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Cat Breeding

CryptoKitties Blockchain Cat Breeding Game Comes Stock On HTC Exodus

Bitcoin Exchange GuideBitcoin Exchange Guide - Jul 12, 2018
In recent times it has been observed that the crypto community is obsessed with virtual cats and its collection. The hunger for cat's collection is getting more. The best virtual pet game is about to be launched in mobile too. The best use of ...  

Cat Names

Fort Myers cat show: Everything you need to know about the 25th annual event

The News-PressThe News-Press - Jul 16, 2018
WHERE DO THOSE CRAZY-LONG CAT NAMES COME FROM? No, they're not being snooty. There's a good reason for the mile-long cat names you'll hear at the cat show. The cats have more-than-a-mouthful names like Iruskha Saxon or Blue Isles Java.  

Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat Missing In West Hartford

Patch.comPatch.com - Jul 10, 2018
WEST HARTFORD, CT — The West Hartford Animal Control is asking for residents to keep an eye out for "Clara" a cat that went missing from the area of Pioneer Drive in West Hartford on July 8. "She is a friendly female, Siamese cat," the animal control ...  

Persian Cat

United Airlines pet policy bans 21 dog breeds, 4 cat breeds from flying
WTHR - Jun 21, 2018

Some of those breeds include Chow Chow, Bulldog, Shih Tzu and Persian cat. Pets will also be banned from flying when the ground temperature is below 45 degrees or above 85. United put the ban in place after several high-profile incidents occurred, ...  

Bengal Cat

Danish kitten likes to ride around the house on a robotic vacuum while sitting in a bowl full of toys

Daily MailDaily Mail - Jul 11, 2018
This content kitten is having a great time simply going along for the ride. The young cat in this video taken in Denmark earlier this year is seen swirling around on a robotic vacuum, surrounded by its best friends. Gilbert, the one-year-old Bengal cat ...  

British Shorthair

WATCH: Cat club in Malaysia organizes event for less fortunate children

Inquirer.netInquirer.net - Jun 21, 2018
... Malaysia Cat Club president Khalid Rashid said that the two messages that their group wishes to convey for the children is “to love animals and also to love oneself and others.” Among the cats present are three British shorthair cats, named Elwin ...  

Himalayan Cat

'Calm Down, Buddy!' French Bulldog Immediately Regrets Taunting Himalayan Cat

Sputnik InternationalSputnik International - Jun 26, 2018
The footage from Biddeford, Maine, shows Frankie bouncing from side to side in front of Clyde's den and running around the ottoman in an attempt to lead her fluffy frenemy out. Eventually, the Himalayan cat gets fed up with the frenchie's antics and ...  

Horse Breeding

Duchess takes the reins on visit to horse breeding farm in Wales

Belfast TelegraphBelfast Telegraph - Jul 4, 2018
The Duchess of Cornwall donned shades as she soaked up more sun on day two of her tour of Wales with husband Prince Charles. Camilla enjoyed a ride in a horse-drawn carriage on Dyfed Shire Horse Farm, which has been open to the public for 25 years.  

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding quartet blazes Olympic Discovery Trail

Port Townsend LeaderPort Townsend Leader - Jul 11, 2018
A quartet of equestriennes got together to blaze a trail, so to speak, by riding from Port Townsend to Lake Crescent on the existing Olympic Discovery Trail. “To my knowledge, we were the first horseback riders to do so,” Port Townsend resident Summer ...  

Horse Training

Horse Training Facility Closing

KATC Lafayette NewsKATC Lafayette News - Jul 13, 2018
The historic Evangeline Training Center is closing after more than a decade of business. The facility is located at the old Evangeline Downs site. Horse owner Paul Senegal, Jr. is hustling to find a new home for his race horse. "Having to go somewhere ...  


How IFYR competitor Tatum Schafer avoided death and returned to the rodeo circuit

NewsOK.comNewsOK.com - Jul 14, 2018
The two friends and rodeo buddies were at Smedley's house preparing to practice after school. They needed to head to Schafer's home to grab some ropes and miscellaneous items before they could begin. Smedley was driving and acted as if she was going ...  

Freshwater Aquariums

An Ohio Franchise Goes All In On Aquariums

PetProductNews.com (blog)PetProductNews.com (blog) - Dec 13, 2017
We are the only place in town with a wide variety of live plants for freshwater aquariums, and plants add an extra dimension to the aquarium experience. Hagen Fluval LED lights, desktop aquariums and filters move very well along with Underwater ...  

Saltwater Aquariums

Where there's smoke, there's fire — and Fort Myers' best-kept barbecue secret

The News-PressThe News-Press - Jul 13, 2018
It didn't help that we'd just spent the last few hours at what was then called The Imaginarium going full-tilt, pinballing from sandbox to citrus trees to swans to saltwater aquariums. Reconciling the interests of big and little brothers in a hands-on ...  

Butterfly Watching

Go butterfly watching in Delhi or trekking in Mumbai: City trails that are perfect for a mid-week break

Economic TimesEconomic Times - Jul 12, 2018
If you are pressed for time but wish to venture out then opt for trails in and around your city. Few suggestions are here: MUMBAI: SANJAY GANDHI NATIONAL PARK Starting Point: Northern end of the park. Time: Between 6 am -7 am œ The peaceful trek ...  


Beekeeping restrictions cause buzz in Montebello

News 12 Hudson ValleyNews 12 Hudson Valley - Jul 14, 2018
A new law in the village of Montebello is causing a buzz among beekeepers. The village of Montebello passed and enacted a beekeeping law earlier this year that some say is too restrictive and makes it nearly impossible to keep honeybee hives. Honeybees ...  

Bird Watching

Bird Watching 101
WPRI 12 Eyewitness News - Jul 11, 2018

The Rhode Show Content Disclaimer. The information, advice and answers displayed in The Rhode Show section of WPRI.com are those of individual sponsors and guests and not WPRI-TV/Nexstar Media Group, Inc. WPRI.com presents this content on ...  


Sauk Rapids Man Shares His Experience in Falconry [VIDEO]

WJON NewsWJON News - Jul 19, 2018
SARTELL -- While some of us live with cats or dogs, Jake Weber of Sauk Rapids lives with a red tail hawk. Weber has been a licensed falconer for about two years, and is currently training with his bird Zero. He says having a raptor is unlike having a ...  


What Makes Parrots So Intelligent?

ForbesForbes - Jul 12, 2018
If you've lived or worked with parrots, then you know first-hand that they are quite intelligent. As many of us learned in years past from studies conducted by Irene Pepperberg and her beloved colleague, Alex, parrots demonstrate sophisticated problem ...  


Owls teach lessons under a crescent moon
Loveland Reporter-Herald - Jul 19, 2018

Some nights glow more brightly than others, and that glow might be starlight, moonlight or even cloudlight. But for me the brightest nights glow with owllight. Two nights ago, I visited an owl place that has become very special to me. Just shy of 9,000 ...  


Public gets up close with parakeets at Sawyier Library

State-Journal.comState-Journal.com - Jun 22, 2018
Parents and their children flocked to the Paul Sawyier Public Library Friday to feed, pet and watch 300 parakeets. The library hosted a “Parakeet Encounter” that was open to the public and some school groups on Friday. The parakeets were in a 38-foot ...  


Invasion of the Macaws

BloombergBloomberg - Jun 29, 2018
Today there are four species of macaws living in the wilds of Caracas. Ara ararauna—the blue and yellow variety—is the most common. Malu Gonzalez, a biology professor at Simon Bolivar University, says the macaws have assumed the role of symbol of the ...  


Don't Call Them Winged Rats—These Pigeons Are Exquisite

WIREDWIRED - Jul 15, 2018
It spotlights 15 surprisingly colorful (or otherwise fabulous) members of the Columbidae bird family, which includes pigeons and doves, proving they're not all just winged rats. “They are more than just the gray pigeon—more formally called a rock dove ...  


