'midwives' spotted helping female bonobos give birth

New ScientistNew Scientist - May 18, 2018
By Sam Wong. When bonobos give birth, other females gather around to support and protect the mother. These “midwives” bely the notion that assistance during birth is unique to humans. Until now there has only been one scientific account of a wild ...  


Pittsburgh Zoo introduces baby siamang
WPXI Pittsburgh - May 16, 2018

PITTSBURGH - The Pittsburgh Zoo has introduced its baby siamang, Cahya. Cahya was born last summer but has been spending time behind the scenes, according to the Pittsburgh Zoo. RELATED: New siamangs make debut at Pittsburgh Zoo's 'Islands' ...  


'Monkey Around' With New Long-Tailed Macaques At Indianapolis Zoo

Patch.comPatch.com - May 16, 2018
If you spot one of the little statue Long-Tailed Macaques, Indianapolis Zoo encourages you to take a picture and share it on Twitter or social media using the hashtag #IndyMonkeys. Indianapolis Zoo says the new exhibit is a gift of John and Cynde Barnes.  

Colobus Monkeys

Listermann Brewing & Cincinnati Zoo Collab on Zoo Babies New England IPA

TheFullPint.comTheFullPint.com - May 17, 2018
The zoo babies featured on these cans are the Colobus Monkeys (Octavius and Theodora), Greater Flamingo (Taffy), Florida Manatees (Miles, Pippen, Matthew and Daphne) and the Ring-Tailed Lemurs (Bennie and Jerrie). Along with Zoo Babies, the ...  


It's twins! Como Zoo welcomes new emperor tamarins, Whalen and Motzko

Minnesota Public Radio NewsMinnesota Public Radio News - Apr 30, 2018
Shortly after the University of Minnesota welcomed two new coaches into their fold — Bob Motzko for men's hockey and Lindsay Whalen for women's basketball — the Como Zoo and Conservatory welcomed two new babies into their emperor tamarins exhibit.  


Run/Walk for the Hungry and Enjoy Polish Fest

WTMJ-TV (press release) (blog)WTMJ-TV (press release) (blog) - May 14, 2018
Polish Fest is one of Milwaukee's most beloved festivals; and there's a way to enjoy the festivities for FREE all weekend - all while helping the poor, hungry, and homeless in our area! It's the 13th Annual Capuchins' Run Walk for the Hungry at Polish ...  


Loss of habitat, food scarcity forcing slow lorises to stray into human habitations

The Arunachal TimesThe Arunachal Times - May 18, 2018
[ Prafulla Kaman ] PASIGHAT, May 18: Loss of natural habitat and food scarcity are forcing the Bengal slow lorises in East Siang district to stray into human settlement areas. In the last few years, locals captured at least 10 slow lorises that had ...  


Our Bug-Eating Ancestors Revealed

Technology NetworksTechnology Networks - May 17, 2018
... ant and termite specialists such as aardvarks and certain armadillos have five functioning chitinase genes. But so do the insect-loving primates called tarsiers. They appear to be the only primates that have so many functional chitinase genes ...  


Marmosets as the canary in the coal mine for Zika
Science Daily - May 2, 2018

New research shows small, New World monkeys called marmosets may be an important animal model for emerging viruses with the potential for harmful effects on fetuses. Establishing animal models for emerging diseases, like Zika, is necessary for the ...  


Alligators Along The Coast May Just Be Returning Home

WFAEWFAE - May 14, 2018
Every so often you hear about animals appearing in places you'd never expect them. River otters have been showing up in salt water environments off North Carolina's coast. Occasionally, alligators too. It was a run in like that that led Duke University ...  


Battlefield V's multiplayer rewards include Tiger Tanks, V1 rockets, and Crocodiles

VentureBeatVentureBeat - May 23, 2018
Battlefield V will encourage multiplayer communication and engagement by grouping players into tight-knit squads. And it will offer some jumbo rewards — like Tiger tanks or V1 rockets — to squads that perform the best in multiplayer combat. Game ...  


WWII navy veterans visit Razorback submarine

THV11.com KTHVTHV11.com KTHV - May 10, 2018
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The USS Caiman Association brought its annual reunion to Arkansas this year. The group of navy veterans spent today touring the Razorback Submarine in North Little Rock. USS Caiman 323 was a World War II Navy ...  


Population of critically endangered Gharial up in Babai River

The Kathmandu PostThe Kathmandu Post - May 10, 2018
Meanwhile, the gharial population has declined in the Karnali river. As per the data available at the BNP, there are just four gharials in Karnali these days. Until two decades earlier, there were more than 40 gharials in Karnali, said a BNP official.  


American Airlines bans emotional support amphibians, ferrets, goats and more

Chicago TribuneChicago Tribune - May 14, 2018
Under the new rules, which go into effect July 1, American is adding amphibians, goats, hedgehogs, insects, nonhousehold birds and animals with tusks, horns or hooves to the list of those that can't fly as service or support animals. The airline will ...  


Scientists Launch Study on Wind Farm's Effects on Wildlife
U.S. News & World Report - May 19, 2018

Scientists Launch Study on Wind Farm's Effects on Wildlife. Scientists in Wyoming have launched a six-year study of the effect of wind-energy development on pronghorn antelopes. May 19, 2018, at 1:45 p.m.. Scientists Launch Study on Wind Farm's Effects ...  


Brookfield Zoo exhibit features largest public collection of arachnids ...

WLS-TVWLS-TV - May 22, 2018
Spiders are invading Brookfield Zoo, but it's a good thing.  


OSU men's basketball: Beavers make second offseason addition ...

Corvallis Gazette TimesCorvallis Gazette Times - May 21, 2018
Oregon State men's basketball made a second offseason addition with Monday's signing of point guard Antoine Vernon from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  


Shaky line and WRs could stunt Josh Allen's growth with Buffalo ...

ESPN (blog)ESPN (blog) - May 22, 2018
Beyond LeSean McCoy, rookie QB Josh Allen and the Bills face more questions than answers on offense.  


Tourists Are Chased by Cheetahs After Leaving Their Car During ...

Travel+LeisureTravel+Leisure - May 16, 2018
When you're in an unfamiliar place, it's important to follow directions for your own safety. This is especially true if you're on safari. It's common for conservation ...  