Smuggled birds flooding market

MaltaTodayMaltaToday - Jun 22, 2018
MaltaToday has learned that many different breeds of birds – including parrots, conures, ringnecks and different kind of finches and songbirds – are being brought over to Malta from Sicily, Reggio Calabria and Emilia Romagna by the truckload. These ...  


Introducing Across The Pond: Clever Koi owners to open Japanese cocktail bar

ABC15 ArizonaABC15 Arizona - Jul 17, 2018
PHOENIX - When Joshua James and Nicholas Campisano, the founders of Born & Raised Hospitality, opened their Asian-inspired restaurant Clever Koi in 2013, they nicknamed it "the pond." Now, the duo is opening a craft cocktail bar next door to their ...  

Guinea Pig

Angelina Jolie Was a “Guinea Pig” for David Babaii's New Haircare Line, np:beautiful

Yahoo LifestyleYahoo Lifestyle - Jul 15, 2018
"She was my guinea pig." It's not every day you hear someone refer to one of the most famous women in the world as a guinea pig, but that's the kind of relationship Babaii has with celebrities like Jolie, Uma Thurman, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and ...  


Overwatch's new adorable hamster hero Wrecking Ball goes live July 24

VentureBeatVentureBeat - Jul 17, 2018
Adding new content, especially heroes, keeps those players engaged. It also helps teams evolve new strategies, which is important for keeping its esports scene exciting. Wrecking Ball is a hamster (his real name is Hammond) that pilots a robot ball of ...  


What Do Black-footed Ferrets Sound Like? And Other Ferret Questions Answered

Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release)Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release) - Jul 13, 2018
Today, we're answering some of the most-searched questions about black-footed ferrets, North America's only native ferret species! These playful animals were once thought to be extinct but have made an incredible recovery, thanks in large part to the ...  


Midwest Reptile Show: Geckos, spiders and snakes, oh my!

Indianapolis StarIndianapolis Star - Jul 9, 2018
Autoplay. Show Thumbnails. Show Captions. Last SlideNext Slide. None. Tara Bridwell carries her pet boa constrictor on her head while she works a booth at the Midwest Reptile Show at the Indiana Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Sunday, July 8, 2018.  


“I can't thank them enough”: John Cooper Clarke hails Arctic Monkeys for 'I Wanna Be Yours' cover

NME.comNME.com - Jul 18, 2018
Punk-poet icon John Cooper Clarke has praised Arctic Monkeys, after their cover of 'I Wanna Be Yours' introduced the track to a whole new generation of fans. The track became a firm favourite among Cooper Clarke's fans upon release in 1982, before ...  


Gutsy Lions hand Gorillas second straight defeat

South Coast RegisterSouth Coast Register - Jul 9, 2018
Like most encounters between the two sides in recent years, Sunday's affair was a tough one as the Lions fought back from a half-time deficit before producing a determined defensive display at the back end of the game to consign the Gorillas to their ...  


Monkeys benefit from the nut-cracking abilities of chimpanzees and hogs

Science DailyScience Daily - Jul 19, 2018
Furthermore, since mangabeys are infrequently preyed upon by chimpanzees, he investigated whether they perceive an increased predation risk when approaching nut remnants. In total, 190 nut-cracking events were observed in four different areas of Tai ...  


Orangutans aren't as leery of us as we thought

Futurity: Research NewsFuturity: Research News - Jul 9, 2018
While scientists have long viewed orangutans as an ecologically sensitive species, they can, and do, inhabit areas humans have altered, according to a new synthesis of existing evidence. The findings may be good news for the survival of the species.  


Wild baboons have different immune systems than captive baboons

Earth.comEarth.com - Jun 26, 2018
A new study from the American Society for Microbiology has found that the presence of humans changes the structure and function of gut microbial communities among non-human primates. The investigation, which was focused on wild and captive baboons, ...  


Capuchins Captured Using Stone Tools Off Panama Mainland

Laboratory EquipmentLaboratory Equipment - Jul 9, 2018
The other species which have shown ingenuity in using tools are bonobos, chimps, gorillas, Sumatran orangutans and mandrills. But, recently baboons devised some creative use of obstacles at a Texas facility to escape a pen. Chimpanzees have also shown ...  


Fans of ModCloth and Bonobos were aghast when Walmart bought the brands. But they're still shopping

QuartzQuartz - Jul 8, 2018
When Walmart and its subsidiary, Jet.com, unexpectedly bought the popular fashion brands ModCloth and Bonobos just a few months apart last year, the brands' passionately devoted fans collectively gasped. Their beloved, quirky online shops—whose ...  


New Species of Gibbon Unearthed in Chinese Tomb

Discover Magazine (blog)Discover Magazine (blog) - Jun 21, 2018
Consisting mostly of partial facial and jaw bones, the mysterious gibbon's remains were compared to known living and extinct hylobatids, the group of primates that includes gibbons and siamangs. The scientists found this gibbon was a new genus and ...  


Dozens detained for trading protected macaques

ecnsecns - Jul 5, 2018
"Macaques are listed in China as a Level II protected species," said Liu Peng, a police officer with the Baoying Public Security Bureau. "According to China's Wildlife Protection Law, anyone who sells, purchases or uses such animals - or products made ...  

Colobus Monkeys

Kipipiri colobus monkeys to be moved to Soysambu

The Star, KenyaThe Star, Kenya - Jul 5, 2018
The endangered colobus monkeys in Nyandarua county will be moved to new habitats. Conservationist Solomon Gitau yesterday said 60 will be taken to Soysambu Conservancy near Lake Elementaita next week. The rest will be relocated to Ngong' Forest.  


Golden lion tamarins born at National Zoo

WTOPWTOP - Jul 2, 2018
WASHINGTON — It's no monkey business. The National Zoo is celebrating the birth of two endangered animals. Two golden lion tamarins were born at the zoo on Friday, June 29, to first-time parents Mo and Izzy. The endangered monkeys have been ...  


Capuchins Captured Using Stone Tools Off Panama Mainland

Laboratory EquipmentLaboratory Equipment - Jul 9, 2018
A handful of primate species use tools to hunt and perform other tasks, as research has shown since Jane Goodall first witnessed a chimp “fishing” for food in a termite mound in the 1960s. But now, a new group of white-faced capuchin monkeys have been ...  


Research: Why don't we have them? Maybe because we have each other —

TdnewsTdnews - Jun 21, 2018
They also come from five different genera of ancient primates that belonged to the omomyoids, the ancestors of monkeys, apes, humans and tarsiers — not the branch of primates that gave rise to lemurs, lorises and galagoes. In 2013, Boyer was at the ...  


Early Primates Groomed with Claws

Scientific American (blog)Scientific American (blog) - Jul 11, 2018
Among some modern primates - namely lemurs, lorises, and tarsiers, and two New World monkeys - the second toe on each foot has a toilet claw. (And tarsiers, just to be weird, have a second toilet claw on their third toe.) It's a grooming appendage that ...  


Zika Study Finds High Miscarriage Rate In Infected Primates

Texas Public RadioTexas Public Radio - Jul 5, 2018
Researchers at Texas Biomedical Research Institute have found that all marmosets infected with Zika early in their pregnancies lose those pregnancies. Those findings were added to pregnant primate research from other primate research centers, leading ...  


'Gator Girl' Christy Kroboth earns $60000 each year wrangling alligators

CNBCCNBC - Jul 13, 2018
In south Texas, residential communities are often built on top of bayous, marshes and swamps, allowing alligators to live dangerously close to small children and pets. It's common to see alligators in backyards, under cars, on golf courses and in ...  


Record number of crocodiles removed from Queensland waters

The GuardianThe Guardian - Jul 13, 2018
A record number of “problem” crocodiles were removed from north Queensland waters in the past 12 months, a Queensland government report reveals. The Queensland Crocodile Management Update released on Friday showed 84 crocodiles were removed ...  


Caiman, not alligator, found in Hamblen County, TWRA says

WATE 6 On Your SideWATE 6 On Your Side - Jun 25, 2018
It was turned over to a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer, who then took it to the Knoxville Zoo, where it was identified as a caiman. The officer was going to take it to Rainforest Adventures in Sevierville, but was contacted by the caiman's ...  


An “Unholy” River Protects The Last Of These Rare Crocs

Discover Magazine (blog)Discover Magazine (blog) - Jul 4, 2018
“We opened a Pandora's box. There was all this stuff we didn't know,” says Lang, now a scientific advisor for the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and the Gharial Conservation Alliance. To help fill the many knowledge gaps surrounding these imperiled ...  


Make your garden frog friendly – amphibians are in decline thanks to dry ponds

Phys.OrgPhys.Org - Jul 5, 2018
Population declines in amphibians is caused by the reduction of garden ponds, and the reduced numbers of ponds in the wider countryside. We lost 50% of our ponds in the UK over the 20th century, and many that are left are in a poor condition because of ...  


Brookfield Zoo announces the birth of an antelope

Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Sun-Times - Jul 6, 2018
A dik-dik, one of the smallest antelopes in the world, has been born at Brookfield Zoo. Zoo officials said the baby antelope checked in at 1 1/2 pounds. The male dik-dik was born June 4. A full-grown dik-dik can weigh up to 14 pounds and measure 14 to ...  


Arachnids may sense electrical fields to gain a true spidey sense

Popular SciencePopular Science - Jul 5, 2018
Spiders: it shouldn't be surprising that a creature with four times our number of legs and eyes sees the world a little differently. But as research is starting to reveal, arachnids can even perceive forces we can't. A new study from researchers at the ...  


Beavers are moving into the Arctic — you can see it from space

KTOOKTOO - Jul 11, 2018
The Arctic tundra in Northwest Alaska is being colonized by a new species: beavers. Historical records and previous studies indicated that Alaska's boreal forests were the northern edge of the species. But a new analysis of satellite data shows the ...  


Japanese-inspired arcade-restaurant opens in Buffalo

WIVB-TV News 4WIVB-TV News 4 - Jul 15, 2018
BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) - A Japanese-inspired arcade-restaurant is open in downtown Buffalo. Misuta Chows opened in a two-story building on Main Street. You'll find a cocktail bar on the first floor, a beer bar on the second floor, and plenty of gaming ...  


Four baby cheetahs show off their spots at Parc Safari | CTV ...

CTV NewsCTV News - Jul 12, 2018
Four baby cheetahs made their first outing with their mother this week, ten weeks after being born at Parc Safari.  


Silence in the deep: Inside the HMS Ocelot stealth submarine

CNETCNET - Jul 18, 2018
For 29 years, Her Majesty's Submarine Ocelot quietly patrolled the Atlantic. Many of her missions are still classified to this day, nearly 30 years removed from her decommission in 1991. For months at a time, her crew of 69 men would stealthily listen ...  


Coyote possibly to blame for deaths of 2 baby deer at high school

NJ.comNJ.com - Jul 20, 2018
A coyote is "possibly" to blame for the death of two young deer at North Jersey high school, authorities say. The Metuchen Police Department sent out a community alert about the incident on Friday. "Earlier this week, two deer fawn were killed near the ...  


Botswana Moves to Lift Hunting Ban of Elephants

teleSUR tv HTTPS (press release) (blog)teleSUR tv HTTPS (press release) (blog) - Jul 15, 2018
“Communities have become very hostile and negative towards wildlife,” said Konstantinos Markus, a member of parliament from the wildlife-rich northwestern part of Botswana. He said crop raiding by elephants in the Chobe district in the north had ...  


'Foxes acting crazy': As bites continue, Alabama wildlife experts urge calm

AL.comAL.com - Jul 11, 2018
Jones said that while there has been rabies detected in some of the foxes, not all of them are carriers of the virus. In some cases, the foxes will display erratic behavior that, instead of rabies, can be another disease - such as canine distemper ...  


How to transfer giraffes?

ecnsecns - Jul 18, 2018
(ECNS)--Two giraffes will be transferred from Yunnan Wildlife Park to a new home in Nanning, capital city of neighboring Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Transferring such tall and timid animals requires detailed planning. A tall box with many holes ...  


'Masked' Byzantine Weight Found in Hippos Indicates Ginger Relations Between Christians and First Caliphate

HaaretzHaaretz - Jul 11, 2018
A Byzantine weight with a largely concealed image of the True Cross, found in the ruins of a church in the Galilean city of Hippos, indicates that the new Muslim overlords of the Holy Land may have had more delicate relations with the Christian ...  


Birds and bugs: Birds eat up to 550 million tons of insects each year

Just in case you were curious: Scientists have determined that the world's birds eat 450 to 550 million tons of insects each year. That's as many as 20 quadrillion ...  


The Sad Reason Kangaroos Are Acting Drunk

Live ScienceLive Science - Jul 12, 2018
Some kangaroos in southeastern Australia are acting wonky, almost as if they were drunk. But what exactly is causing their bizarre, tipsy behavior? Recent footage shows the unsteady kangaroos, their heads wobbling and shaking; they lurch sideways ...  


Leopards, pythons and zebras turned into potions, boots and lamps. This warehouse holds the grisly goods of an ...

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times - Jul 13, 2018
This nondescript warehouse on the outskirts of Denver offers a creepy, deeply macabre view into both the human psyche and the multibillion-dollar illegal wildlife trade. Tall shelves run the length of the 16,000-square-foot facility laden with animals ...  


Detroit Lions Lookback: Bobby Layne, The 1952 season

Sidelion ReportSidelion Report - Jul 14, 2018
This week's Lookback remembers legendary Detroit Lions quarterback Bobby Layne and how he led the Lions to the 1952 NFL Championship. Nowadays it seems almost as if most Detroit Lions fans are leery, sarcastic and pessimistic. In our defense though, ...  


New additions contribute as red-hot Bayhawks beat rival Lizards

CapitalGazette.comCapitalGazette.com - Jul 8, 2018
This is an interesting period for Major League Lacrosse as almost every team is without multiple players participating in the Federation of International Lacrosse World Championships. Chesapeake was hit hard by the world games as starting close ...  


How Fast Can You Deliver PB&Js? How Many Meerkats Can Survive?

FiveThirtyEightFiveThirtyEight - Jul 6, 2018
Welcome to The Riddler. Every week, I offer up problems related to the things we hold dear around here: math, logic and probability. There are two types: Riddler Express for those of you who want something bite-size and Riddler Classic for those of you ...  


10 questions (and answers) about the future of the Carolina Panthers under David Tepper

Charlotte Observer (blog)Charlotte Observer (blog) - Jul 13, 2018
One of the things most obvious about new Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper is his energy. Tepper's first Charlotte press conference Tuesday was notable both for the bounce in Tepper's step and the big ideas he threw around with the sort of easy ...  

Prairie Dogs

Nebraska Prairie Dogs Rescued After University Land Sale
U.S. News & World Report - Jul 9, 2018

Nebraska Prairie Dogs Rescued After University Land Sale. Volunteers have rescued about 230 prairie dogs under threat after a Nebraska university sold its research lab land to farmers who planned to dispose of the animal colony. July 9, 2018, at 4:00 p.m..  


Raccoons damage historic museum

Brownsville HeraldBrownsville Herald - Jul 12, 2018
Rain dripped through the hospital's cedar shake roof via holes torn into it by raccoons, museum officials said, leading to the partial collapse of a drywall ceiling onto exhibits below. Joel Humphries, director of the city's arts and entertainment ...  