Wild Homebrew Console Looks Straight Out Of Fallout

KotakuKotaku - May 16, 2018
The Ocelot is one of the most bizarre homemade consoles I've ever seen. It looks more like a piece of scientific equipment than something you'd play video games on. In all honesty there's no reason for it to exist at all, but thanks to its determined ...  


Crime Stoppers: Deer shot with arrows

KATUKATU - May 15, 2018
Oregon State Police troopers are still looking for the people who shot deer with arrows in the Shady Cove area. The deer survived being shot, despite being found with arrows through their necks and near their skulls. "The arrows are like recreation ...  


Christopher Ranch launches national campaign with the Elephants of Africa Rescue Society
PR Newswire (press release) - May 21, 2018

GILROY, Calif., May 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Christopher Ranch, the nation's premier garlic company, is partnering with EARS (Elephants of Africa Rescue Society) and the Monterey Zoo to launch a first of its kind campaign to raise awareness and funds ...  


Foxes Set For Pre-World Cup International Duty

Leicester City (press release)Leicester City (press release) - May 23, 2018
Ricardo Pereira, who will join City next month after terms were agreed with Porto, will link up with new Foxes team-mate Adrien Silva for Portugal in their first friendly against Tunisia, who have named Yohan Benalouane in their preliminary squad, on ...  


The Mysterious Disappearance of Reticulated Giraffes

Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release)Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release) - May 4, 2018
What is causing the disappearance of reticulated giraffes across the plains where they were once plentiful? Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) scientists and partners are on the case. In fall 2018, Conservation Ecology Center scientist ...  


Hippos: Global change may alter the way that hippos shape the environment around them
Science Daily - May 14, 2018

A new study by UC Santa Barbara community ecologist Keenan Stears, with colleagues at UC Berkeley and Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania, examines how these forces of global change are redefining the way hippos -- and their dung -- shape ...  


The projected effect on insects, vertebrates, and plants of limiting global warming to 1.5°C rather than 2°C

Science MagazineScience Magazine - May 17, 2018
Insects are the most diverse group of animals on Earth and are ubiquitous in terrestrial food webs. We have little information about their fate in a changing climate; data are scant for insects compared with other groups of organisms. Warren et al ...  


Wildlife shelter's clever contraption feeds ten kangaroo joeys at once

MashableMashable - May 22, 2018
How many kangaroos can you feed at once? Volunteers at a wildlife shelter in Victoria, Australia, have built a contraption that can feed ten joeys in one go.  


Mobile Christian 11, Lauderdale County 0: Leopards build big lead ...

AL.comAL.com - May 17, 2018
Mobile Christian left little to doubt about the 2018 Class 3A baseball championship this week. After winning Game 1 on Wednesday night, the Leopards scored ...  


Kneeling in defeat: Detroit Lions through the years

Detroit Free PressDetroit Free Press - May 23, 2018
1 of 15. Autoplay. Show Thumbnails. Show Captions. Last SlideNext Slide. None. Before kneeling during the national anthem for social justice became a movement, Detroit Lions players have had their fair share of kneeling – usually in defeat. Behold ...  


Lasers to imitate lizards! How reptiles and bugs are boosting innovation

euronewseuronews - May 21, 2018
"Horned lizards" are the focus of their attention, as their skin has exceptional properties when it comes to transporting liquids. Originating from desert areas of North America, these lizards need just the slightest drop of water to survive. Nature ...  


Rosamond Gifford Zoo welcomes baby meerkats

WSYRWSYR - May 16, 2018
SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is welcoming four new baby meerkats! The babies were born two weeks ago to first-time mom Pidge, who is 3-years-old. The zoo says that due to the sensitive nature of meerkats and their intricate ...  


Panthers top bidder speaks exclusively to Channel 9

CNBCWSOC Charlotte - May 22, 2018
In this commencement speech Tepper said, "A kid who couldn't afford to go to an NFL game until well into his 20s is on the verge of getting the NFL's approval to buy the Carolina Panthers. Not too shabby." Those were emotional words for Tepper who ...  

Prairie Dogs

US Forest Service plans to reclaim land from prairie dogs

West Fargo PioneerWest Fargo Pioneer - May 5, 2018
Several association ranchers are at ground zero, so to speak, of prairie dog occupation. One is Larry Fischer, who lives down a gravel road out in the open country north of Rhame. Prairie dogs have established colonies on both his private and public ...  


This week in odd news: Dog shoots owner, raccoons, bear break into houses

Journal TimesJournal Times - May 12, 2018
(AP) — A family of raccoons created a chaotic scene when they fell through a ceiling and into the living room of a Michigan home. The Jackson Citizen Patriot reports that a homeowner in Sheridan Township sought help Friday after the raccoons fell from ...  


Rumors of feeding big reptiles prompt caution

Valley morning StarValley morning Star - May 20, 2018
SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Sidling up to Bird Blind No. 5 along the convention center boardwalk one early summer morning last week, a small sign tied to the ...  


Zoo's white rhinos have arrived | Local News Stories ...

Wahpeton Daily NewsWahpeton Daily News - May 15, 2018
After weeks of anticipation, Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton is home to two white rhinos. The male rhinos, who will be named later this summer, arrived in the ...  


American Airlines bans rodents, spiders, reptiles as emotional support animals

WLS-TVWLS-TV - May 14, 2018
American Airlines is making it very clear: rodents, insects and reptiles cannot be brought on planes as emotional support animals. The airline revised its guidelines on Monday for comfort animals on flights. Those who want to bring such an animal on ...  


Squirrels stash 50 pounds of pine cones in Michigan man's car engine

Detroit Free PressDetroit Free Press - May 16, 2018
A Gaylord resident, Kellen Moore, found that out the hard way last week when he popped the hood of his car and found that a squirrel (or several squirrels) stashed more than 50 pounds of pine cones in every possible free space and corner around the ...  


The Tigers are one of MLB's best teams in the clutch

Bless You Boys (blog)Bless You Boys (blog) - May 18, 2018
You may have noticed the Detroit Tigers are a lot of fun to watch this year. Have you also noticed they seem to make games interesting in the late innings and take the lead later in games? Well there's one particular stat they can point to and say they ...  


MDC reminds motorists to give turtles a brake

Ozark County TimesOzark County Times - May 17, 2018
This is the time of year when the Missouri Department of Conservation reminds motorists to give turtles crossing roads a brake. Turtles are struck by cars throughout all the warmer months but are at special risk this time of year because they are on ...  