Australia's Reptiles are at Risk of Extinction
Island Conservation News - Jul 13, 2018

Australia has lost more animals to extinction than any other country in the world. They are going through an extinction crisis that keeps worsening; researchers recently announced that seven percent of Australia's reptiles are on the verge of extinction.  


Why 8 Endangered Rhinos Died in Mission to Save Them

Live ScienceLive Science - Jul 16, 2018
Preliminary investigations showed that once the black rhinos (Diceros bicornis) arrived at the newly created sanctuary in Tsavo East National Park, they gulped down water with a high salt content. The more salty water the rhinos drank, the thirstier ...  


Local fish market shuts down due to rodents, other health violations

KTALKTAL - Jul 18, 2018
A popular fish market in Shreveport has closed its doors after health inspectors found rodents, rusted silverware and other violations.  


Ward off evil squirrels, take care of good birds and harvest great garlic

WTOPWTOP - Jul 20, 2018
Chris in Forestville, Maryland, writes: “I'm having a terrible time with squirrels getting to my tomatoes. I tried Liquid Fence granular animal repellent; it lasted about a day before the squirrels were back. I put down more repellent and the squirrels ...  


MLB trade rumors: Tigers exploring deals for outfielder Nicholas Castellanos

Sporting NewsSporting News - Jul 14, 2018
The Tigers may be looking to trade slugger Nicholas Castellanos. Refresh. WATCH: Heath Fillmyer's first MLB strikeout. Loading video . WATCH: Heath Fillmyer's first MLB strikeout - will play after this ad. Play. Quality. 0. 0:24. 0:24 0:24 / 0:24 ...  


Pennsylvania man charged with trafficking over 3500 turtles

Washington PostWashington Post - Jul 10, 2018
PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania man has been indicted on charges of trafficking more than 3,500 protected turtles. U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania says David Sommers poached diamondback terrapins and their eggs from ...  


Desert tortoises up for adoption

Edwards Air Force BaseEdwards Air Force Base - Jul 11, 2018
The Edwards Air Force Base Desert Tortoise Adoption Program is looking for base residents to foster captive desert tortoises. Members of the program say desert tortoises are low maintenance and make great pets. Adoptions through the program are free ...  

Wild Cats

Wild Cats Brought to Eureka Springs Refuge

KNWAKNWA - Jul 6, 2018
EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA) -- The Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge brought in some new additions to the park Friday. Team members arrived from Buffalo, N.Y., Friday morning after rescuing two 12-week-old male servals and one male Savannah cat ...  


Research student climbs tree to escape wolf pack near Washington campground

SPOKANE, Wash. – A helicopter had to rescue a research student Thursday afternoon after a group of wolves surrounded her near a Washington campground. Okanogan County dispatch received a call around 12:30 p.m. from the student, who was surveying ...  


Securing a future for Grevy's zebras and the cultures of northern Kenya (commentary)

Mongabay.comMongabay.com - Jul 19, 2018
A plains zebra (Equus burchelli) mingles with a herd of Grevy's zebras (Equus grevyi) on the Naibelebele Plains, Westgate Conservancy. The Grevy's zebra physically differs from the plains by its larger size, thinner stripes, and more streamlined build.  


Hear pop-punk band at Armadillo

Davis EnterpriseDavis Enterprise - Jul 17, 2018
The Warhols, an alternative pop-punk band from Livermore, will play a free all-ages show from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, July 20, at Armadillo Music, 207 F St. in Davis. The Warhols combine attacking drums with droning guitar tones that are all tied ...  

American Bison

He left LA for Idyllwild, and the allure of American bison

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times - Jul 14, 2018
He developed his American bison leather goods brand to revive artisans' traditions that result in beautifully designed, high-quality accessories. He transports the domestically-sourced bison hides to a team he found in L.A., noted for taking that rough ...  


Saving the manatee one step at a time | News | presspubs.com

Florida WeeklyPress Pubs - Jul 10, 2018
In the clear water of Florida's Blue Spring State Park, majestic creatures surrounded Wayne Hartley's canoe, surfacing gently to breathe one after another, ...  


Take A Tour: The Duniway and Jackrabbit, Portland

ForbesForbes - Jul 6, 2018
“We wanted restaurant patrons to get a sense of Portland nostalgia in a contemporary industrial dining setting,” says Zak Ostrowski, co-partner of Punch, whose design for Jackrabbit won an Excellence in Design Award from the American Institute of ...  


This Porcupette, aka Baby Porcupine, Might Be the Cutest Zoo Birth of 2018

PEOPLE.comPEOPLE.com - Jul 11, 2018
Hi! Hello! We are here with some important news. Did you know that baby porcupines are also called porcupettes? Well, now you do and your life is better for it. Even better still, a new porcupette recently joined the ranks of the world. The baby ...  


Birdseed a bigger problem than Simon, Alvin, Theodore and other chipmunks

WTOPWTOP - Jul 6, 2018
Paula in Indian Head, Maryland, writes: “I have a chipmunk living under my house. I like them and think they are cute, but they are rodents. Should I plan to catch and relocate it or just leave it alone? I feed a lot of birds, so there is plenty of ...  

Bull Frog

Sunscreen Market Analysis Key Players: Aura, Badger, Borealis, Bull Frog, Clairol, Dickies
Digital Journal - Jul 14, 2018

A closer look at the overall business scenario presented through self-explanatory charts, tables, and graphics images add greater value to the study. This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire. New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2018 -- A ...  

American Crow

Feathered Friends – Summer count finds 110 species in county

Erwin RecordErwin Record - Jul 19, 2018
White-eyed vireo, 4; blue-headed vireo, 27; warbling vireo, 2; red-eyed vireo, 136; blue jay, 76; American crow, 136; and common raven, 5. Northern rough-winged swallow, 36; purple martin, 41; tree swallow, 85; barn swallow, 115; and cliff swallow, 115.  


Milwaukee Home founder sells business to owner of The Waxwing

BizTimes.com (Milwaukee)BizTimes.com (Milwaukee) - Jul 9, 2018
The Waxwing is located at 1800 E. North Ave. on Milwaukee's East Side. Davies opened the shop in a 450-square-foot space in 2011, and it has since moved to a larger 1,800-square-foot store. The shop sells only handmade goods from U.S. artists, with a ...  


Baby starlings found in Gander home need their mom, SPCA says

Yahoo News Canada (blog)Yahoo News Canada (blog) - Jul 13, 2018
The Gander SPCA is looking after a family of six babies — but they're not a species you'd typically find at the shelter. A nest of starlings was delivered to the SPCA after the birds were found in the vents of a new home being built nearby. "They were ...  


Malta's 'barbaric' finch traps ruled illegal by EU court

The GuardianThe Guardian - Jun 21, 2018
According to BirdLife, the court verdict effectively outlaws the trapping of finches in Malta, which had been due to resume with this autumn's hunting season. It will directly apply to seven protected species: siskins, goldfinches, European serins ...  


Pheasants Forever drills help people plant for wildlife

North Platte TelegraphNorth Platte Telegraph - Jul 12, 2018
The drill will be rented to landowners in that area to establish wildlife habitat, according to a Pheasants Forever press release. Jake Koenig, Farm Bill wildlife biologist with Pheasants Forever in North Platte, said the local chapter also has a drill ...  


Anhinga posing at Sharon Rose Wiechens Preserve in The Villages
Villages-News - Jul 12, 2018

COMMENTS DISCLAIMER We encourage users to issue comments that are well-informed and are relevant to the article in question. To be approved for publication, comments should be civil and avoid name-calling, personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity, ...  


Crews break ground on home intended to raise funds to help Jessops, others with terminally ill children

St George NewsSt George News - Jul 12, 2018
The costs of building the House of Hope and selling it will go to the Spoonbill Foundation to help the Jessop family – and many other children in the country suffering from PKAN – afford the drug the Spoonbill Foundation is currently working on.  