Florida man accused of trying to eat gopher tortoises at state park in Martin County

TCPalmTCPalm - May 22, 2018
MARTIN COUNTY – While eating turtles is considered a delicacy by some, eating gopher tortoises is not as common. A 28-year-old man was charged with trying to poach two of the endangered reptiles Saturday night. Deputies said they responded to a call at ...  

Wild Cats

Chester Zoo: Fluffiest and rarest wild cats in the world arrive in the UK

Express.co.ukExpress.co.uk - May 11, 2018
The felines will be going on show at Chester Zoo as conservationists take on the challenge of saving the vanishing felines from the of threat extinction. With their ultra fluffy coats and short ears, the wild moggies have been likened to the highly ...  


Interior Department moves to reverse Obama-era rules on hunting bears, wolves in Alaska

PBS NewsHourPBS NewsHour - May 21, 2018
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is moving to reverse Obama-era rules barring hunters on some public lands in Alaska from baiting brown bears with bacon and doughnuts and using spotlights to shoot mother black bears and cubs ...  


Zebras wanted for Hike It and Spike It

Roswell Daily Record (press release)Roswell Daily Record (press release) - May 18, 2018
Jeff Weathers, the man in charge of recruiting officials for the Hike It and Spike It 4-on-4 flag football tournament, admits the people that work for him won't have an easy job Memorial Day weekend. If someone wants to earn some extra money and get ...  


The strange armadillo
Times-Georgian - May 20, 2018

Their underbelly is soft and covered with stiff hairs. They have a long pointed nose and tiny beady eyes. One outstanding characteristic of the armadillo is the long, stout claws on each foot. This gives it a great ability to dig. I once saw one that a ...  

American Bison

Oklahoma auctioning entire herd of American bison

KOKH FOX25KOKH FOX25 - May 10, 2018
The State of Oklahoma is auctioning off an entire herd of American bison from a state park. The herd of approximately 55 bison is currently on sale from Foss State Park via the state's surplus auction site. The free range herd may include some pregnant ...  


To save the manatees, look no further than Orlando

Orlando SentinelOrlando Sentinel - May 17, 2018
The death toll for Florida's manatees is on track to reach record highs this year. Both man-made and natural causes have created a growing problem for our state's official marine mammal. From boat traffic to pollution to cold weather and hurricanes ...  


Parcrest Advises Leading E-Commerce & Omnichannel Retailer CleverTraining on its Sale to JackRabbit
PR Newswire (press release) - May 17, 2018

DENVER and TAMPA, Fla. and NEW YORK, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The principals of Parcrest Advisors ("Parcrest") have acted as the exclusive investment banking advisors to CleverTraining on its sale to JackRabbit ("JackRabbit"). JackRabbit is a ...  


Huge exotic African porcupine wandering Spanaway

KING5.comKING5.com - May 11, 2018
A huge exotic African crested porcupine has been spotted wandering around Spanaway over the last month. It's taking neighbors by surprise and pets too. Nickole Waite caught it trying to dig under her fence to get to her chickens, and says it was the ...  


“Genes” [ft. Chipmunk]

PitchforkPitchfork - Apr 25, 2018
This month, the mainstream U.S. media discovered drill music in the UK. The hardline, controversial descendent of trap rap, appropriated from Chicago by young men in the housing estates of South London, is currently shaking the foundations of British ...  

Bull Frog

The frogs of Indiana

Washington Times HeraldWashington Times Herald - May 15, 2018
In Indiana we have the bull frog, which can reach a length of up to eight inches, the green frog, wood frog, pickerel frog, and the northern, southern and plains leopard frog. Many people get the bullfrog and green frog confused. The latter is usually ...  

American Crow

Felix Neck Bird-A-Thon

The Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard NewsThe Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard News - May 17, 2018
Great crested flycatcher, eastern kingbird, red-eyed vireo, blue jay, American crow, tree swallow, northern rough-winged swallow, bank swallow, barn swallow, black-capped chickadee, tufted titmouse, white-breasted nuthatch, Carolina wren, house wren, ...  


Visitors to Earth Day & Energy Fair have fun while learning how to be good to their planet

NRToday.comNRToday.com - Apr 22, 2018
She said she was enjoying the booths, and particularly liked seeing a cedar waxwing on display. She's an avid birder and the waxwing is one of her favorite species. “I'm impressed with all of the different organizations that have got booths here,” she ...  


Tuba City Starlings win Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

Navajo-Hopi ObserverNavajo-Hopi Observer - May 15, 2018
Coach Harlan Barlow and his Tuba City Starlings 17's won the 17U Arizona Region of USA Volleyball, Championship Division. The team won gold for the second year in a row, they were seeded No. 9 and started the season as No. 66. The Starlings beat a ...  


Scientists devise new model for origins of Darwin's finches

UPI.comUPI.com - May 9, 2018
May 9 (UPI) -- New research offers the best explanation to date of the origins of Darwin's finches. The diversity of finches on the Galapagos Islands inspired ...  


PHOTOS: Pheasants Forever Field Day for Maroa-Forsyth Grade School Students
Herald & Review - May 15, 2018

JIM BOWLING, HERALD & REVIEW Third graders participate in the educational event hosted by the Lincolnland Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever group at the Maroa-Forsyth Grade School Tuesday May 15, 2018.  


We're Denton Dammit

Denton Record ChronicleDenton Record Chronicle - May 24, 2018
Zihuatanejo, who used to teach English in Denton Independent School District, will publish Arsonist through Anhinga Press. It comes out in September. □. The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center will have “dive-in” movies for families who ...  


Spoonbill Releases New Video – Dirtyca [PREMIERE]
EDM Sauce - May 15, 2018

Spoonbill and Dropbear team up to create an epicly vibrant music video for Spoonbill's new single “Dirtyca”. It is a visual feast of colour and movement combining elaborate costumes, custom set design and contemporary choreography. This is the first ...  


“Be harder than petrified woodpecker lips,” Secretary of Defense tells Air Force Academy graduates

The Denver PostThe Denver Post - May 24, 2018
COLORADO SPRINGS — Secretary of Defense James Mattis set aside his worries about Iraq, Syria, China and North Korea on Wednesday morning to shake the hand of all 984 graduates of the U.S. Air Force Academy after he delivered a 12-minute speech ...  


SeaHorses overpower defending champion Brex in Game 1 of quarterfinal playoff series

The Japan TimesThe Japan Times - May 12, 2018
It was a stellar start for the SeaHorses Mikawa to begin their quest for a title this postseason. Sharpshooter Kosuke Kanamaru scored a game-high 26 points on 10-for-16 shooting. Center Isaac Butts also made a big impact with 14 points and 18 rebounds.  

Sea Lions

Why sea lions are moving to Sacramento

KCRA SacramentoKCRA Sacramento - May 23, 2018
The sea lions have been seen underneath Sacramento's Tower Bridge, the mouth of the Feather River and the confluence at Discovery Park. The marine mammals are no strangers to the Sacramento area and have been regular residents in Sacramento ...  


Rare Deep-Sea Jellyfish Spotted, Looks Like Plastic Bag

National GeographicNational Geographic - May 14, 2018
Filmed with innovative low-light technology, new footage gives a better picture of the rarely seen creature.  


Rostelecom applies for use of Sailfish-powered devices by state officials
Telecompaper - May 16, 2018

Russian national operator Rostelecom has sent an application to the government to make federal officials use smartphones powered by the Sailfish OS, reports Cnews.ru citing Mikhail Oseyevskiy, the president of the national operator. Oseyevkiy expects a ...  


The Archaeologists and Chefs Recreating the World's Oldest Recipes

HaaretzHaaretz - May 8, 2018
Someone studied the origin and evolution of blancmange, a dairy dessert based on almonds and spices, in medieval Europe. The Israeli delegation from the University of Haifa presented the story of the parrotfish, the caviar of the Byzantine era, in the ...  


Cedar Plank Halibut with Corn Salad Recipe | The Chew

ABCABC - May 21, 2018
For the Cedar Plank Halibut: Preheat the grill to medium-high heat. Soak the cedar planks in water for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking. In a small saucepan ...  


King Mackerel bite is picking up – water temps on the rise

Lumina NewsLumina News - May 19, 2018
Offshore: King Mackerel bite is picking up in the 20-30 mile mark. Water temps have been slowly on the rise. The water temps at 25 mile mark northeast of Masonboro Inlet is 68 degrees. We are using blue/white Ilanders rigged with medium ballyhoo on the ...  


Are cane toads harmful to humans, pets? Your questions answered

The News-PressThe News-Press - May 21, 2018
These amphibians, also known as bufo toads, have emerged again this year in recent weeks and seem to be established for good in most of Lee and Collier counties. With toad season in full swing, here are five things you need to know about the cane.  


The story of the endangered 'thug of the salamander family' in Sumner County

The TennesseanThe Tennessean - May 15, 2018
Knox Doss Middle School students Aiden Waters, Alexis Bullion, Zoe Pace, Noah Wunder and Sam Campbell have been helping their teacher Tom Strother study the streamside salamanders on school campus. (Photo: Submitted by Tom Strother/Knox Doss ...  

Tree Frog

Cannibalistic Cuban Tree Frog Invades Another State; Entire Gulf ...

The Weather ChannelThe Weather Channel - May 17, 2018
They are unwelcome intruders because they are voracious eaters and kill native frogs, toads and lizards, as well as insects and spiders.  

Leaf Frog

7 things we've learned about Earth since the last Earth Day

VoxVox - Apr 21, 2018
The black-eyed leaf frog hopped back from the edge of the abyss. It's now been classified as a species of “least concern” after having been “critically endangered,” the last step before extinction. “This lovely leaf frog is hope in a small, green-and ...  

Dart Frog

Photo: Butterflies, beware

The RecorderThe Recorder - May 15, 2018
Greenfield Middle School seventh-grade student Heaven Bezio paints a poison dart frog onto a ceiling tile that will be displayed at the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in Deerfield. Other students in background are Angelica Molina and Orianys Guzman ...  

Coral Snake

Man paralyzed after mistaking deadly coral snake for harmless kingsnake

KMOV.comKMOV.com - May 14, 2018
(Meredith/WALA) — An Alabama man has been paralyzed after mistaking two similar-looking snakes: the deadly coral snake and the harmless kingsnake. Family members said Jeffrey Phillips of Gilberttown in west Alabama was outside his home last week ...  


Officials issue warning about rattlesnakes in Outer Banks :: WRAL.com

WRAL.comWRAL.com - May 14, 2018
The National Park Service has taken to social media to warn residents and visitors to the Outer Banks to watch out for rattlesnakes this season.  


Maryland man pleads guilty to having venomous snakes in his home

Washington PostWashington Post - May 13, 2018
Two boomslang snakes were also found, the police said. The boomslang, less well known than the cobra or rattlesnake, has large eyes and lives in sub-Saharan Africa. All the snakes found were potentially fatal to humans, the Natural Resources Police said.  


Talamancan Palm-Pitviper: Cryptic New Species of Venomous Snake Identified in Costa Rica

Sci-News.comSci-News.com - Jul 19, 2016
“The newly discovered Talamancan palm-pitviper is a striking green-and-black snake living in some of the most remote regions of Costa Rica,” Prof. Parkinson said. The coloring is a characteristic the Talamancan palm-pitviper shares with its close ...  

Sea Snake

Sea snake washed up on Boomerang Beach | Update

Great Lakes AdvocateGreat Lakes Advocate - May 1, 2018
UPDATE: Adriaan was so intrigued by his discovery of the unidentified sea snake he contacted a marine biologist friend. The reptile is believed to be an ornate reef sea snake or Hydrophis ornatus,. However, another suggestion is a Stokes sea snake.  

Rat Snake

Large Rat Snake Visits Eagles' Nest In Hays

CBS Pittsburgh / KDKACBS Pittsburgh / KDKA - May 9, 2018
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The nesting bald eagle family in the city's Hays section had an unusual visit Tuesday afternoon. Around 4:20 p.m., a large black rat snake was spotted by the live web cams climbing one of the tree's branches by the nest. The eagles ...  

King Cobra

King cobra on roadside; traffic disrupted in Athirappilly area

Mathrubhumi EnglishMathrubhumi English - May 18, 2018
Kannankuzhi: When a king cobra appeared on the roadside in Athirappilly area, traffic was disrupted in Anamala Road for some hours as the tourists stopped their vehicles to see the snake. The incident took place on Thursday at noon. The king cobra was ...  