Spot-breasted Woodpecker

Stabroek NewsStabroek News - Jul 8, 2018
The spot-breasted woodpecker is found in a wide variety of habitats such as rainforests, mangroves and swamp edges among others throughout Amazonia, the Guianas, Venezuela and Northern Colombia. The Spot-breasted Woodpecker may be seen alone, ...  


Va. family rescues 10 seahorses, including pregnant male

wtvr.comwtvr.com - Jul 16, 2018
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The Brandis family and Chesapeake Bay Foundation rescued 10 seahorses on Thursday. The scene unfolded on Chic's Beach when the family and their babysitter Megan Flynn discovered a fishing net washed up on shore, the ...  

Sea Lions

Watch 7 rehabbed sea lions brave big surf as they are released back to the sea

OCRegisterOCRegister - Jul 10, 2018
The drone video, shot by Orange County Outdoors founder and local photographer Mark Girardeau, shows the sea lions dart from the beach to the ocean as the doors to their cages are opened. Crowds watched as, within moments, the mammals were ...  


Swarms of moon jellyfish like 'oil slick' off Ceredigion coast

BBC NewsBBC News - Jul 12, 2018
When dolphin spotters saw a sea of pink in the waters off the coast of Ceredigion they thought it was an oil slick. But when they got closer they realised the colourful pattern was actually being caused by thousands of jellyfish. Skipper Jonathan Evans ...  


Sailfish for the Gemini PDA lets you ditch Android

EngadgetEngadget - Jun 27, 2018
The Gemini PDA is a throwback to the days when people thought they needed a physical keyboard to manage their portable devices. Sailfish OS is an Android alternative based in part on Nokia's MeeGo project and created for the Jolla phone that works on ...  


Video: Parrotfish feed on coral reef in the Chagos Archipelago
Daily Mail - Jul 11, 2018

Video: Parrotfish feed on coral reef in the Chagos Archipelago. Professor Nick Graham of Lancaster University and colleagues studied the northern atolls of the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The video shows parrotfish feeding on a coral reef ...  


Alaskana recipe: Halibut Olympia a little better than you remember

Anchorage Daily NewsAnchorage Daily News - Jul 12, 2018
Tracking the DNA of the classic Alaska baked fish dish, halibut Olympia, took me down some cool rabbit holes related to the advent of power generation in Alaska (beginning the in the late 19th century), the history of jarred mayonnaise (Best Foods ...  


Thomasina Miers' recipe for caesar salad with grilled mackerel

The GuardianThe Guardian - Jul 14, 2018
Meanwhile, for the mackerel, bash the anchovy and smoked paprika together in the mortar. Mix in the butter before putting the mackerel fillets on a foil-lined tray and dotting them with the anchovy butter. Grill for about 90 seconds until the butter is ...  


Nintendo eShop fills up on Toads and travelers this week

PolygonPolygon - Jul 12, 2018
Some people think that the summer is bone-dry for new games. This week's Nintendo eShop proves us wrong, yet again, with at least two titles that you should be excited about. For JRPG fans, Square Enix has arrived; if you're a puzzle-platformer gal, ...  


These American salamanders are tougher than climate change — for now

Washington PostWashington Post - Jul 11, 2018
Imagine thousands of pounds of salamanders per square mile. (I know, I can't either.) Some places in North America, like the Appalachian Mountains, have literal tons of the freckled, sticky amphibians. You just do not see them unless you know where to ...  

Tree Frog

Tree frog rescued by Townsville man after being spat up by snake

9news.com.au9news.com.au - Jul 13, 2018
The 'luckiest tree frog in the world' has been released back into the wild a month after being revived by a snake catcher. Townsville man Jamie Chapel gave the frog CPR after it was spat up by a tree snake he was trying to catch in June. Unsurprisingly ...  

Leaf Frog

Family: 'Frogs and Friends' at Allentown's Da Vinci Science Center

Allentown Morning CallAllentown Morning Call - Jun 13, 2018
... who has a huge mouth and a very sticky tongue; a Cane toad, the world's largest species of toad; a milky tree frog, a frog that lives in the trees in the Amazon rain forest; a Solomon Island leaf frog, a master of camouflage and an ambush predator ...  

Dart Frog

Wanna play Worms of Garfield? AI makes bizarre fake video game titles

CNETCNET - Jul 6, 2018
This blue poison dart frog could be the hero in a fake video game called Dark vs. Frog, created by artificial intelligence. Wikimedia Commons/Quartl. There's no arguing that artificial intelligence plays an important role protecting the lives of humans ...  

Coral Snake

North Fort Myers man says coral snake killed dog

Wink NewsWink News - Jul 11, 2018
North Fort Myers resident William Bonfirm said both of his dogs were bit by a coral snake in his backyard. “It's frustrating because it's one of my pets,” Bonfirm said. “If it was one of my kids it would be a very bad situation. It's very sad that I ...  


Rattlesnakes really want to 'be left alone and go undetected' (video)

PennLive.comPennLive.com - Jul 15, 2018
Reports of roaming rattlesnakes in Susquehanna Township and elsewhere this summer have brought to the surface commonly held fear and loathing of snakes, with many commenters on media websites and in social media bragging about snakes they have ...  


Snake catcher's agonising boomslang bite ordeal

Times LIVETimes LIVE - Jun 20, 2018
Although he is battling to breathe‚ has suffered severe lung and organ damage and is covered in blisters‚ hopes are high that a Port Elizabeth snake catcher – bitten by a deadly boomslang two weeks ago – will make a full recovery. Dewald Els‚ 43‚ who ...  


Talamancan Palm-Pitviper: Cryptic New Species of Venomous Snake Identified in Costa Rica

Sci-News.comSci-News.com - Jul 19, 2016
The new species is a small to medium sized pitviper, measuring 24 inches (61 cm) on average. It inhabits a limited area in the north of the Talamancan Cordillera, Costa Rica. “The newly discovered Talamancan palm-pitviper is a striking green-and-black ...  

Sea Snake

Rare sea snake spotted in Tauranga waters

Otago Daily TimesNew Zealand Herald - Jun 15, 2018
A rare sighting of a highly venomous and endangered sea creature in Tauranga waters has stunned marine experts. A sea krait spotted by people working on a boat in the Tauranga Bridge Marina on Sunday. At first glance, the creature was presumed to be a ...  

Rat Snake

Texas man finds 6-foot-long rat snake in fireplace

KPRC Click2HoustonKPRC Click2Houston - Jul 12, 2018
TRINITY COUNTY, Texas - It definitely wasn't what one Trinity County man expected to find in his fireplace. Gary David Antley said he heard a loud noise in the middle of the night, and when he went to check it out, found a 6-foot-long Texas rat snake ...  

King Cobra

Teenager Killed by Pet King Cobra, Expert: Incorrect First Aid

NetralnewsNetralnews - Jul 12, 2018
JAKARTA, NNC - Rizki Ahmad, a 19-year old teenager fond of reptiles in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, was killed by his own pet King Cobra. The incident occurred during the morning sports activity at the Great Roundabout of Palangkaraya, Central ...  

Corn Snake

'I'm sh*****g masel" Corn snake on loose in Castlemilk street causes chaos

Scottish Daily RecordScottish Daily Record - Jul 13, 2018
The albino corn snake, a species native to the southeastern United States, is harmless and likely to have been kept as a pet. The breed of snake has a docile nature, is reluctant to bite and subdues its small prey by constriction. But Bobbileigh wasn't ...  

Black Mamba

Police say taking of Black Mamba in Derby is in decline

Derbyshire LiveDerbyshire Live - Jun 25, 2018
A major police operation to tackle the supply of Black Mamba in Derby has already had a significant impact on the use of the drug in the city after just two weeks, according to one of the county's most senior cops. More than 20 people have been charged ...  