Corn Snake

Yaletown renter comes home to find white snake coiled up on her patio

Globalnews.caGlobalnews.ca - May 8, 2018
UPDATE: May 8 — A veterinarian who spoke to Global News said the snake was not a python, as was claimed, but an albino corn snake, which does not pose a danger to humans. Carey McBeth had just come home from a trip to Victoria when she came ...  

Black Mamba

Arnold rescues black mamba found in car dashboard

Northglen NewsNorthglen News - May 15, 2018
A LARGE black mamba that managed to wedge itself in the dashboard of a Reservoir Hills resident's vehicle has been rescued by Sunningdale snake man, Jason Arnold. The 2.5 metre mamba was removed from the dashboard of a Chev utility bakkie in ...  


Wild Wednesday: Gray-Banded Kingsnake

CBS DFWCBS DFW - May 16, 2018
Sherpas Set New Records For Scaling Mount EverestA veteran Sherpa guide scaled Mount Everest on Wednesday for the 22nd time, setting a record for the most climbs of the world's highest mountain, while a female Sherpa made it to the summit for the ninth ...  

Python Snake

Python snake spotted at Massachusetts playground

MassLive.comMassLive.com - May 11, 2018
Brookline Police reported the discovery of a python snake on the Lawton Street playground Wednesday morning. A photo shared on social media shows the snake wrapped up, lying on a patch of cement. The escaped or abandoned pet was transported to the ...  

Boa Constrictor

US police shoot and kill 6ft boa constrictor that crushed puppy to death

The GuardianThe Guardian - May 4, 2018
It is not illegal to own boa constrictors in Massachusetts and no charges are expected. Photograph: Joel Sartore/National Geographic/Getty Images. Police in Massachusetts say they shot and killed a pet boa constrictor after it fatally crushed a puppy.  

Gopher Snake

Summer Safety: Rattlesnakes Waking Up In Santa Clarita, Ways To Avoid Venomous Bites

KHTS RadioKHTS Radio - May 17, 2018
“The average adult gopher snake measures between six and nine feet long, while (depending on the species) rattlesnakes come in between three and six feet long,” according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. “However, while the gopher ...  

Indigo Snake

Indigo Snake and Wildlife Fest Friday in CNF

Andalusia Star-NewsAndalusia Star-News - Apr 28, 2018
The Conecuh National Forest will host the Indigo Snake and Wildlife Fest on Friday, May 4. The event is open to schools from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the public is invited to attend from 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.. Visitors can learn more about the threatened ...  

Garter Snake

Something Wild: Garter Snakes

New Hampshire Public RadioNew Hampshire Public Radio - Apr 27, 2018
There are about a dozen different species of snake in the granite state, but chances are if you've seen a snake in New Hampshire, it was a garter snake. They are the most common variety of snake here. Partially because they are not particular about ...  

Water Snake

This fatal disease is disfiguring endangered Indiana snakes

Indianapolis StarIndianapolis Star - May 17, 2018
Species that tested positive for the disease included the northern water snake, racer, milk snake and queen snake. Snake fungal disease may also cause high mortality rates in eastern massasauga rattlesnakes, a federally threatened and state-endangered ...  

Blue Whale

First blue whale of the season spotted off Southern California coast

The Mercury NewsThe Mercury News - May 10, 2018
DANA POINT — A blue whale found feeding about eight miles outside of Dana Point Harbor is the season's first to be seen off Orange County waters. The nearly 75-foot whale was spotted by Capt. Chuck Gathers and Craig DeWitt while on a private whale ...  

Humpback Whale

See Off IWDG's Celtic Mist This Weekend Before Epic Humpback Whale Expedition

AfloatAfloat - May 18, 2018
As Coast Monkey reports, visitors on the afternoon from 2pm-5pm will have the opportunity to chat with the crew and marine scientists taking part in the 2018 IWDG Humpback Whale Expedition, as well as take a tour of the Celtic Mist before its final ...  

Killer Whale

Killer whale sightings in Monterey, CA, hit record numbers | The ...

Sacramento BeeSacramento Bee - May 8, 2018
Orcas, popularly known as killer whales, are being seen in record numbers off Monterey, California, as they hunt migrating gray whale calves. Whale watchers ...  

Beaked Whale

Scientists drop in on little-known, rarely sighted beaked whales
New Zealand Herald - May 3, 2018

But the two types of signals from beaked whales were identified in the Cook Strait region differed from any beaked whale signals previously documented. There were about 22 species of beaked whales globally, of which about 13 had been found in New ...  

Right Whale

Right whale sightings prompt temporary closing of East Coast ...

The Globe and MailThe Globe and Mail - May 21, 2018
Move raises concerns fishermen may not fulfill quotas or may be forced to congregate in certain areas.  

Minke Whale

Surprising news: Seattle is nation's best metro area to see whales

My Edmonds NewsMyNorthwest.com - May 14, 2018
The minke whale, however, is the smallest baleen whale and often very elusive. Sighting a minke is a rare and thrilling opportunity — one which you might experience if you happen to catch one on its yearly migration from polar feeding grounds to ...  

Sperm Whale

Bowhead Whale

See (and hear) the stunning diversity of bowhead whales' songs

Science NewsScience News - Apr 30, 2018
The Spitzbergen bowhead whale songbook contains a wide variety of tunes, and some stick around on the charts longer than others. Here each bubble corresponds to one of the 184 songs recorded by researchers from 2010 to 2014. The size of the bubble ...  

Grey Whale

Sightings of Whales Without Tails Are Increasing and Humans Are to Blame

NewsweekNewsweek - May 9, 2018
“Humpback whales have large pectoral flippers (side fins) that allow them to move forward,” said Viezbicke, explaining how these whales cope with the loss of their back fin, also known as the fluke. The grey whale is less equipped to deal with the loss ...  

Beluga Whale

That's over-WHALE-ming! Stunned baby bursts into tears as a beluga gives her a kiss

Daily MailDaily Mail - May 16, 2018
A baby girl burst into tears after getting a kiss from an adorable beluga whale in east China. Mobile phone footage showed the white mammal leapt out of the pool and gave the baby a warm welcome at a tourist attraction. However the girl was shocked ...  

Whale Shark

Madagascar emerges as whale shark hotspot

BBC NewsBBC News - May 17, 2018
Large numbers of endangered whale sharks have been sighted in waters off Madagascar. The first major scientific survey in the area shows there are far more of the huge fish than previously thought. Eighty-five individuals were identified in a single ...  

Great White Shark

Great white shark Hilton pings off the coast of Sebastian and Vero Beach

Florida TodayFlorida Today - May 17, 2018
The great white shark Hilton, who weighs 1,326 pounds, and who has nearly 22,000 followers on Twitter, pinged off the coast of Titusville in March and April 2018. GINNY BEAGAN/FLORIDA TODAY Wochit ...  

Tiger Shark

Group lands 11 foot Tiger Shark at National Seashore

KRIS Corpus Christi NewsKRIS Corpus Christi News - May 17, 2018
A group of fishermen landed a big one at the Padre Island National Seashore yesterday. Bacilio Hernandez brought the 11 foot Tiger Shark in, landing the ferocious fish was a group effort, helped out by Robert Huron, Monica Huron, Jr. Garcia and Gilbert ...  

Gray Seal

Strawberry, a rehabilitated gray seal, released into the ocean

NewsdayNewsday - Apr 22, 2018
On Sunday, Strawberry, a rehabilitated female gray seal who wasn't mature enough to make it on her own when she was rescued, was released into the waters off Ponquogue Beach as a crowd of spectators looked on. (Credit: James Carbone). Print Share.  

Fur Seal

Fur seal numbers in Victoria monitored by armchair scientists using drone footage

ABC OnlineABC Online - May 16, 2018
Phillip Island Nature Parks researcher Dr Bec McIntosh spent her summer sifting through about 16,000 drone images to count fur seal numbers on Victoria's offshore islands. She admits she's a bit "dedicated and obsessed" with fur seals, but even she ...  

Harbor Seal

Orange the harbor seal, known for her Super Bowl picks, dies at ...

FOX 61FOX 61 - May 7, 2018
NORWALK -- Orange, the harbor seal who delighted visitors at The Maritime Aquarium, has died at the age of 35. Orange suffered from cancer according to the ...  

Elephant Seal

After causing a stir, stressed-out elephant seal leaves Gonzales Beach

Times ColonistTimes Colonist - May 10, 2018
Now that she's departed Gonzales Beach for parts unknown, a young elephant seal is getting credit for teaching Victorians how to be better hosts. The juvenile seal caused a stir after she arrived in April to shed her outer fur and skin as a part of a ...  

Polar Bear

Polar bear looking for nightlife

The Independent Barents ObserverThe Independent Barents Observer - May 23, 2018
Click on the photo to see more. Bjørn Frantzen tells that the bear first ambled through Hiorthamn on the other side of Adventfjorden towards the delta in the Adventsdalen. Slowly walking towards Longyearbyen, the bear listened curiously to the sounds ...  

Brown Bear

Mama means business... get away from my cubs! Black bear sow chases brown bear

KTUU.comKTUU.com - May 15, 2018
She passes by the camera, but the next few photos show the sow spotting the brown bear, and giving chase in defense of her cubs. Connolly says the brown bear "must have been 2-3 times bigger than her, but she was determined and won!" He says the ...  

Black Bear

Research: Missouri's black bear population is growing

STLtoday.comSTLtoday.com - May 19, 2018
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. • An ongoing research project by the Missouri Department of Conservation has found that the state's black bear population is growing. Researcher Laura Conlee told the Springfield News-Leader that Missouri has seen high survival rates ...  

Panda Bear

Levitation Review: Panda Bear, Geologist, Lou Rebecca

Austin ChronicleAustin Chronicle - Apr 28, 2018
The solo endeavors of pioneering electro-pop troupe Animal Collective track a constellation of experimentation, each of the four members psychedelicizing their own ambient rock. Friday, two of the spearheading cooperative's stars aligned at Mohawk.  

Koala Bear

50 Americanisms That Don't Make Sense To Foreigners

HuffPostHuffPost - May 14, 2018
“Calling a koala a 'koala bear,' it's a marsupial not a bear.” ― Tiffany Schäfer-Howley. 36. “'Can I get a coffee/milkshake/etc' when ordering. No, you can't go and get it; you can have it.” ― Kate Slaney. 37. “Candy. We call it lollies/chocolate in ...  

Grizzly Bear

It's time to find the next Conductor of the Grizzlies

Grizzly Bear BluesGrizzly Bear Blues - May 18, 2018
As we all know, Mike Conley is awesome. He's a shifty, wise floor general that simply puts his team in position to win basketball games. He's a player that can fill a role, as he was the steady facilitator in the early years of the Memphis Grizzlies ...  


Tulsa Zoo Hosting Beer Tasting Benefit For Wild Chinchillas

News On 6News On 6 - Apr 27, 2018
The Tulsa Zoo is hosting its first beer-tasting benefit Friday, April 27th. It is called Conservation on Tap and all the proceeds will benefit Save the Wild Chinchillas. The non-profit organization is dedicated to restoring essential habitat for ...  


Alaska dive fishermen plead for relief from sea otters

Tyler Morning TelegraphTyler Morning Telegraph - May 18, 2018
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Northern sea otters, once hunted to the brink of extinction along Alaska's Panhandle, have made a spectacular comeback by gobbling some of the state's finest seafood — and fishermen are not happy about the competition.  


Camels blank Eagles 5-0, clinch Big South title | Sports ...
Sanford Herald - May 14, 2018

BUIES CREEK – Wes Noble tossed a complete game shutout on his Senior Day as Campbell defeated Winthrop 5-0 Sunday afternoon at Jim Perry Stadium.  


Rock art: Life-sized sculptures of dromedaries found in Saudi Arabia

Science DailyScience Daily - Feb 13, 2018
Technically, they also differ from those discovered at other Saudi sites -- frequently simple engravings of dromedaries without relief -- or the sculpted facades of Al Ḩijr (Madâ'in Şâliḩ). In addition, certain Camel Site sculptures on upper rock faces ...  


Golf: Gazelles Fifth At Brookings
Yankton Daily Press - May 18, 2018

Yankton was led by Morgan Strahl, who shot 84 to tie for 10th. Peyton Tramp shot 87, Halle Stephenson carded an 87 and Kasey Erickson shot 90 to round out the team score. Also for the Gazelles, Morgan Sundleaf shot 97 and Jillian Eidsness carded a 99.  


American Airlines bans insects, hedgehogs and goats as emotional ...

CNNMoneyCNNMoney - May 14, 2018
Comfort pets are still allowed — but the carrier is cracking down on some excesses.  