Gucci Revisits Its Popular “Kingsnake” Graphic With New Leather Watch

After exploring several statement accessories spotlighting its now famed angry cat caricature, it appears that Gucci is moving back to yet another familiar animal motif. The high-end luxury label once again revisits its “Kingsnake” graphic with a ...  

Python Snake

India python: Snake tries to strangle West Bengal photo taker

PEOPLE.comBBC News - Jun 19, 2018
An Indian forest ranger had a narrow escape after a rock python briefly attempted to strangle him while he posed for pictures with the giant snake. Sanjay Dutta was called in by frantic villagers in Sahebbari, West Bengal after they saw the 18ft (5.5m ...  

Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor awakens New York man after falling from bedroom ...

Fox NewsFox News - Jul 12, 2018
A man in Pulaski, New York awoke to an unsettling surprise late last month: a boa constrictor.  

Gopher Snake

13 ways to stop slithering snakes

St George NewsSt George News - Jul 7, 2018
The snakes most people are likely to see in their yards will be nonvenomous, such as the garter or gopher snake. If you encounter a snake in or around your home, keep calm and follow these tips. 1. Mow grass often and keep it fairly short. Snakes are ...  

Indigo Snake

Story about snake wrangling deputy

KIIITV.comKIIITV.com - Jun 19, 2018
Story about snake wrangling deputy. Unable to load video. Its a picture that went viral, Scotten looked more like a snake charmer as she held a 4-foot long Texas Blue Indigo snake in her hands. Published: 7:01 PM CDT June 18, 2018 ...  

Garter Snake

Explore some green spaces for nature lessons
News Chief - Jul 14, 2018

I did get a lesson in reptile handling when I grabbed a garter snake at what I thought was a location just behind its head, though it was difficult to see exactly where the head was in ground debris. It turns out I grabbed it a little too far back and ...  

Water Snake

Discover Nature: Water Snakes

KBIAKBIA - Jun 13, 2018
Missouri's semi-aquatic snakes include the most prolific, Northern water snake, the diamond-backed water snake, yellow-bellied water snake, broad-banded water snake, and graham's crayfish snake. Western mud snakes and Mississippi green water snakes ...  

Blue Whale

Saudi Arabia Bans 47 Video Games Including the Killer Blue Whale

Al-BawabaAl-Bawaba - Jul 18, 2018
They reportedly killed themselves after playing the so-called 'Blue Whale' social media game, though the agency did not say what the connection was. Also known as the Blue Whale Challenge, participants are said to be given a series of tasks to complete ...  

Humpback Whale

Killer Whale

Killer whales spotted hunting humpback off Sydney

9news.com.au9news.com.au - Jul 12, 2018
It's the time of year where it's not unusual to see whales off the coast of Sydney, as hundreds of humpbacks migrate north to warmer waters over the winter months. However, it is rare to see a pod of killer whales. A Go Whale Watching Sydney tour was ...  

Beaked Whale

Right Whale

Markey, Warren support right whale legislation

Cape Cod TimesCape Cod Times - Jul 11, 2018
Sens. Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren will co-sponsor the SAVE Right Whales Act, filed June 7 by four other Atlantic Coast senators. “Senator Markey wanted to ensure that all of the stakeholders in Massachusetts that would be impacted by the ...  

Minke Whale

Whale sighting wows Devon boat passengers

Devon LiveDevon Live - Jul 16, 2018
Passengers enjoying a coastal cruise in the sunshine off Torbay at the weekend were treated to a glimpse of a rare sea creature. The minke whale broke the surface off Brixham as the Paignton-based Dart Princess pleasure boat went by. Skipper Ashley ...  

Sperm Whale

Bowhead Whale

Coral Harbour hunters land early summer bowhead whale

Nunatsiaq NewsNunatsiaq News - Jul 7, 2018
From the moment the first harpoon went into the bowhead whale until the time hunters hauled the animal to the floe edge, only about 30 minutes had passed. But it felt much longer, as the 75-tonne whale writhed on the harpoon line and, at one point ...  

Grey Whale

Ancient bones reveal forgotten history of whales

Arab NewsBBC News - Jul 11, 2018
The North Atlantic right whale has been driven to near extinction after centuries of whaling, while the grey whale has completely disappeared from the North Atlantic and is now restricted to the North Pacific. The ancient whale bones give an important ...  

Beluga Whale

Swim so wild and free: Beluga whale-watching on the Miramichi River

CBC.caCBC.ca - Jul 11, 2018
Miramichi River Boat Tours has explored the gems of the New Brunswick waterway for years — but this week something rather rare turned up. Around suppertime, Azade Haché was cleaning his tour boat at Ritchie Wharf Park in Miramichi after a day filled ...  

Whale Shark

Rescuers hoping for a chance to free entangled whale shark of Maui

BNQTBNQT - Jul 13, 2018
Dive-boat crews in Maui are keeping their eyes out for an entangled whale shark in the hope that a disentanglement team can be dispatched to help the gentle giant. The juvenile whale shark, measuring 15 to 18 feet, was first spotted Sunday off Olowalu, ...  

Great White Shark

Get set for Shark Week 2018: Great white tracked off New York coast

SILive.comSILive.com - Jul 18, 2018
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- As shark-lovers gear up for the annual Discovery Channel's Shark Week series, which begins Sunday, a great white shark was recently tracked not too far from Staten Island's shore. Scientists at the non-profit group OSEARCH are ...  

Tiger Shark

UM biologist's star turn on Shark Week: Coaching 'Gronk' on hanging out with tigers

Miami HeraldMiami Herald - Jul 20, 2018
For Tiger Shark Invasion, Hammerschlag traveled to the Galapagos Islands with colleague Alex Hearn to study why the tiger population has increased there. “The Galapagos is a shark mecca with high diversity,” he said. “Tigers have a wide diet. They eat ...  

Gray Seal

Dare to Compare: What's the Difference Between Sea Lions and Seals?

Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release)Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release) - Jun 29, 2018
Seals, like the gray seal and harbor seal, typically have shorter flippers than their sea lion cousins. 4. What color is a seal? Depending on the species, the color of a seal's coat varies from white to gray to brownish black, sometimes with dark or ...  

Fur Seal

Fur Seal Study Provides Insight Into the Function of REM Sleep

Sleep ReviewSleep Review - Jul 9, 2018
“We show that when the fur seal stays in seawater, where it spends most of its life, it goes without REM sleep for days or weeks,” Siegel says in a release. “After this nearly complete elimination of REM sleep, it displays minimal or no REM sleep ...  

Harbor Seal

SeaWorld Rescues Harbor Seal With Gill Net Embedded in Her ...

NBC Bay AreaNBC Bay Area - Jul 17, 2018
A harbor seal was found at the Children's Pool in La Jolla with a net embedded so deeply into her neck, it was centimeters from her vertebrae. Members of the ...  

Elephant Seal

Experts: Seal pups should be left alone
South Whidbey Record - Jul 13, 2018

One female elephant seal named “Ellie” has been seen on the west side of Whidbey since 2010 when she came to molt. “It's a catastrophic molt,” Dubpernell said. The seals shed their outer layer of skin and fur during the 25-day process, revealing a new ...  

Polar Bear

Did humans drive this polar bear insane?

The Boston GlobeThe Boston Globe - Jul 13, 2018
Gus, a polar bear at the Central Park Zoo, swam ceaselessly. He'd dive into his pool, slither across the bottom, surge to the surface, and backstroke to the other side. Then, he'd tuck his head into the water and do it again. And again. And again ...  

Brown Bear

WATCH: Family can't believe it when they spot THIS in their swimming pool

Express.co.ukExpress.co.uk - Jul 20, 2018
Summer weather can be so hot that desperate measures need to be taken to cool down. In Los Angeles, California, the temperatures were so high this week that a brown bear decided to take a refreshing dip in a family's swimming pool. A viral video from ...  