K-State research team studying effect of transportation on pigs

National Hog FarmerNational Hog Farmer - May 15, 2018
Source: Kansas State University. Kansas State University researchers are planning a road trip later this year — actually about 40 of them — to learn more about what effect that transporting pigs has on muscle fatigue in those animals. They plan to ...  


Dear oh deer! Lincoln woman finds shrieking deer trapped in her back garden

LincolnshireLiveLincolnshireLive - May 11, 2018
... high-fenced garden from higher ground and could not get back out at her home on Coulson Road today, Friday, May 11. It jumped as high as it could but to no avail - but spent hours restlessly running around as it tried to get out. The small muntjac ...  


Sifaka Lemurs Listed as 'Critically Endangered' Amid Mysterious Die-Off

EcoWatchEcoWatch - May 16, 2018
By Edward Carver. Lemurs in Madagascar have been under pressure from deforestation, poaching, drought and other challenges for years. Now, in the much-visited Berenty Reserve near the island's southern tip, one species faces a mysterious new threat.  


UCLA Baseball: Bruins Travel to Irvine Seeking to Avenge Loss to Anteaters

Bruins NationBruins Nation - May 2, 2018
The UCLA Bruin baseball team (29-10), smack dab in the middle of a seven game road trip, heads to Irvine tonight to face the UC Irvine Anteaters (25-17). First pitch from Anteater Ballpark is at 6:30 p.m.. The Bruins have not lost in seven games, last ...  


Malayan tapirs losing out to development
Malaysiakini - Apr 25, 2018

In 2017, 22 tapirs became roadkill, a slightly over two-fold increase from 10 in 2016. According to the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) records, there are currently less than 1,500 tapirs in Peninsular Malaysia. For the record, 73 ...  


VIDEO: Meghan the Okapi

AZFamilyAZFamily - May 15, 2018
VIDEO: Meghan the Okapi. Close X. Embed Video Code. Link to Video. buffering. Replay. More Videos. Caption. OFF. ON. Track : None. Presets : Aa. Aa. Aa. Aa. Font : Monospaced Serif, Proportional Serif, Monospaced Sans-Serif, Proportional Sans-Serif ...  


'Please do not shoot:' Domesticated African Serval 'Juno' lost in Pelham, wanted by owner

Alabama's News LeaderAlabama's News Leader - May 1, 2018
Wilson believes a tranquilizer might need to be used to catch him, as Servals can run at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. According to Pelham Police, Pelham Animal Control, Shelby Animal Control, and the Birmingham Zoo have been consulted in this case.  


Weekend Box Office: Deadpool Wins the Ball

Cultured VulturesCultured Vultures - May 21, 2018
Proving that dick jokes are still in fashion and no uptight white people can tell you otherwise, Fox/Marvel's Deadpool 2 burst on the scene with reasonable applause. This weekend nabbed $205.17 million from all parties, +39.4% ahead of the same frame ...  


Meet the new baby penguin at OdySea Aquarium

ABC15 ArizonaABC15 Arizona - May 23, 2018
The animal kingdom at OdySea Aquarium has expanded by one sharp-looking fluff ball. An African black-footed penguin chick pecked its way out of its shell on April 25, which coincidentally happens to be World Penguin Day, staffers said. Watch the video ...  


Banking on the bench: Pelicans will need reserves more than during back-to-back-to-back

The AdvocateThe Advocate - Mar 19, 2018
Any time Anthony Davis retreats to the bench, the New Orleans Pelicans find themselves in a critical situation. Ever since DeMarcus Cousins tore his Achilles tendon in January, every minute Davis rests is one Pelicans' opponents are pining for. And at ...  


Meet the Flockers: Pink flamingos are turning up across Harrison
Tribune-Review - May 18, 2018

Plastic pink flamingos have popped up on more than 60 Harrison homes the last month — part of a creative fundraiser implemented by Highlands High School students Relay For Life team, Ramtastic Relayers. Organizer and Highlands senior Erik Frantz was ...  

Bearded Dragon

Reward offered for missing bearded dragon last seen in Chesterfield Township

WDIV ClickOnDetroitWDIV ClickOnDetroit - May 15, 2018
There's never a dull day in Metro Detroit. Chesterfield Township police have shared an alert for, wait for it, a missing bearded dragon. "Do you have a big lizard in your back yard? This lovely lady decided to go have an adventure but her family misses ...  


The 'day spa' for pregnant sharks

BBC NewsBBC News - May 20, 2018
Divers call it a 'day spa' for sharks. Between December and March, a large number of female pregnant Dusky sharks flock to a spot in Hadera, Israel, attracted by warm water runoff from a power station. 21 May 2018. Share this with Facebook · Share this ...  


Dolphins are breaking into nets to steal fish thanks to overfishing

TreehuggerTreehugger - May 18, 2018
Fish aren't doing so well these days. "Increasing fishing efforts over the last 50 years, as well as unsustainable fishing practices, are pushing many fish stocks to the point of collapse," writes the World Wildlife Fund. "More than 30 percent of the ...  


Outdoors: Early walleye tips

ECM PublishersECM Publishers - May 19, 2018
This will be a good month to experiment with plastics such as ringworms, split tails and plastic minnow imitators. The bait shortage will mean more anglers will be switching to plastics because we have to. I have been using plastics for many years and ...  


Billion-Dollar Unicorns: BlackLine Striking Powerful Partnerships ...
Seeking Alpha - May 13, 2018

BlackLine's new partnerships look very promising but will take a few quarters to be fully generative. BlackLine's stock is trading at $40.74 with a market capit.  

Wolf Spider

Have You Seen This? Mama wolf spider carries hundreds of baby spiders on back

WRAL.comWRAL.com - May 21, 2018
The video, of course, comes from Australia, and it shows a giant wolf spider sitting on someone's fingers. That part is pretty bad by itself, but as you watch, you'll notice something moving around on the spider's back. As it turns out, what you see ...  

Widow Spider

False Widow spider bite leads to dad-of-two having leg amputated ...

Birmingham LiveBirmingham Live - May 7, 2018
Andy Perry was working as a landscaper when he fell ill.  


Here's how to attract more butterflies to your garden

Press HeraldPress Herald - May 20, 2018
I'll get to the plants needed to attract butterflies in a moment, but at least one of the non-plant items surprised me. Butterflies have to do something called puddling, which, as the name implies, means spending time in puddles, preferably puddles ...  