Black Bear

Motorist and black bear collide near Shippensburg

Chambersburg Public OpinionChambersburg Public Opinion - Jul 14, 2018
A bear ran out in front of a motorist on Baltimore Road this week.  

Panda Bear

Pets of the Week: Valentino and Panda Bear

KTVHKTVH - Jun 29, 2018
This pair of pups is inseparable. These two Husky-mixes have lived their whole lives together, and are looking for a home where they can stay together. They love to play with each other and with humans but are not ready to live with other cats or dogs ...  

Koala Bear

Koala bear genome decoded for the first time

The HinduThe Hindu - Jul 3, 2018
The koala bear has a highly specific diet and habitat loss and clearing of native vegetation has brought down its population. “Our next efforts must be in the application of these findings to genetically manage koala populations, advance the treatment ...  

Grizzly Bear

Tent Ban Continues in Many Glacier Due to Grizzly Bear Activity

CBC.caFlathead Beacon - Jul 12, 2018
A trout-stealing grizzly bear has prompted camping restrictions at one of Glacier National Park's most popular front-country campgrounds, where park officials have enacted a temporary ban on tents and soft-sided campers in the midst of what's predicted ...  


After chinchilla dies, Tigard woman sues PetSmart for $10000

OregonLive.comOregonLive.com - Jun 29, 2018
Chinchillas have become popular pets in the U.S. -- and are known for their dense, velvet-like fur and perky personalities. They are rodents and native to South America. Pets typically weigh between 1 and 1 ½ pounds and can live for 10 to 20 years.  


Otters top Crushers thanks to four-run second innning
14 News WFIE Evansville - Jul 19, 2018

A four-run second inning pushed the Evansville Otters past the Lake Erie Crushers 7-2 on Wednesday evening at Bosse Field in front of 2483 fans. The Otters ...  


Wiltshire is home to camels and ocelots and wild, wild boar

Swindon AdvertiserSwindon Advertiser - Jul 20, 2018
Camels, big cats, wolves and and hundreds of wild boar are living in the gardens and parks of Wiltshire, figures reveal. They are among almost 1,000 wild, exotic or dangerous animals for which Wiltshire Council has issued homeowners with a licence.  


Rock art: Life-sized sculptures of dromedaries found in Saudi Arabia

Science DailyScience Daily - Feb 13, 2018
Technically, they also differ from those discovered at other Saudi sites -- frequently simple engravings of dromedaries without relief -- or the sculpted facades of Al Ḩijr (Madâ'in Şâliḩ). In addition, certain Camel Site sculptures on upper rock faces ...  


Female security team may protect Mexican President-elect Lopez Obrador

AL DIA NewsAL DIA News - Jul 20, 2018
Lopez Obrador is expected to do away with Mexico's elite presidential guard, which is why "The Gazelles" could help provide security for the new president, although the former leader of the group said that additional protection would be needed.  


Goats gnaw down knotweed on the Cumberland Valley rail trail

Chambersburg Public OpinionChambersburg Public Opinion - Jul 12, 2018
In fact, all of the goats all chew all of the time. Bradford hand-fed knotweed to his goats a couple of days before transporting the herd to the rail trail. The idea is to adjust the bacteria in a goat's gut so it can digest a new food, he said. A goat ...  


New Calvert County sign: 'Liberal pigs' more worried about 'illegal immigrant children' than 'unborn children'

Washington PostWashington Post - Jul 13, 2018
A sign in Calvert County, Md., that says “liberal pigs” are more worried about “illegal immigrant children” than unborn children has taken the place of a controversial pro-Trump sign taken down earlier this year. The first sign, posted near the ...  


First record of large-antlered muntjac in Vietnam

Science DailyScience Daily - May 24, 2018
In November 2017 -- under a biodiversity monitoring and assessment activity supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) -- scientists and conservationists of the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) and ...  


Is What's Good For The Lemurs Also Good For The Locals?

New Hampshire Public RadioNew Hampshire Public Radio - Jul 11, 2018
The population of Madagascar has more than doubled over the past generation, from 11.8 million in 1990 to 25 million today. And with more mouths to feed, residents are cutting down rainforests so there will be more land for agriculture. That's a threat ...  


Nashville Zoo works to protect, rebuild giant anteater population

WKRN News 2WKRN News 2 - Jul 12, 2018
The zoo currently cares for two baby anteaters and works to have a new baby each year. "We do a lot of research with these guys", said Fox. "Not only behavioral research but hormonal stuff, tracking pregnancies, looking at their nutritional values and ...  


The End of The Cloud: A Truly Serverless Web
Security Boulevard - Jul 12, 2018

Viktor was kind enough to not only grant permission for Protego to share his post, “The end of the cloud: A truly serverless web,” but also informed me that tapirs are good swimmers and can use their snouts as a snorkel. Shifting gears, Viktor's ...  


Okapi, Addax, Skink Among New Animals at Blank Park Zoo

whotv.comwhotv.com - Jul 6, 2018
The biggest new addition is an okapi named Kidomo. The 656 lb. relative of the giraffe will be on exhibit next to the rhinos. The okapi is an endangered species. Much of its habitat in Africa has been destroyed due to mining for a rare metal used in ...  


New 'cats' added as the latest residents at Springfield's Zoo in Forest Park (photos, video)

MassLive.comMassLive.com - Jul 11, 2018
SPRINGFIELD -- Representatives of the Zoo in Forest Park proudly showed off their newest residents on Wednesday -- a pair of servals, African cats that are known for their lean bodies, high jumping ability and hunting skills, and are expected to be ...  


Black vultures are eating cows alive. But it's difficult to legally kill the birds.

Indianapolis StarIndianapolis Star - Jul 13, 2018
When one of Rollin Bach's cows was partially paralyzed following birthing complications, a veterinarian told Bach she would recover; instead, something horrible happened. Between 15 to 20 black vultures swooped down on the cow while she lay in the ...  


The Frozen Penguin ribbon cutting

The Standard BannerThe Standard Banner - Jul 17, 2018
The Frozen Penguin cut the ribbon July 10 on their new facility located at 1012 Highway 11E in Jefferson City. They offer over twenty flavors of shaved ice in addition to other menu items and cold drinks. From left are Kevin Poe, circuit court-elect ...  


What to Expect From the New Orleans Pelicans Free Agent Signings

Pelican DebriefPelican Debrief - Jul 10, 2018
The New Orleans Pelicans lost key players in free agency, but the team signed two talented players to step in - Elfrid Payton and Julius Randle.  


Make way for flamingos

Mount Desert IslanderMount Desert Islander - Jul 13, 2018
SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Pink is popping up around town and flamingos are flocking in for the annual celebration that takes over the Quietside of Mount Desert Island this time of year. This Friday the Quietside Flamingo Festival kicks off with a Lobster ...  

Bearded Dragon

Pets Like Me: Didier the Bearded Dragon

Folio WeeklyFolio Weekly - Jul 18, 2018
There's no such thing as a giant flying lizard that breathes fire, but the natural world has plenty of real dragons parading down streets, some that puff out their throats to create an imposing ruff of spiked scales. The unique and handsome bearded ...  


Instagram model gets bitten, dragged underwater while posing with sharks

AsiaOneAsiaOne - Jul 13, 2018
Swimming with sharks - sounds like the perfect photo opportunity for Instagram. So Katarina Zarutskie, a lifestyle blogger who was vacationing at the Bahamas with her boyfriend, waded into the crystal clear waters to join a shiver of nurse sharks.  


Beginning in 2020, the Miami Dolphins might practice where they play. Here's why

Miami HeraldMiami Herald - Jul 14, 2018
Dolphins coaches and players have called Nova Southeastern University home for a quarter-century, but the organization revealed months ago that it was mulling a move. The news was tucked deep inside the North American partnership's proposal to FIFA in ...  


Civilian contractors, civilian government employees facing difficult situations after burn pit exposure

The Killeen Daily HeraldThe Killeen Daily Herald - Jun 24, 2018
Then a lesion popped up on his face. At first he thought it might be a ringworm because he was working in an area where fine soil that could carry ringworms filled the air and left him covered in dust. Medics at the Troop Medical Clinic on Balad ...  


Unicorns make quick work of H2k, Giants upset G2

ESPNESPN - Jul 14, 2018
Through four weeks of the Summer Split, H2k has failed to string together any modicum of success as it drifts down to the bottom of the standings. Throughout this entire game, it could do little more than watch and poke at the opposition as Unicorns (3 ...  

Wolf Spider

Five Facts About Spiders To Ponder Before Bed

The InquisitrThe Inquisitr - Jul 8, 2018
While some people can be allergic to the bite of the wolf spider, people can also be allergic to pollen, which is much more common in certain seasons than wolf spiders. Barring serious allergic reactions, widow spiders and recluse spiders are likely ...  

Widow Spider

Connecticut woman finds black widow spider in grocery store grapes

CBS PhillyKTRK-TV - Jul 19, 2018
A Connecticut woman says she found a black widow spider in a package of grapes from the grocery store. The woman says she bought the organic grapes from a Stop & Shop in Branford on Monday morning, and she and her 11-year-old son were eating the ...  


Monarch butterflies surge in Chicago as they migrate. Why cities ...

Chicago TribuneChicago Tribune - Jul 13, 2018
The monarch butterfly population has been declining for the past 20 years, but new studies from Chicago scientists show that urban habitat might be key to ...  


Trump: Slaughterer of Sacred Cows or Prattler?

HaaretzHaaretz - Jul 17, 2018
It's true that U.S. President Donald Trump is a loud, rude and really unpleasant man. But perhaps these are the qualities demanded of a person who positions himself as a slaughterer of sacred cows at a dizzying pace – see: Iran, North Korea, NATO and ...  


Have mourning doves abandoned their nest and eggs?

The Mercury NewsThe Mercury News - Jul 4, 2018
This scenario is less likely with mourning doves as they usually lay only two eggs, and the parents take turns sitting on the nest once the incubation process has started. The female takes the night shift, the father the day. If something has happened ...  


Identifying flea bites | Living | thepress.net

thepress.netthepress.net - Jul 12, 2018
Dogs that are itching themselves are often assumed to have fleas.  


Speaking of Nature: The flashiest of dragonflies

The RecorderThe Recorder - Jul 16, 2018
Last week, I introduced you to the world of dragonflies in a very general and superficial manner. This week, I shall endeavor to get up close and personal with a single species and, in the process, attempt to share with you some of the remarkable ...  


Marlins' first-rounder Rogers logs first pro victory with Grasshoppers

Burlington Times NewsBurlington Times News - Jul 18, 2018
GREENSBORO — Demonstrating patience had been wearing on Trevor Rogers. He went out and did something about that Tuesday afternoon. Rogers, a first-round draft pick of the Miami Marlins in 2017, recorded his first professional victory while logging a ...  


Centipedes are predatory, aggressive arthropods

Blair Enterprise PublishingBlair Enterprise Publishing - Jul 10, 2018
The phylum Arthropoda includes animals such as insects, lobsters, crabs, spiders, ticks, centipedes, millipedes, etc. Researchers have identified over a million species of arthropods — mostly insects — with new ones being discovered on a regular ...  


Large Millipedes Wrap Themselves Around Human Hand

SFGateSFGate - Jun 21, 2018
Would you be screaming out of fear or pleasure if these “giant” millipedes wrapped themselves around your hand? Bug enthusiast Lisa Van Kula Donovan posted this video on June 7 and said the millipedes “are big and beautiful but boy do they like to get ...  


South Florida is suffering from an iguana infestation. A solution? Think barbecue.

Tampabay.comTampabay.com - Jul 12, 2018
It's a three-foot green iguana, scratching the air with its claws. With the right special effects, this distant dinosaur cousin could star in a new Japanese monster movie about giant iguanas stomping through downtown Miami, whacking luxury condo towers ...  


New Clues to How the Biggest Dinosaurs Got So Big

New York TimesNew York Times - Jul 11, 2018
These long-necked plant eaters were the largest dinosaurs, and they included the mighty 70-ton titanosaurs, as well as the Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus. Paleontologists have long wondered how these lumbering 100-foot-long behemoths got so big.  


'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Proves the Dinosaur Franchise Should Go Extinct

Daily BeastDaily Beast - Jun 22, 2018
In The Lost World, that Brontosaurus is captured and brought to London as proof of the explorers' adventure. The dinosaur naturally runs amok before it crashes through a bridge and escapes its captors' clutches in the River Thames. Nearly a century ...  

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Why T. Rex Couldn't Waggle Its Tongue

National GeographicNational Geographic - Jun 20, 2018
By comparing the small bones that stabilize the tongue from dinosaur fossils to those of modern birds and crocodilians, researchers found that most dinosaurs, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, wouldn't have been able to move their tongues very much. In ...  

T Rex

T. rex revealed in Cambridgeshire maize maze

BBC NewsBBC News - Jul 14, 2018
A 150m-tall (492ft) T. rex has appeared in a 12-acre field of maize in Wimblington, Cambridgeshire. The dinosaur is the latest picture mowed in the maze at Skylark Garden Centre, which has previously featured a monkey, a Union Jack and a Minion. 8h ago.  


Archaeopteryx zieht ins Museum ein

Journal FrankfurtJournal Frankfurt - Jul 10, 2018
Wissenschaftler haben bisher nur 13 Exemplare des Urvogels Archaeopteryx entdeckt, der vor 150 Millionen Jahren auf der Erde lebte. Fossil Nummer elf ist ab sofort im Frankfurter Museum zu sehen. „Es ist eines der vollständigsten Exemplare“, erzählte ...  


These long-necked, elephant-sized dinosaurs arose long before Brachiosaurus

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times - Jul 9, 2018
Think of a sauropod, and a species like Brachiosaurus may come to mind: Long-necked, long-tailed, straight-legged with giant bodies and small heads. They arose from the sauropodomorphs, whose members included “the largest animals recorded in the ...  


3D Printed Life-Size Triceratops Causes a Stir in Paris

Printing ImpressionsPrinting Impressions - Jun 21, 2018
LOD, Israel - June 21, 2018 - Massivit 3D announced that its customer, METROPOLE, has created an ultra-realistic, full-size triceratops to promote a new paleontology exhibition at Paris' Musée national d'Histoire naturelle. With the objective to drive ...  


Dinosaurs in the desert? Learn about Nevada's state fossil, the Ichthyosaur

News3LVNews3LV - Jun 30, 2018
“This Ichthyosaur is very interesting because Shonisaurus Popularis in only found in Nevada. So it's an Ichthyosaur unique to our state," says visiting researcher Paige DePolo. "And it's Nevada's state fossil partially because of the concerted effort ...  


'Jurassic World: Evolution' Confirmed Dinosaurs List: Chungkingosaurus, Corythosaurus and More
Newsweek - May 8, 2018

A new gameplay video for Jurassic World: Evolution has just been released by IGN, showing off some new features. In the video, we see what a modern version of Zoo Tycoon looks like. You build facilities to research your dinosaurs, power stations to ...  


Man arrested in Mongolia for smuggling rare dinosaur fossil
Xinhua - Jun 27, 2018

ULAN BATOR, June 27 (Xinhua) -- A man was arrested in Mongolia's capital Ulan Bator over illegal possession of a rare dinosaur fossil, according to local police. The man hid the 80-million-year-old fossil of a protoceratops in his cottage and planned ...  

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