Why did the cows cross the road? To meet Deputy Ryan, of course.

Madison.comMadison.com - May 21, 2018
Deputy Ryan Brandon had a very mooving welcoming committee while he was out on patrol early Saturday, and he couldn't budge until the cows went home. The Dane County Sheriff's Office deputy was cruising along on a country highway in the town of ...  


Caleb Lee Hutchinson on 'American Idol': Prince's 'When Doves Cry' is his best song on season 16 so far

GoldderbyGoldderby - May 12, 2018
However, it is the most recent song that he sung, Prince's “When Doves Cry,” that topped our poll. His performance of this classic track on the May 6 show racked up a whopping 33% of viewers' votes. By comparison, “I Was Wrong” merited a mere 4%.  


How to spot ticks and fleas in dogs and treat them

THV11.com KTHVTHV11.com KTHV - May 21, 2018
How to spot ticks and fleas in dogs and treat them. Unable to load video. This time of year, pets have allergic skin conditions popping up. Here's what to do if you suspect your pet is having a reaction. Published: 12:30 PM CDT May 21, 2018. Updated ...  


Letter: Dragonflies, spray, but do something
Berkshire Eagle - May 13, 2018

Letter: Dragonflies, spray, but do something. Posted Sunday, May 13, 2018 12:27 pm. To the editor: Many years ago the mosquito spray truck would come around, usually in the evening. You saw the truck coming, you gathered any pets who were out, you ...  


Augusta gets comeback win over Hoppers

Greensboro News & RecordGreensboro News & Record - May 15, 2018
GREENJACKETS 5, HOPPERS 2. How the game was won: The Greensboro Grasshoppers claimed an early 2-0 lead, but Augusta scored the final five runs of the game while holding Greensboro scoreless in the last eight innings to seal a 5-2 Game 3 win.  


Here's why you should never kill a centipede you find in your house

Business InsiderBusiness Insider - May 11, 2018
House centipedes typically have 15 legs and can travel 1.3 feet-per-second, which explains why catching one of these bugs is nearly impossible. The typical response to a house centipede probably involves a shoe to squash the bugger before it crawls ...  


Scientists claim giant millipedes romped on Fife beach around 300million years ago

The Scottish SunThe Scottish Sun - May 5, 2018
A report into the findings said: “This rare discovery has important consequences for understanding their evolution and reproductive patterns.” The revelation came after tracks marking the path of the two monster millipedes suddenly came together.  


Iguana on the run! Woman finds 6-ft lizard in Waimanalo

KHON2KHON2 - May 3, 2018
HONOLULU (KHON2) - A huge iguana was caught on camera wandering around Waimanalo on Lei Day. The woman who recorded the video says she's never seen one that big. These reptiles are illegal in Hawaii but they're hard to catch. Jessica Aquino ...  


Genome structure of dinosaurs discovered by bird-turtle comparisons

Science DailyScience Daily - May 22, 2018
Birds (which are themselves living dinosaurs) have a lot of chromosomes compared to most other species and that is possibly one of the reasons why they are so diverse. This research suggests that the pattern of chromosomes (karyotype) seen in early ...  


Dash Hounds, Gentle Brontosaurus, Cats On Leashes

tonemadison.comtonemadison.com - May 2, 2018
Madison band Gentle Brontosaurus are an indie-pop five-piece in the lineage of eccentric, soft-spoken acts from They Might be Giants to Camera Obscura. Their name suggests a kind of restraint, as the gentleness of the band coexists with the ...  

Tyrannosaurus Rex

LEGO Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 75933 T. Rex Transport review
Brick Fanatics - May 17, 2018

75933 T. Rex Transport isn't the LEGO Group's first go at interpreting the scenario of transporting a Tyrannosaurus rex, nor their first at building a large scale truck, and it shows in the detail and mastery of how both the scenario and the vehicle in ...  

T Rex

Campagna releases images and specs for T-Rex electric three-wheeler

New AtlasNew Atlas - May 9, 2018
Last month, Canada's Campagna Motors revealed that it was teaming up with Zero Motorcycles to develop an electric version of its reverse three-wheeler, the mighty T-Rex. Now more details and, perhaps more importantly, actual photos of the prototype ...  


Neuer Archaeopteryx bei Mörnsheim entdeckt

donaukurier.dedonaukurier.de - Apr 17, 2018
Mörnsheim (DK) Es gilt durchaus als eine kleine Sensation: Im Fossilien-Besuchersteinbruch Mühlheim bei Mörnsheim (Landkreis Eichstätt) ist ein weiterer Archaeopteryx entdeckt worden. Es ist das zwölfte und bislang größte Exemplar. Allerdings ist nur ...  


Germany moves slowly on returning museum exhibits to ex-colonies

The GuardianThe Guardian - May 17, 2018
Berlin's longest-standing African is 13 metres tall and carries in his bones the wisdom of 150m years. The skeleton of the Brachiosaurus brancai, the star of the city's natural history museum, was dug up by a German paleontologist between 1909 and 1913 ...  


'Jurassic Park' dinosaur expert's next big thing: holograms

ABC27ABC27 - May 21, 2018
HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Forget the gray, green and brown dinosaurs in the “Jurassic Park” movies. Paleontologist Jack Horner wants to transport people back in time to see a feathered Tyrannosaurus rex colored bright red and a blue triceratops with red ...  


Giant ichthyosaur one of largest animals ever

EarthSkyEarthSky - Apr 25, 2018
According to the research, published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One on April 9, 2018, the 205 million-year-old bone belongs to a giant ichthyosaur, which scientists estimate was about 82 feet (26 meters) in length. That's around the size of a ...  


'Jurassic World: Evolution' Confirmed Dinosaurs List: Chungkingosaurus, Corythosaurus and More
Newsweek - May 8, 2018

A new gameplay video for Jurassic World: Evolution has just been released by IGN, showing off some new features. In the video, we see what a modern version of Zoo Tycoon looks like. You build facilities to research your dinosaurs, power stations to ...  


Kuching to be permanent home for dinosaur exhibition from 2019

The Star OnlineThe Star Online - May 14, 2018
Among the highlights of the exhibition included the Maiasaurus dinosaur protecting its eggs, the Protoceratops defending its young from the Velociraptor and the stance of the most ferocious of dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. “The cooperation between ...  

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